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[MOD] Ship Rebalance Mod ver 0.59 [30/08/2009] + 2 COCKPIT PACKS + Alkeena's BSD!!!!628someone else85973
PSG do freeze 1.3172SieurNewT27801
Welcome to X2 the new SPACE COMBAT GAME213Lucrativus18333
[MOD PACKAGE][APX] Cadius X-tra & Thron Eve Universe Pack [15.04.2013 - UPDATE 1.05]139Koritnaciino17749
Newbie Glossary (APAC,HEN,LT,TL,WTF??)62chovy14046
Should EGOSOFT nerf the PSGs?132simonnance12232
Reason the Gamma PSG owns the Khaak34ManiacDC10730
PSG ower powered17ZoKHiZ10097
Are PPC's Useless?41kileran9689
X3 - Nova Raider Weapons - AHEPT alternative?15smjohn9519
[MOD] Fewer PPC rounds 13/12/200628arcana759058
AIRE? BIRE? APAC? BPAC? Where!?16Psycho01248380
How good are PSG's?61TR00PER8234
HEPTs for OOS Defence?30fuzzywuzzy8084
[MOD] Improved PPC weapons for capital ships [1.3]23beyer_garratt7202
Does any one actually use CIG's and IPG's when you have.......HEPT38Sn4kemaster7169
Split Python Gamma PPC load46bazthebad7115
PPC is a LED?58Spero6742
Allways something causing massive slow downs in this game. PPC46Incubi6589
PSG weapons33jumbled6408
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Pteranodon with PPC and PALC loadout6bazthebad171
PSG/PBG weapon range3fireanddream522
[AP]OOS combat: ISR vs CIG, CIG vs IPG, PRG vs PAC?12Etheron998
X3AP Need help dealing with SPACEWHALE when boarding8Nehlis519
HEPT, CIG or ISR ?6Cursed Ghost966
Any reason to put PAC over HEPT on M330samoja1407
X3 Terran Conflict PPC or Ion Cannon10AgamemnonArgon741
Split from PAC energy thread3Honved369
PAC Energy Issues32johnfrancisv1108
X3AP AI and PPC/PSP charging.6Earth Ultimatum IV.719
CIGs or HEPT for Cerberus turrets?10samoja609
TC - PSG (phased Shockwave Generator)3Snafu_X3416
PSG platform, which is better ?10Klord546
Another case of PSG causing fps drop4imortalvalk412
[X3AP] PPC v PSP7T3Lunaris1215
X3TC: A-HEPT and B-HEPT?2captainblasto541
PPC vs IBL [TC]7p00fer586
[AP] Non-removeable IRE on Adv Disco (and other gripes) AT LEAST 1 SPOILER8em3e3594
AP, IRE's do not exist in my game?19Poacher8861745
Ion cannon vs. PPC10jamafish1461
[HELP REQUIRED] How to make Docking Bay Doors?8Anubitus906
Pirate base, IN TERRAN SPACE?12delstars822
Cannot uninstall IRE from turrets6flynn444915
Using PSG during missions = no reward11stavros989
HEPT or PRG?16pablodalk3648
PPC effect, please help!1handy388357
The last time i go after a Mako,BLOODY HELLFIRE10Gosnell1026
Which weapon is better for fighters PRG's or HEPT's?15ogamerdg1856
[x2] How to use PSGs?21chrismokvack1445
Question regarding PSG6expnobody883
Question: Bullet flags: PAC2Anubitus583
Can't find IREs!14Cpt.Calavera1424
[X3R] General fighter vs. PSG9Jaysu892
Are IREs 'consumed'?15rz84721653
[X2] HIRED TL and Adv. Satellites9Tolwyn1122
[SCRIPT REQUEST] give the griffon PPCS10kidfusion30001040
Corporations ganging up on IRE production2Progress-M646
Why use PSGs?17kotorone11732
[TC] Evaluating the PSG13Gazz1832
PSG Prod. Complex @ Seizewell?? Hvy Shield Prod. Complex @ Ceo's Sprite??15Loosh1510
[TC] Gauss cannons vs PPC14thecrazybear2085
[TC] Mercury lasers do not display or fire (PAC)4SoliDeoGloria738
[SHIPPACK] Skerge: Combines shippacks7Sk_20131921
Best PPC or PSP?9Stacy1796
Phased Repeater Gun VS PAC13rujikin6313
X3:R- Mercury ship- PAC vs PSG8cerfew1643
[TC] PSG effectiveness7Neillmcm1030
Alpha PPC V.S. Beta HEPT4NicoPalazzari1080
Good match with PACs?35SLUGGO2502
X3R-Funny thing about XI Gamma PPC booty!20mystikmind20052302
X2: Gamma PSGs.19Angelo Credo1756
HEPTs miss the mark?17OniGanon1897
Where to buy HEPTs in x3 Reunion1Spuff Monkey683
PSG Rock-Clearing issue with small rocks not being targetable till 300m range.52Eddis4565
PSGs, observations and queries (X3:R)12Derkylos1667
What is IRE?5bucksgen1110
Arming a Boreas: PPC, or Ion Cannons?11tatakau2596
Can't See PPC fire4Redprodigy351207
Is there any FREESPACE 2 BEAM mod for X3:TC?8e0s8881934
Is there any FREESPACE 2 BEAM mod for X3:R?0e0s888880
[TC] IBL vs PPC31jwigeland3936
Where to buy beta PPC factory excluding Paranids8theloneranger1419
(X3:Reuion) Weird lag with PAC lasers impacts on little ships0lobogris19761012
[TC] PALC? Have 4 HEPTS instead11anneonemous1874
[SOLVED] Need help debugging this. Agron Shipyards popping up with PSGs and PPC23Litcube2920
point singularity projectors vs PPC and IBL11drugfreeboy2950
X3R PPC Production Complex - Can they be bought anywhere?3aard828
FBL vs PAC9Beergoggles1911
HELP!!! game crash when I do 8 PSG salvo....5johnhirix854
PPC and charge or not to charge?9Sn4kemaster1900
X3R - Gamma PPC bullets - graphics issue1dmrogers902
Charged PPC4Gothsheep999
Gauss or PPC?25Dem0n_Dude4254
X3R-Coping with PSG wielding Pirates?18mystikmind20052189
[TC] PPC Forges10incognito2531637
Ion Cannons and PPCs16X-Tie2769
Got those HEPTS warmed right up again :)12surefire_ven0m2047
[X3Reunion] question about m5 and PACs2Sp@c3Ch!mp796
FIRELANCES any point in using6Gosnell1195
P and PX needs the PPC capability back?11LTerSlash1549
Looking for the X3 Reunion BONUS PACK hotfix2MFG_Excellence996
So it seems you can charge up PPC before firing..13NUKLEAR-SLUG2093
Help needed - Falcon BIREs not working...7Bengal61617
Blasted, blasted Paranids and their blasted blasted PSGs . . . .12Usenko2001
[TC] Cant get PPC from complex23WhiteStar12747
[X2] PSG not effective?11Hagallsson1895
[TC] IRE's4spacehunt1040
[X3:R] Gamma HEPT6Kriszo1713
not working AHEPT&BHEPT2tumu1033
X3R - IREs Not Selling4Deathgeese1106
CIG HEPT or ISR (aka another loadout question)11JFJohnny53554
[TC] IBL verses PPC18shaub1004378
IBL vs. PPC19cezarip3500
PAC kills FPS13Alexraptor2059
HEPT Foundrys building Energy Bolt Chainguns!4DaWilko1652
HEPT Factories building Chainguns! World upside down!2DaWilko1334
I can't see enemy PPC bolts....1er11175
Could someone explain the use of the Ion Disruptor over PACs and HEPTs?21Brisos3825
Odysseus with PSG15drakend2640
X2 - I just discovered the wonderous PSG!18mystikmind20053175
Good price for Alpha IRE's4KennethX3Freak1278
otas HFC need alpha Flaks and alpha PAC's on all turrets?0Magus_Darklighter882
Where're the IRE's?4yurusei1379
Trade Com Mk3, and Alpha PSG Issues1Squm1181
Cap shit combat and PPC's2Methos861406
Are there any mods that tone down the effect of PSGs?0kyoo955
Station wont give me my Beta PPC7WhiteStar11529
UGH Beta HEPT Station......5Turricanion1125
Removing PSG's?11Chemical-mix2175
PSG and You.22Delian4175
Alpha Flak array or Alpha PPC or BHEPT OOS ?4mjwraw1625
Problem with GPPC2delasorn1125
GPPC Complex advice needed34Fresshness5658
Where to sell Beta PPCs?0Graldensblud831
Beta PSG oops2Warlander991
Help with finding BIRE's6TheCrazed1683
So! PSG's vs. Flaks. Discuss.14Nulric3249
GPPC as Hyperion's main weapon question11AlderonDark2598
Changing GPPC to beams15Genoce3771
sell starting BPACs?4SLUGGO1447
A/B PAC Comples factories for sale?4Razman231391
Removing the ENTIRE mod1joelR934
How to reduce PPC lag without screwing OOS combat up?4opengetmkII1701
Removing the PPC lag12apricotslice2316
Where are the APACS?4nick the bubble1488
Problems with GPPC shots2CaptG1067
PSG lag with v2.024Assalander1671
PSG OOS - efficient?1kurush1155
GPPCs? Grrr...14Argon-4192543
X2: Beta PSGs - What use are they?8Usenko2054
GPPC Forge Complex29RobM375016
BIRE - None Existant?12jdubeau19862694
Help with modding PPC's10Husky_Alpha_I2640
A-HEPT factory commercial agent doesn't jump6Nick Cresswell1952
Beta PAC forge?6Exoleet2541
GPPC Complex Advice needed.7Britguy212062
M2 Titan and AHEPTs4XseR2382
BPAC: Best multiship canon in game?16Targoid-13971
Add PPC to M71Projectign11188
IRE's all sold out??5Chronos Paradox1531
HEPT turrets?6Budokai1830
GPSG or GBPPC5WeedCow1901
PBE or AHEPT22rdavila4710
Help needed with XL GPPC complex0Belgarion[P]942
Help with GPPC complex hub4Belgarion[P]1476
BHEPTs consume more??5arcana751538
Looking for GHEPT's2Thetis1311
Is there any mods that reduce PPC lag?5turqrazor1579
Ploughing the road with PSG's2Bishop1491073
PSG's, how many of us use them?25Black_Omega_44140
What to do witth these 180 GPPC's.......4Psirus1429
PPC slowdown Question.5Dragoongfa1551
My Factory with GPPC/A/BFLAK will not let me have any GPPC!7WhiteStar12571
Can you enable more that one 'MOD PACKAGE'30sparkywizard3943
Where are the GPSG's?3Thetis1251
Cant Sell HEPT in Argon Prime?5Silver^Sun1933
Hercules + BPSGs for pirate alley?4slip.1625
40 PSG'S in Pirate alley........O B~llocks!!23SnakeMaster4643
[REQUEST] FoF PSG?1ezra-r926
Do Xenon K's ever drop any loot (*PPC) in Xenon sectors?4anneonemous1648
PSG weapons in X314Tinkles Inc.3927
[Qu.] Xenon Sectors - what fraction of J / K drop weapons (GPPC)?6anneonemous2116
How do I load PPC to my Titan????4ZeWasrad2248
Phased Shockwave Generators (PSG)11n00bln2733
Where have all the Xenon GPPC's gone?19MulveyMan4086
(X2) Post to the world U'r EMPIRE0ha_x21106
M7 has XL containers, right? So why wont it pickup GPPC's?11PekkaM2450
A-HEPT or MD?2crgray1047
BPSG's/GPSG's vs Xenon sectors.4Mistyevening1551
Why cannot I setup my new Alpha PSG's or PBE's on my starting Buster?6PekkaM1919
Beta PAC?1Patton911097
Where to buy APACs?5Constipated_Vigilante1577
Taking out M6's / M7's - PPC's or HEPT's?6Black_Omega_42146
Are PSGs more powerful in 2.002?12Fall Guy2292
X2: Split Gamma PPC Fab???5Neptunus1896
Alpha PAC or Beta2CABM1342