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PBE defensive tactics163gradea11717
[X3] Pulse Beam Emitters (PBE)-- What are their functions in relation to other lasers14enfo1311234
[X3TC] PBG/PBE - banish, change, don't touch?64Killjaeden9366
Does any one actually use CIG's and IPG's when you have.......HEPT38Sn4kemaster7205
From xennon N to Xennon L + LX should I sell?+alpha PBE and capping views?-UD agn :)57firefly286723
[X3TC] How do I land at PBG forge?10jon_k5226
PBE how powerfull?40Star_Raider154783
PBE or AHEPT22rdavila4738
[TC] Stealing a PBG or IBL forge.204d4687
[TC] Xenon PBE Madness20phoenix-it4486
PBE / Pulsed Beam Emitters - Counter measures?30XanII4355
PBE- Any good????29CLN4166
Please fix PBEs30SkyLeach4130
What is wrong with those Pulsed Beam Emitters (PBE's)?!32Cucumber King3967
HEPT or PRG?16pablodalk3878
So i bought APBE for my Buster M16TuneMeister3732
Do PBEs and MDs reduce the need for pilot skill?19banjaxo3727
FFKs are amazing anti-fighter weapons, but how are the PBE's?19CraftyPilot3710
IonD or PBE?. Whats the best for capping? (in TC if it matters)21chelo_boga3566
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PBG remover?1Dizzorganizer334
PSG/PBG weapon range3fireanddream543
PBE and other shenaningans.3DarkTemplar396
[AP]OOS combat: ISR vs CIG, CIG vs IPG, PRG vs PAC?12Etheron1055
[X3:TC] Finding station hack for PBG forge11Kitteh956
[X3:TC] Who sells PBGs?6Jimmy C439
[X3:TC] Best Shipyard To Clone PRG's1cjoshuav354
Argon Military with PBGs?5TheCoolSideofthePillow492
I love PBGs!30radionotme1256
How do you cap a target with PBG? (Plasma Burst Generator)3Bill Huntington374
Looking for a Well balanced Ship that can USe PBE's any recomendations4Sieg06660405
[X3AP] PBG generating huge lag on notebook - solved by forced use of offboard 3D card6vahadar881
Easy way to remove PBG's from game?2Ameer Nuub425
CTD TC V3.2a DiD, maybe PBG connection [SOLVED: hardware fault]6glenmcd661
PBG - Pretty Bad Gun12TomRobinson902
The PBE forge is still alive, but it's not making anything.5MaximumBullfrog491
Capped TL with PBG forge on board - Well, this is new (AP)9Lazerius893
Where to Buy PBG? [X3TC]3DrATty568
Need help: How to remove PBGs from the game or nerf them massively?2Sarganto431
[TC] What do you think of PBE's?5xeb0585
Is it just me or are PBG absurdly OP?28FrankManic1513
How do you tackle PBG equipped ships when out of missiles ?17MaxN1026
[X3TC] How do the CIG, ISR & IPG compare to each other?6Aeshi1666
[AP] & Rep for Pirates to get PBG ?5Maxumous466
What's the counter to PBEs and PBGs?29jackmcbarn2197
Mod/script to remove the PBG?4Cloudchaser596
PBE stops working gradually during play4bfgaylor839
PBEs vs EBCs and ship missile AI23Slashman1482
Hyperion Vanguard with 8xPBG.13Ghostar1300
Giant balls of fire weapon? PBG or something?15TheGoldElite1137
[X3R] BPBEs keep going after hitting target1jackmcbarn439
Which weapon is better for fighters PRG's or HEPT's?15ogamerdg1903
Mad Albatross & my PBG Forge [spoilers]13PLX1307
PBGs are doing no damage.6[SOLAR]INFERNO824
[TC] Ways to get PBG'S ?6Damian Swift1199
[TC] Trying to get GOD to spawn PBG forges9Koruth1519
PBG has been outlawed!11NUKLEAR-SLUG1808
[TC] Damage figures for PBG24DaveyP1919
[TC] PBG - where to get?5Kelvhan Amaratharr926
[TC] PBG? What'the'heck?21necxelos2502
X3R first time using PBE?9mystikmind20051168
[TC] My very own PBG forge18jimlpearce2002
Benefits of the PRG14GBscientist1919
X3TC What are some tactics against an m3 pirate with a PBG while flying a sabre?12dp882224
IBL / PBG Forge6jwigeland1563
[X3R] PBE a possible replacement for flak guns?7aceattacker1595
PBG. Do u use them?22chelo_boga2649
[TC] PBG Fleet Suggestions6EmperorJon1157
IPG's, use em?3Psirus1080
Reducing frequency of PBE/PBG and other questions...3imperium3836
[TC] All of my PBG factories are gone... I'm reduced to stealing them...8corrado331461
PBGs - Mods6chaosras1382
[TC] Oh how I long for a PBG or 64BDStyle973
PBG, IBL factory?14boringborons2543
If not PBG, IBL then what?6Skiritai1517
Major Framerate drop with PBE strikes.7Kor'ah1211
[TC] Acquiring a PBG or IBL Forge.6kreep691688
Can you buy PBG forges?2DaveyP803
Suggestions on how to fight a Xenon PX with PBEs6arcana751086
Sound problem with PBEs4googlemeier933
[TC] PBE and AI2anartark891
PBE's do no damage5DaveyP1220
PBE range is further than the computer thinks.4kreep691046
[TC] PBE's2Eztrelle936
PRG's Don't need ammo right?12Teebor1906
Wow, PBG really IS overpowered - Station vs M3, M3 wins.5PaulP2077
PBG's in 1.37Random_Guy2009
[TC] Is there any ay to obtain PBEs if the split hate you?11juanitierno1862
Since when were PBE's this damnably common?!13argon_emperor2430
Drunken Argon tactic against a xenon PBE swarm5jannix1649
X3 TC Xenon M&L PBE2Laden Swallow956
Where to buy APBE?10Ares232010
Which ship is best to carry APBE's6James Redfield1540
Carriers + Anti-Fighter: Flack or PBE?7tatakau2313
(X3)The range of the PBE - a bug or what?14Elbi3557
PBE problems!12Pyre2725
Questions about the beta PBE3Lord Schwarz1277
bPBE's, the Split, and Boron8Vertigo_Edge2858
BPBEs- ULTIMATE M5 swatters?13Akula873344
problem with APBE forge6biggie14471519
Why cannot I setup my new Alpha PSG's or PBE's on my starting Buster?6PekkaM1935
What's up with the PBE?6Kita2802048
Beta PBE - any good?22Lancefighter3290
FAA and PBE?5Mavryn1631
PBE Forge(s)2alexdefelice1025
Only standard mamba carries BPBE?13Slonor2134
Where can I find BPBEs4Gilesey1093
BPBE's -vs- BFlaks11Hinder2000
APBE's are they any good against M3 craft?14Ammok Rules2724
BPBE Fabs15solix3195
Are PBE's Any Good At All13Diogo Marzo2131
Raijin Sentinal with PBE2rtd1278
Where buy PBE?3wf19811366
PBE vs PPC8Tripi1232880
A-PBE, A-PBE, O for where art though A-PBE16stg19692684
APBE or BPBE5Strepto1276
PBE or PAC?0terrifiedkiller1221
A+B PBE Forges?2creiss1113
How good are PBE's?5Wandering Panther1550
PBE range script?5sallen1797
Alpha PBE's3Britguy211147
Pulsed Beam Emitter (PBE) any good?8Gregster62023
PBE's? Anybody use 'em? *POLL*16teejay8183498
So...Flaks or PBEs?11Yeorin2426
PBE range incorrect5MooMan77771133
Are barracudas worth it for the BPBE's?12-{AA}- Salamander2100
Where are the PBE forges?3Augustini960
Standard Sector where PBE and HEPT Fabs are?1lt_wentoncha1089
Beta PBE5AalaarDB1440
PBE cannons: where?1Azuriel873
X3: PBE and Firestorm are USELESS!13PyroMancer3293
PBE's any good?5ceogreen1266
Where do you buy APBEs?6x2newbie11287
Alpha PBE's not selling4Hotpot1383