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[ALPLUGIN] Xenon Migration V1.40 : Update 09/01/2007217Cycrow81760
[script] Improved Xenon v0.95: Updated June 17, 20081027ate9tin11s46114
a guide to capping xenon K66Ravenlord46030
!.4 further update - interview with Apoch - Xenon Invasion128The_Abyss41893
Forget Khaak and Xenon, the wife is the biggest threat to my Empire96Tymi36685
How to capture the Xenon M2 aka K .72geoffrey36278
[AL Plugin] Litcube's Kha'ak / Xenon Invasions v1584Litcube33774
How to Board Xenon capital ships, TC 2.6 Vanilla (Updated)108Gruber123200232817
[SCRIPT] Xenotype: Xenon prototype project v 1.2 [UPDATED 12/25/05]45acrh232335
[MD] Ranks for Xenon, Kha'ak, Pirates and Yaki [V1.03][09/21/2011]71Commander SAMU28728
[AL Plugin][SCRIPT] Xenon Shipyard 1.0132Jakesnake527551
[Mod] Apricot Tree SuperHub v2.01 for TCv3 / New Xenon Incursion version !94apricotslice24865
- New working models for Xenon and Xshuttle -78dPM_HeMan23029
[script][04.06.08][X3 2.5]Xenon Border Conflicts v. 1.5228Trickmov19435
The Xenon K topic!131fuzzywuzzy18071
Xenon invasion: the terrible truth68Feersum17812
Xenon_Slayer's Script page UPDATE [26/2/06]14Xenon_Slayer17525
X3 AP fast way to get a Xenon L25amtct15771
A Sad discovery about Xenon in X351TerrorTrooper15640
Xenon Invasion missions, what do you normally bank?68tanaka_k14669
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Xenon capital ships stopped spawning in the wrong sector22lhartvik433
Terran Commander Xenon Hub Problem - resolved (TOA links don't qualify)7Xcentric461
[SHIP] XRM Xenon IX0NighTragE402
A shot of the sector outside the Xenon Hub13Reven548
Xenon I on the cheap5Reven447
What's with the names of Xenon ships?10immortalfrieza836
X3 AP can not get any XENON ship to bail14871jena2033
[X3:AP] Tips on the Shady Business 50 Xenon Capitals Task16SSJVegeter1640
[X3AP] i have xenon hub now and now?3Space100892
Xenon vs. Xenon ??2Bill Huntington434
CW military ships in xenon sector 1012fireanddream535
X3TC Noble Quest To Slay Xenon (Story)3CerebralAbrasion610
[X3:AP] Flying blind in the Xenon Graveyard13Jimmy C1002
home base in Xenon sector 347 - done!12fireanddream1411
XeNoN's Ship Showcase (MODDER RESOURCE)2NighTragE656
Boarding Xenon Q with no casualties4fireanddream627
X3TC - Xenon Hub and sector count7Feersum748
Need tips keeping Xenon out of my trade routes21fireanddream1082
Operation Final Fury first mission spawned me 30+ Xenon ships11fireanddream813
Xenon I turret control3Cursed Ghost525
My very own Xenon I!9Ni Meleth Li770
capturing a xenon p5Loki stephens495
Capping Xenon Capitals44Cursed Ghost2830
Xenon Q OOS fix for x3tc?2Eightbal1546
Xenon hanging out at the hub2radster01416
[X3AP] Xenon I (and all Xenon cap.ship) boarding tip12foxxbl1928
What weapons/missles to use againts xenon M and L24aleksander.dorkov969
AP Xenon Invasion - No Credit?17Bill Huntington1042
[X3-TC] Where have all the Xenon gone?4zapza533
Abandoned Xenon Interceptor - is my game borked?3GlassDeviant578
25 Xenon Capitals - Help!6Bill Huntington606
How to turn off xenon spawning.5DARCA1213699
[X3AP] Cannot hand in Xenon L2Stormrider_KOTD385
X3AP Xenon Shipyard respawn?10TheKauz981
impossible to hit a xenon ship..9tornar564
X3AP Using Xenon Ns as replacement to Mk2 figher drones?11Nehlis877
[X3:AP] What does it take to lock down a Xenon sector?8Jimmy C528
what scanner range do pirates, xenon, and khaak ships have?6Idgy599
X3AP shady business xenon hub5mallard625
[X3:AP] Capturing Xenon captials... the cost!34Jimmy C2171
[X3:AP] Boarded my first Xenon ships!5Jimmy C469
[X3TC] Typical Xenon Q Load-out?7IanFitzJo553
X3TC ALWAYS freezes when around Xenon/Terran(new) capitals, *proven vanilla problem*29darqen272246
How do I get a Xenon L??20phyxsius1217
Can Xenon fleets be redirected to other sectors (Yaki)?5Araknis612
[X3:AP] Yaki and the Xenon code3Jimmy C517
Xenon I bullnonsense7doktorkatz723
Capping Xenon K22samoja1527
Xenon I Loadout10WiccanWitcher891
A New Tactic for the Xenon Sectors3Bill Huntington558
Breaking the Xenon Graveyard Mission [BIG SPOILERS IN HERE]0defiler606408
XBTF - How do you kill the lasers on the Xenon Mothership?3bf3qp9k631
X3R can't find any xenon fight missions4Alche520
[X3TC] Best Sector alignments for the Xenon Hub?12NovaTempest1544
Xenon I. no marine losses !!!7Araknis624
Is it possible to use the Hub to direct Xenon Traffic (AP)7Orion1632684
Direction Xenon Via Hub (AP)0Orion1632286
Improved Xenon?3NighTragE371
Who Guards The Xenon/Segaris Sector Gate Now?10phantomrock2753
X2 Do (non xenon) Npc Capital Ships respawn?2Shadoeken285
[Idea][Questions] Making raiding Xenon sectors more rewarding.5RoverTX745
X3AP - Capping Xenon K3foxxbl484
Are The Goner Behind The Xenon8phantomrock2797
Terran respect recovery at the Xenon Rogue start3Arcand468
[BUG] Undocking Xenon PX From Low-yield Sidearms Fab = Explosion6Avaton440
You have lost sector Xenon Hub... WTF HELP!4firestorm79977
OverPowered In Xenon Graveyard15phantomrock21185
[X3AP] Start a Xenon Terran war18pref2580
[X3TC] Heretic's End Xenon keep shredding me. Advice needed.12SFF21752
[AP] or [TC] Xenon don't ever invade, what script fixes this?2phasor593
Xenon BMS2Reimu Hakurei400
Did the Xenon J (or carriers in general) get a OOS combat buff? (X3:ap)2Hexdom400
[X2] Not possible to control Xenon sectors?2Gazer75406
[X3:AP] Boarding the Xenon hints/tips/questions23firestorm791887
What ship should I use to kill xenon capital ships22shea1044
Xenon peaceful solution. Suggest me someth.24e1team1382
[X3R] Cappin Xenon/Kh'aak5thelebk560
X2 never ending xenon invasion !5Destrolly722
[X3R] HQ + Xenon13thelebk819
Interesting Xenon behavior7Flybye508
Just killed Xenon P with Buster Vanguard in AP8samoja614
captured Xenon PX with no loses18mallard933
[X3TC] Xenon K useful OOS?5Scott C.453
Capturing a Xenon L6Elitechaoslord714
X3AP Xenon Hub Plot Tips2hsung623
Xenon capital ship kill count6xant473
Xenon I - Missile Loadout9Gomezie695
Xenon riot!24thatguyfromvienna1377
possible bug in X3AP 3.0 xenon plot invasion mission (spoilers)6paulms1980727
AP 3.0 Battling the Xenon (spoilers within)25Sovereign011145
X3 AP - Xenon Hub Questions !4Arialth1267
Guess who is the lucky guy? AKA easly boarded Xenon I... [spoilers]3Earth Ultimatum IV.452
Xenon Graivyard (Spoilers Inside)1raleksandr362
Xenon Scrapyard Questions [3.0 Spoilers]7Fallent749
[X3AP] Capturing Xenon L - Does reloading work?3dave1001938
[X3AP] Xenon graveyard37stilgarpl4118
X3AP: Xenon L18999jefro2016
Yet another Xenon L capping thread ...8Alareth794
[X3AP] Goodbye Sendy Silarn (hello Xenon Q)10romanidx890
Need to see my Xenon reputation.2Bothersome369
[X3AP] Boarding Xenon Ships - does "Marine Padding" still work?17Simoom2109
[X3AP] I see they haven't fixed the OOS combat issues with the Xenon Q...35Simoom2294
Boarding a Xenon I2Vortexz467
X2 - No more Xenoninvasions5Kyral666
Xenon 534 in TC There's A Jumpgate14phantomrock2975
X3[TC] Acceptable losses of maxed-out Marines when boarding Xenon?25zapza1875
Xenon don't spawn in the middle of race sectors, do they?6ApatheticEthic415
X3AP Wipe Out Xenon6Cipry738
Where should I cap a Xenon L? [AP]2ApatheticEthic289
AP - Boarding a Xenon Q, some trouble.4sadron360
Using the Xenon Hub in a custom game?1Superm4ssive486
Xenon HUB eplanation6darkwoe1209593
[AP] Xenon Core 023 Station + Shipyard destroyed = less xenon in GE?9Eddis829
What to do with heavy Xenon attack?15Homecsiga1185
Please HELP!!! - creating a Xenon L via SE2chelo_boga444
X3AP Xenon aggression3sunu428
[AP] Player HQ in a Xenon sector11PromX920
Random Yaki in Xenon sector 53410Skism696
I found an Insane video of X3 on youtube - clearing a xenon sector in an M3!13Skism1141
[TC] Possible to have no losses non Xenon boarding ops with latest patch?7pref689
X3AP main plot, Xenon L step17PhoenixHeart2652
Xenon rep....9oddgit702
Xenon Capital Boarding X3TC11bizbag959
[AP] Xenon Hub Reset to Neutral Issue2Rez475
X3AP Xenon I gear1Normandy v3659
Other Than Just Energy Cells & Xenon UNS X3AP!5phantomrock2401
"Patrol Against Xenon Activity" statistics bug4xfa1080
X3:AP - Abandoned Xenon Corvette - any good?25BugMeister2791
Xenon L cap...should I just cheat one in?19haft2doit1272
Help with Xenon...15bps1804906
(AP) Invaders must die - Xenon Meat Grinder4SilusCrow526
X3TC: How to make clouds of Xenon dust?14soulmata963
[TC] Xenon Q 'ghost' top Turret: FIXED!0The X-Plorer369
Any body capped a Xenon Q (X3TC)15The Iron Duke1003
Placing orbital weapons platforms next to Xenon gates? Will it contain them?1shadyJ533
[AP] Xenon start?2testosterone83619
Trying to get Xenon L in AP3Rocier408
X2 Xenon invasion problem.6Magnu547
The Xenon Hub Sector - Where is It ??12Bill Huntington1307
Xenon Hub/PHQ ?9SpongeBobSpacepants936
[AP] how to use the xenon hub?20AshToDust1751
[AP] Hangar bays & Xenon Q turrets5Bix 93607
Help: Xenon & RRF1dudeydudett326
Xenon Behavior in XCore 0234Bill Huntington533
ReadText error for "Xenon Shipyard" and some other script2MarkWD708
Unale to capture Xenon Capital Ships3phoenix_5a714
So, Patrol Xenon 472. AP16TomRobinson1039
Why do Xenon Sectors have a population?31praypold2699
Xenon Hub5John McG641
[x2] Ace of Aces 1st or 3rd grade to get Xenon K to spawn in BBS missions?3chrismokvack322
Unknown Sector west of Xenon 534 (TC)8StarSword482
Xenon incursions from TSU32ginsus369
[x2] how to stop them Ks from pouring out from Xenon sextor 472?9chrismokvack470
[AP] Xenon migration and the hub7dynamo breaker732
Xenon shipyard4Boringnick472
Hints for capping that damn Xenon L? (Argon Albion Prelude plot)22Boringnick3861
[TC] Xenons Help19Oldrattler959
xenon hub2Cale245437
(AP) Xenon I boarded and boy does this ship kick A***3ThommoHawk1040
Xenon sectors are empty?4purplechoc72603
An End To The Xenon16CKYRules967
X3 AP - Kill All Xenon mission in Grand Exchange3Afterburnerz1076
Patrol Xenon 59810Higgs Aran839
Xenon Invasion (AP)9JackKiller2266768
Allies with the Kha'ak and Xenon?4bluenog143644
[AP] Capping an Xenon L (Mission Plot)16Arialth2968
Albion Prelude FLak Artillery Array v's Xenon8Majick961
[XBTF] How should I be aproaching Xenon sectors?1Chrushev315
X3AP Pilot Bailed While Attacked By Xenon1Bradley 056451
The AP 2.0 vanilla Xenon capping thread20gecos1873
[AP 2.0 vanilla] Xenon "cheats" - now partially solved5gecos598
[AP] Never-ending Xenon Mission16Aidyer988
Xenon PX Capped17Electric1286
X3 AP [Hint] How to capture that Xenon L3Typee10823
The almost "Xenon" Mammoth [AP 2.0 vanilla]4gecos700
[AP] Anti Xenon point defence5castdead600
[AP] Xenon I kicks butt5martimus881
X3AP never ending xenon invasion in Grand Exchange37SirCharles6576
Capping Xenon7mimeo889
[AP] Buying from Xenon Shipyard14goslin2700