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X3TC ultimate ship source listing (heavy spoiler warning)74nponoBegHuk49945
Announcement: Required information from EVERYONE requesting Technical Support0CBJ33240
TShips Discoveries and Listing62nuclear_eclipse31584
Stop wasting your time with factories ....65BabyFace26828
Announcement: Welcome - Posting Rules for Scripts and Modding Forum0CBJ23220
Script Signing - Submissions and testing.30moggy222177
Installing EXTRA ships... some tips from my testing..97Malakie20549
AL Plugin : Shield Boosting Tech 10/2/0617LV19109
[Script] Turret Commands plugin *needs testing28moggy218027
[SCRIPT] Summon Assisting Ships - V2 jan 5 0730Klyith16341
Beta testing......Part 134Steel16032
New ship balancing - asking for testing and feedback65Mauzi!15546
New X-BtF and X-Tension EXE files available for testing - UPDATE: 30/07/201051Xenon_Slayer15279
Introducing the new [L3+] Script Signing/Testing forum47Burianek14453
My beta testing woes...176Brianetta13997
EB is still listing a November 10th release.. :)112Fergrim13868
Testing methodology for comparable and quantifiable performance results61MadBoris13469
ARS - automated rescue system free for testing36MurxxruM10393
X-BtF : adjusting controls30okeee8313
[TC] Making Duke's HQ neutral by blasting it and waiting for GOD to respawn it?53delray7974
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Interesting Combat in TC5Bill Huntington681
[Question][MD] Casting Int To String4RoverTX399
Help with Posting ??2Bill Huntington228
GOG X3AP adds files that break existing mods12memeics2262
Question: How to add existing ship to shipyard?2noname159337
[AP] Editing existing wares2soulmata257
Some strange but interesting engine behavior1astreus280
Forum Posting Font size.7Sabrina Bergin315
Editing Existing Ships1SacremPyrobolum239
[X3AP] "Huh... That was interesting..."4Tiedyeguy465
Interesting/Useful CLS setups.12usfwoody711
X1 X2 and Reunion's plots interesting?5Symont502
landing planets mod requesting4quitnoblesix576
Posting problems:2Sabrina Bergin279
Is it possible to modify preexisting commands?4Shirudo363
XRM mod ship, stations, weapon listings....7Valen68983
Posting in forums issues1lilbrp375
Starting a game with an already existing empire3wizaerd239
No help on the X3AP Forums so posting here !6Vengorin410
Editing existing ship help0ahddib257
Not posting!12Blixum529
How you make things more interesting for your game30BankruptAssasin1462
[HELP] Modifying existing sectors3Black Crusader326
X3AP Freezing when requesting to dock. - Fixed by codec clean-up.2Tezrial502
[X3AP] Unholy Traitor start - Am I wasting my time?1MarvinTheMartian351
Interesting Xenon behavior7Flybye454
Requesting permission to build X3 MMORPG.3Xen Silenus418
What's a good missile for busting enemy bases?19IanFitzJo679
Testing X3AP 3.110CBJ1364
X3:AP Corporation listings1X-Tie236
Script Req: Universe production overview - or pointer to existing one0rand__266
Seeking/Requesting a Mod for "command" collection of Marines after boarding attempt5Juvante427
X3 Albion Prelude - Requesting a full boarding mod expansion8Juvante984
Ice harvesting11Teronredoran540
Interesting do-it-yourself plot lines?6Nickvr628388
X3TC Linux is available for testing!11ezra-r862
Stockexchange - Cannot see way of investing companies, only commodities7Captain Joe509
Interesting crash.8Thraxwhirl636
How can I get the XML files listing the races, sectors, etc. that make up the X3: Alb2spilth313
problem posting in X3TC Scripts and Mods forum - Fixed by browser flush.3Joelnh316
Requesting Script Help5Joelnh270
[AP] Stock Exchange, a way to make it more interesting?7sidd648
Advice needed on how best to enjoy X3 (and needless bitching from a beginner)73steelgrey752614
Ice Harvesting Facility4zigelmind375
Interesting, I found a capital ship that docks TS (hauler) ships...7Shrewd135738
"Anomaly" Jumpgates? (Question ; Is it possible/already existing)9TonyEvans540
NPC's requesting Station building are too concerned about deadlines :P10argon_emperor1002
Boosting OoS mobile mining speed?9Echofinder508
Dusting off X2 the threat. Wish I could.14Da_Junka865
Testing the forthcoming X3AP 2.5 update2X2-Illuminatus637
[REQUESTING] Original plugin gui files1andertox447
[X3: AP] An Interesting Find...18Over-tuned Gamer1255
corperation missions ajusting type of missions help2as here233
X3AP interesting hub route tips?5razzamattaz822
Am I just wasting my time comming ships I'm trying to cap?2MaximumBullfrog491
Installing second copy of X3:R for mod testing purposes3rafezetter247
Investing in ships = lost profit?23goslin1082
The Boron Guppy, interesting find.21The Great Stonk3105
Editing existing ships Question1Shenzo237
[TC] Interesting new way to get IBLs27Prophet11608
Boosting the repair laser?2Anfar739
[TC] Xenon K resisting cap5ExoVu347
Testing the forthcoming X3TC 3.2 update33CBJ3572
Logitech extreme 3d pro throttle not adjusting speed parameter1NecroXite366
[AP] MD slowdown example savegames for testing10kylania2237
Properly Investing in the stock exchange *spoilers*12Megalos1127
[TC] Am I wasting my time trying to be a pirate in an M5?15WhiteOwl1065
Running X3 Reunion on a netbook (testing report)0Mowen566
Cadius Xtra Ship Pack - Interesting ships...0AndrewGR578
[X3TC] Small interesting find2Mazz403
Requesting help with Cheats for AP and TC14Maliki1121
Need a bit of help in adjusting from X3 to TC - Some questions...2Brinnie287
[X3:TC] Halp! Pirates blasting me with flak!2Sinxar342
Split - Boasting in AP PC Performance thread3Nick 031287520
pre existing super box and steam no albion prelude?74sereus_alpha5260
Help/References: Modding existing weapons and Adding Ships3Tohron386
Mod existing ships?3jamafish345
[TC] Dead is Dead - Wasting my time!?19Sathayorn1504
Editing existing ships stats1Nemesis_87364
Question about patching and existing saves and mods3grimstonenin436
Newbie requesting advice3Unicycles535
Wildfires man... Wasting my time17chriscos1231619
Interesting Dilemma8cyrusdm869
A Very Interesting Cap38Bill Huntington1863
Two interesting things8Bill Huntington633
[Fixed]Requesting a Lifesaviour13OOZ662632
Needless Annoyances in Terran Conflict49Lorderan2503
Bankrupt Assassin - Interesting for Experienced Pilots !16Bill Huntington1888
Requesting Sticky Threads for X3 rebirth list inside.4wolvern2420
Interesting observation about station hack [TC]20deca.death1767
Interesting issue1Saint_Eaon504
My first Xenon (K) successful boarding operation, an interesting one17Thunders1706
Busting a red Duke9Bill Huntington972
CLS ships wasting my time23StarSword1536
Listing blueprints2Khaakbuster962
Needle in a haystack14Spaceweed Adict1208
Hosting content?2ttl516
Requesting Tship tool which can manipulate values globally(specifically hull & speed)7qwizzie848
Intresting CFA finding (somthing i've discovered while modding)5Carl99790
Noob requesting advice with first "big" complex6swift knife727
Boosting Universe Economy while Cutting Down Xenon Traffic? :)11Simoom1251
[x3:R] Interesting thing (not majorly)...your opinion?4Tonko567
[MOD - SHIPS] Modder's Resource - Collision Spheres v1.1ish - Back to testing85TrixX4358
[TC] Interesting way to "fly within earths atmosphere"4Sardaukar24881685
[TC] Posting a few Docs I made for fact's1vincentf563451
Adding existing cockpits to other ships7Fidelias971
permission to use exsisting star trek ships4Anubitus696
Ships Can't Dock. Get Stuck in Loops Avoiding Non-Existing Obstacles2zelys1611
Existing Cargo Prior to MK33spyder1911653
Creating new Projectile / Changing the colour of exsisting projectiles?1Adius_Silver419
[TC] Terran Ice Harvesting L facility found inside TL32Starlight_Corporation6256
Mofying an existing plugin3timmeey86696
[TC] Marine Outpost Listing3Beergoggles663
[TC] removed crosspostings2StarTroll653
Returning to X3TC, requesting mod recommendations12Troubleshooter111590
How do i max existing ships7falcont1317
[X2] New modder requesting help with x2tool and x2build3Eduarde Calibal1186
[TC] OP Final Fury vs v2.7.1 - Interesting Event7wizrd7551117
Looking for help testing some new scripts (mostly OOS combat related)3bn454
Top 3-4 Frame boosting mods - as fake patches1Damian Swift676
After much testing, a restart needed.4Bothersome608
[HELP] Boosting missile armor0Ikaruga336
just a stupid poll that i think is interesting to see21kizito1558
Hahahah... Interesting protection.1cerfew637
[TC] adjusting complex positions2cikulisu539
Help me stop wasting time and Credits?5Hullage793
ST not STing and Mistral Superfrieghter10Da-V-Man1016
[interesting] A possible future for X games?69N4N4853
Posting in Tech Support Forum?3bitslammer582
Posting Screenshot ??2Bill Huntington471
Requesting ships or hands on help16Lushent1692
Free File Hosting - Shameless Plug4Leenug944
What has changed? No ship listing or selectable.1Retiredman422
adding new sectors to existing x universe3gbLRO0011144
[REQ] Central script & mod hosting or BACKUP download hosting29AtomicDryad2484
To add an existing ware (out of script editor IG)9arkhiel974
Interesting non critical bug:6Laden Swallow1115
I need a "Installing (XSP) Ships/Lite Installer for Dummies" - Requesting Assistance2IamDani586
[X3TC] Need help testing some FPS from you guys5zeddius859
Seller wasting time at trading station18BustAMove1849
[TC] Terran Patrol molesting my TM -- Self destruct?7donzi1147
Assisting my Sirokos2Sovereign01580
somthing interesting re Terran laser tower3Matterom968
Changing a ship's model to another existing model?1OniGanon416
[TC] Interesting Happenings10RandomBandit1372
LT/UT Sector Blacklisting2Garral588
ShipWrecks, some interesting ideas..10Anubitus1484
Interesting Complex10JesterSig1304
[TC] found an interesting way to get second hand ships9Catra1594
[X3TC]doing stupid and costing me big time...18Sp@c3Ch!mp2423
dusting off my copy of x3:reunion, but...6kwest4191250
Modifying an existing ship.3LexUnscripted1167
[TC] Requesting help with raising Yaki relations8lastebil1284
Any one else having issues posting on egosoft forums recently?1logan86657
changing the docking size of existing ships17DrwHem1901
Avoiding the reload, resisting the urge to cheat.23ctcc412578
Any thing interesting about the new patch?4Gswine1015
Mods and existing savegames1derekst991874
acer aspire 4730z adjusting video ram1bunnylove1059
My mod plans and status (News:Weapons Ready for testing see last post)15Matterom5461
Requesting Help and Understanding with Scripting and Modding - Please be Kind15FortressofRain1650
Interesting thing happens in Antigone Memorial !4Stealth_Silencer1067
Do you want new features for TC or the existing ones to be fixed?51AjaxDude4616
Cap.Ship combat COULD be...interesting?6RandomBandit1332
It is interesting... :)2Shadowskull790
3 Interesting things in Terran Conflict.11IceFire9092237
[TC] Corporation gifts.........anything interesting out thier?12Sn4kemaster2426
[TC] Requesting Advice...Sticky situation here6MrOmniscient1091
Duplicate posting removed1Shizaru635
[TC] The secret to not wasting missiles on AI turrets.25mippy3166
Interesting PSP trick55i11444
Interesting Graphic Bug2Mithril Prime737
[TC] An interesting discovery61muvwndr1513
Something interesting i found about low fps2ishmod1182
My wingmen die constantly costing me millions7Zappa Phan1499
X3:TC-Requesting help from local military2BeidAmmikon691
Factory Complex - adding to existing Complex6Snowdogjoe1147
[X3TC] Creating a new ship based on existing one2desmond55957
Adding Stations to a existing complex. How?4gamer993894