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Ship Capture Guide: X2 Version 2 (Updated for 1.4)324Al175658
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[Script][V1.3|2.5|1.0] X2-X3//X3-X3-Converter//Copy Ships and Stations408SymTec ltd.125917
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[MOD] X2: Firelance 4.0.4 [RELEASE] [16/June/2012]770SteelRush118964
[MOD] X2 Ship Callback Mod V2 {V1.08} [4/6 3.1 compatible][Cockpit version added]562killerog94851
Sticky: [X2/X3] Copy protection system problems? READ THIS!1CBJ89609
X2 Cheat Pack110LV85326
Sticky: [X2] How To Run X2 On Vista (or Windows 7/8)78thomas1234572153
X Ongoing development - UPDATE 11 December318The_Abyss60349
Stone-D's X patch - WARNING - SPOILER CONTENT467Stone-D59097
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X2 The Threat High Difinition Pack V1.258Player.52364
doubleshadow's DBOX2 (1.11)130doubleshadow51942
esd's X guide to loops67esd50442
About how many people are staying loyal to X2 here?158SWAHILI!!!49962
X Wallpapers and Banners *HOT*28BurnIt!40785
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X The Threat - Fighting Pirate to have better reputation with Paranid Problem.9Cap1o200
I just lost all my X2 saves (steam) - resolved4theeclownbroze221
x2 crashing to desktop when being hailed, after saya shows up in priest rings5cheetahhawk294
X2 The Threat is not able to pick Ge Force over Integrated graphic card3Heylanwe212
Resolution stretching in full screen - X2 The Threat2Mastermue239
X Windows 10 video adapter detection1Reven185
X2 - Fight Command Mk3 needed9oceanway711
X2 - Move factory location when placing it with hired TL3Syn3rgy595
GOG Summer Sale, get X2 free for your Steam copy0memeics348
X2 Installation Help4Ege781441
[X2] [SOLVED] Advanced Trade Command Confusion5Tolwyn680
[X2] Progress to end game2fig592
[X2] Is there a Script to Increase Goner Reputation3Tolwyn1253
steering with mouse problems X2 the threat PS/21j_garrett979
X2 - Patrol Single Sector command4Unkgamer1133
[X2] Savegame loading4Rambo_Mozzy977
X2 disk not accepted with Win 8.11Xcentric805
Anyway to play X2 in widescreen without stretching?4pixel519
X2 doesn't work on Xubuntu Linux2Westbeam1074
GOG X/X2/X3 Bundle Deal4memeics694
Chance for X the return source code?15Privata1747
X2 [GOG Version] - Unable to start game - Resolved by Dx reinstall & codec clean5bravoman1144
[x2 1.4 EU Windows 8.1] Graphic Resolution/Game Starter Problem4Der-Fussel1381
X Tension and X29xfan82932
initial X2 start menu unresponsive8MajorMonk1552
X2 the threat strange behaviour of NPC capships while OOS3Amon25011171
NPC capships in X2 got stuck24Amon25011338
X2:TT (1.5 steam version issue)7Battlemeister2163
x2 stays in windowed mode after upgrade from win8.1 to win10 - easy workaround aval.7chrismokvack2016
Ship Repairs in X2 The Threat - is it even possible4Auriga_Nexus462
Some X2 questions5Sorkvild377
X2 help to work on windows 10 pc1Mark Caldwell895
[X2] Capturing Race Ships and Relations?2immortalfrieza518
Khaak capture in x2 1.50chuc211350
How do you sell Weapons, Shields etc. in X2: The Threat3Atheius472
Can't record X (X-BtF, X-T, X) gameplay with Open Broadcaster Software1HashtagMC973
X2 The Threat. Bonus Pack CLS Mk1 Question9Achedb0b2073
Q about X2 & X3 Reunion storylines9siddham814
SOLVEDX2: The Threat Audio Problem (with CAVEAT)15Tolwyn3272
Cannot find Argon One, X2 - threat3Jerubbaal949
X2 - Question about President's End7Severa Rickman674
I can't run the X2 - The Threat Demo/Benchmark Test4Kimmy1748
X2 = previous post1Jimpiff1408
X2 cheat pack in steam0roxy1634
X2: Stuck at first mission - not enough cargo space? SOLVED11Gilmaris620
X2 the threat doesn't load up on windows 8.116leethom4333
X2 Rebalance 20153LifeMatrix2364
X2: The Threat for Mac - current distribution??4Sayuuk410
[X2] Install Fail on Win 8.1?!5LifeMatrix453
Setting up Joystick for X2: The Threat0chunkofwhat1433
[X2] Finally made it to "double X-TREME"3fig471
[X2] Game not using Nvidia GPU10Pagio1841
X2: Can Khaak destroyers be captured?7jamieren525
[X2 + Bonus Pack Vanilla] Simple Factory Question6Confusion-System495
[X2] music in sectors in mono6Marcybiskup1580
X2 - Where's some place to find lots of enemies going through race sectors?2immortalfrieza335
[X2] what can land on an M6?4Village!diot354
Problem installing x2 the threat on win 72Necronlord1971
X2 plot bugs?11Village!diot406
X2 Can't drop station3Village!diot363
X2 question5Village!diot420
X2 messed up audio announcements? - Resolved.5Nova152278
X2 Makes my saves "Modified"5Hunter19851266
(X2) Recent Steam Update? (7-july-2014)2Agykoo424
Return stations owning ships system from X21samoja392
(X2) Making money and station questions (one or 2 combat /story questions (spoilers))3Agykoo939
(X2) Game randomly minimizes1Agykoo867
(X-BTF) (X2) (X-Reunion) Game randomly minimizes - reduce background apps workaround.10Agykoo1826
Released: X2 Bonus Pack 1.04 and new languages now available on Steam12CBJ1087
X2 The threat: I can buy Xeno ships?8MCOD595
X1 X2 and Reunion's plots interesting?5Symont502
Wow! X2 benchmark 71.3 fps on my Toshiba Encore Win8.1 tablet6pixel511
Where to get X2 The Threat on Linux1Mr Tibbs402
Finished X2; starting X3 Reunion; any advice?21siddham1073
X2 constantly crashing windows 8.1 - Fixed by enabling mobility graphics card11starvinmarvin19871652
[X2] Mission giver says my rank is too low?!3chrismokvack366
X2 probs with saya getting stuck in gates17siddham475
[MODREQUEST] Freelancer shield parameters for X20EliteM31205
X2: Stuck on main quest3siddham282
where to buy X2?7narn736
X2 Game crashing at start of mission3lexraider336
Threatening me with taking away a membership that I cant use?5TheKrimzonGhost778
X2 Sector Trader - universe trader2Grettal1957
[X2] A few Qs4sMull332
X2 Steam & bonus pack7Sorkvild763
[X2] The 25 MW shield paradox2davidrawlins486
X2 can I save settings?2davidrawlins276
X2 Do (non xenon) Npc Capital Ships respawn?2Shadoeken261
X2: my ship blows up when attempting to exit a station4direvus695
X2 - Constant crash trying to start intro when loading.5Trixster101812
x2 - Hostile Argon patrol4zhollett449
X2 Help needed. Remote Jump Drive command anomaly. SORTED THANKS.0The Iron Duke244
X2 "Tour of a Lifetime" mission - not enough free space?2direvus644
Capturing in x23zhollett539
How do i get a cameradummy in x2 models2balogt1258
X2 style Display Plane1Llothlian319
Any chance of Steam keys for X2?5andrewc605
[X2] Universe Trader2sMull306
X2 Steam & bonus pack0Sorkvild471
Just re-installed X2 after rebirth - also why I love X28Jasper1056
X2 on Steam1Sorkvild200
X2 The Threat settings reverting?4Helios011307
X2: The Threat settings location3FooBar08612
Help with X2 The Threat - Docked ship question4The Iron Duke483
[X2: The Thread] Frozen NPC ships2Tarsys307
X2 crash at prist ring cut scene4Langlo582
X2 Mods1jpm.bp2215
[X2] Finally "Completed"8mcjomar672
differences in scripting between x2 the threat and x3 reunion4fourier963
[X2] SPP questions2mcjomar453
[X2] How to best outfit an Argon Buster for combat (preferably on the cheap)?13ls6121059
X2 and X3 Reunion Low music detail (Windows 8)4Helios01694
X2 => X3 - Missing feature?6PromX437
Have nothing to do on your android? I need an X2 the game.16tijcker1066
Would you like x2 on android?2tijcker2169
X2 Returning Wayward Son Seeks Advice2bivar011331
Help Needed To Identify A Map/Asteroid Tool For X2 The Threat2Ziggy333
X2 The Threat save game limit9phalacas1087
[X2] Not possible to control Xenon sectors?2Gazer75380
Installing X2 on pc upgraded to Windows 710Infadel1088
Freezing X22Gary Arlett1015
[X2] Energy shortage by default or not?4Gazer75297
[X2] wiki or website with station/factory, upgrades and weapons info?1Gazer75348
Crew Numbers : Starships / Fighters X2, X3, X3TC77AgamemnonArgon2719
[X2] How to enter docked fighter from capital ship?7Gazer75762
Discussion on XBTF vs X2 vs X319Rykugur1527
[X2 the threat] Hull dmg for no reason?2AvariceFriend463
X2 Computer Verbal Identification Misnaming Systems4Jaqua699
X2 The Threat17Diche Bach800
x2 The Threat software question!!!3writegarrett450
X2 Explorer command script1Fitzy Of Sydney1179
X2 never ending xenon invasion !5Destrolly686
[X2] A m2 Can'T CARRY a TS ship ?!17Destrolly1793
oh bovver, can't install The Threat6Gracie470
x2 the threat finding pilot level12silverfury00932956
Game keeps freezing (X2, Steam)- please help16guyal2346
New Laptop has 2 Graphic Cards Intel 4600 & GT750M X2 & X3 only see Intel 46004roasted_monk1395
X2 question.26greypanther758
X2 The Threat on Linux?13Helios013333
X2 has stopped working - crash at Priest Rings cutscene5MC7071115
[X2] Help... saving game preferences please.3rafses1102
[X2] Is There A Way To Mass Set Relations To All Your Ships?6Verahta427
X2-THREAT: how do you upgrade steering/speed on M2 Titan?2Verahta556
X2 The Threat what exactly is speed modifier in joystick mapping?0Megatherion9464
X2: Simulator - Combat Test6Kal Ryper539
speech in game x2threat and x3 reunion any one help me please1unequalcoyote317
x2: the threat intro music2Horus Heresy416
X2 Text Doubling Problem - Pictures Provided5alowe408
X2 'Doesn't work anymore' Error.6xonator792
X2 The money cheat.4Rev74766
X2 - No more Xenoninvasions5Kyral628
X2 TT any way to improve the mouse control?2Earth Ultimatum IV.1022
X2 Jump Drive2longi407
x the threat need admin perm to run why?2XIZOR430
Ships and weapons in X2 and X33samoja481
Is there a Star Trek mod for X21Ronin6771193
Having problems with x2 crashing during a cut scene10pbasford630
[X2 The Threat] - please help me decide - Ray or Titan?8Tonedude691
Editing X2 savegame files to change location - how?3ficfan2009387
X2 Plot Help Needed4ficfan2009479
How Do I Make Money In X2 - The Threat12abed123zx1104
X2 questions.14Pathfinder331908
X2 Problem getting CLS to work.5Meldrew14509
[X2] Final goals2fig301
X2 Music2Pathfinder331972
X2/3 Demos8Pathfinder331677
X2 ship capping mods?0immortalfrieza1053
X2 Ship Order Notifications0BustAMove844
X2 Ship Order Notifications1BustAMove268
can't find the files for X2 mod manager2Eve20121057
X3 Reunion and X2 The Threat crashes.5Andreas_Soe1032
X2 cutscene crash10dlonrar1042
X2 the threat cut scene crash1dlonrar696
X2 Threat cutscene crash1dlonrar313
Components research SDTYPE's, X2 and earlier6Killjaeden616
[X2] Sound Bug. Sectorwide shooting sounds. [SOLVED]1mrshine86558
I bought a boxed version of X2 to get the manual4JellybeanTiger365
X2 Me likey :-)15JellybeanTiger854
X2 teleportation?6DoctorGalifrean639