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Kyon, KE

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So who LIKES the game so far?33Discovery5525
kyon laser24grim company5384
rubbish kyons?31rage_against_the_Khaak5159
Capship guide <- PLEASE DO *NOT* MAKE REPLY'S TO THIS THREAD!!31Augustini4636
Kyon Riddle?23apogee3891
Question about the Gamma Kyon Emitter7CaptG3785
Avarice & BalaGi Help (SPOILERS LIKELY)10Tanlith3719
Acquire Kyon emitters23Phanto3606
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b/Kyon Emitter accuracy issues?16Cursed Ghost1646
Kyon Emitters17mrbadger2198
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Local DJ Spinning KE Remix Among Others.3Tiedyeguy1017
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Lots of Khaak Kyons = a bit of lag?3jjz-1060
Adding Kyons to Titan7unknown11395
[MOD Request] - "THE" "R" KEY MOD?7firstmate1491
PLOT BOINKED! Paranid dudes not there!6tedbell1387
Kyon Sound33D_Master995
Need Help with XBTF Chin's Clouds BROKEN Mission5mahlerlover2529
Game installed fine, starts up fine, RUNS LIKE A SNAIL8PauloPelle141793
Does this exist already? (Kyon beam factory)1farrel918
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KEYBOARD PROBLEM HELP x36clonetrooper1718
Capped a Kha'ak Fighter - yay - but no Kyon Emitters - boo7richardh1624
Khaak Kyons killing FPS6Mubata1362
bug in mission TAKEOVER2pixel946
kyon emitters1uptheirons1557
kyons10jordan kirwan2010
Kyons for sale?!12DeathVark2718
need help obtaining kyon lasers11mark a2737
TRACKER Mines?11Mud Flap2542
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Boron Orca KE5Stephen Croft1634
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Equiping GKEs to Raptor using editor...5Akula871462
SPOLIER TRACKER Mines9acook592018
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Collecting the Beta Kyons2synctrance1445
SPOILER: Bala-Gi Argon Station delivery for KE3lokiel1981
YT-2000 with GKyons and BFAAs LMAO2japesk1748
Kyon Emitter8Bengunn3400
Bala Gi, KE dock, but no log update v2.0024Kazuma1803
Delta Kyon Emitter (help needed)15Fresshness3385
Kyon's do I sell2slim roberts1218
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Whatever happened to the TRACKER mine??????1Syndrome783
Arn't Kyon emitters supposed to be accurate?7robcoe2114
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Storyline Mission Bugs and Solutions/"GiRig" Fixes( MAKE STICKY?)1AuTo|KraZyKeg1404
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X2 Khaak M5 and Kyons in household6Anonymous2666
Exotic Bug: Gamma Kyon & Asteroid fragment6ragamer2197
Kyon Emitters3stg19691329
(bug) Player controlled beam weapons have no refire delay, ie: khaak kyons1halo1123581275
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[Script] TRACKER Mines2Gazz1141
X3 - Win98SE - KERNEL32.dll7Rascal2051
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Gamma kyon emitter on khaak capital ships going through models?0unfunfofmpc1052
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Khaak Kyons14Thrappy3004
cant select conversation WITH KEYBOARD! :( :!(0redacidjack831
SPOOKEY!! System Override Upgrade18Admin_Man3407
Kyon Question1Leroy The Badger1276
Major Plot Hole (Spoiler) - MY PLOT IS BROKEN!!!!!15sai-ku2465
[DOCKEDAT] problem .. (I guess ..)8Red Spot1366
In some trouble at KE26Elzix3209
KE duel SPPs question?8theoverlord32244
SPP not making money in KE10flagg2092004
Factory cycle time for AKE, BKE, GKE too long help1asyikarea511196
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INVALID CDKEY after v1.4 + bonus pack update12jabb02807
Kyon Strangeness15wellard2665
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Beta KE Forge Resources?7TylerChuit1585
[BUG?] Things that go bump in PE **UNMARKED SPOIILERS**8Roger L.S. Griffiths1893
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No crystal fabs in KE4bryang995
What's DOCKEDAT?2Charlie Whiskey929
Ye ha - I have completed the story! **SPOILERS UNMARKED**22Roger L.S. Griffiths2884
So, what are you selling your e-cells for in KE?33conlan3488
can i stick Kyon lasers on my dragon?2Nid Xen1473
Ore Mine in KE?1Risky719
God..Not a DISK KEY ERROR Again6welsh_woody1421
Kyon lasers14OrionsKnight3014
Eck! KE SPP transports never live...6mythren938
Wheat Farm in KE or Rolks Drift?12jester6881735
Kyon Beam Emitter Scripts?2RustiSwordz1441
Lottery is real or just FAKE <---- ??????5DJSoulJammer2834
save game F*CKED!!! (autosave turned off)4stella1124
Making Kyon Emitters pass through shields.....7XenonKiller3239
Serbian Forum LOCKED !!!! ?????1DJSoulJammer833
This is a Tech forum Right? (What a JOKE)11Mike23462279
What I DISLIKE about X2..please skip if you have negativobia9Bazza1969