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Typhoon Image Recognition Swarm missile, anyone use it?12Geggo3873
Firestorm Torpedo, worth it?22yelgrun3872
Where can i buy THUNDERBOLT OR TEMPEST MISSLES??19AjRyder3697
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Nowhere to sell 25MJ shield and tempest missiles?17riceiq9993320
X3: PBE and Firestorm are USELESS!13PyroMancer3272
[TC] Hacking Weaver's Tempest Yaki Stations14rugby93128
[TC] Weavers Tempest20Jezmond403107
Typhoon Missiles, what are they good for?17mrbadger3093
Where to buy Firestorm's?18Dungeoncrawler2826
[X3TC] Tornado or Typhoon14Chealec2755
30 Firestorms, not enough damage22Teebor2742
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Where is the gate to Weavers Tempest?7tanner1ie758
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IBL forges at Waever's Tempest not producting16zidder1824
Thunderbolt missile - Ingenious Uses ??3Bill Huntington2035
Add main guns to Starfury Thunderbolt9Japhus1304
Firestorm Tutorial: How to get the most out of your little nukes:)8philip_hughes1108
So I'm accesorising my firestorm fab.20philip_hughes1790
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Where to buy Tornado and hammerhead missiles?1mr.WHO1040
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Firestorm and jumpdrive in X3:TC4yokozuna1258
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Firestorms, hornets and Teladi19Kapakio2335
Tempest vs squash mine7mrbadger1791
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Tornado Missiles???14bazthebad2314
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Tempestine bug?4Thraxwhirl1651
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RE-RELEASED and UPGRADED bab-5 Thunderbolt7balogt2401
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Tornado of Ships at a dead gate.4SLeeZeCoRe1560
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Tempest missile factory ?6orbital_uk2728
(Req) Does a mod exist that removes hammerhead / firestorm torpedos?3anneonemous1672
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Storyline hanging while waiting for Tempestine1K.Mak1022
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Tempest Missile Factory?10Tigerhawk712336
Thunderbolt missile factory?5Metasynaptic2170
Damage vs Range from hammerhead/firestorm explosion5Geggo2535
WARNING NO SPOILER TAGS! Plot Mission :"Tempestine" EGOSOFT HELP!!(updated)6deathhandx32136
Thunderbolt missles3biggie14471654
Split pirates and typhoon missiles3starbuck691515
Centuar and firestorm torpedo problem perhaps?6Domage1964
Problem with selling Firestorm torpedo's2henkbein1318
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Tempestine Glitch2tomv1043
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