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[AL PLUGIN] Pirate Guild 3: Dynamic AI and Guild System - v1.59 - [2010-07-22]640Serial Kicked197450
[AL PLUGIN] Pirate Guild: Intelligent Pirate Behaviours | v0.96 (final update)197Serial Kicked88355
[AL PLUGIN] Yaki Armada: Nomadic Pirate Tribe | v1.08 | 11 Oct 06215Serial Kicked78185
[GAMESTART] Pirate Starts now AP compatible (V1.30 - 04/01/2012)76TEKing6647937
[AL PLUGIN] Pirate Guild v1.20 [28/09/2005]156Serial Kicked40660
[Script] Friendly Pirates32Graxster35611
[Script] Friendly Pirates v4.01 (upd: 05/08/06)82TycHouse33636
[MD] Ranks for Xenon, Kha'ak, Pirates and Yaki [V1.03][09/21/2011]71Commander SAMU28314
[TC] Terran Recon Scaning Pirate Base12Tazz-man23808
[SCRIPT] Pirate Fence V1.1 (16.04.2009) (Version 2 Compatible)18pelador23227
[TC] EmperorJon's Pirate Bases: Guide And Locations14EmperorJon22267
[MD-Script] Ketraar's Real Pirate Syndicate [beta.1] (update 12-07-2009)20Ketraar22221
[SCRIPT] Pirate Base Locator V1.00 : Updated 25/07/200623Cycrow21669
Very Clever Pirate Copy Protection Scheme87RazorBack19925
[TC] Pirate Identification Guide19Ecthelion19225
Destroyer was destroyed in sector 'Yeah Right!' by pirate..86CommChe18743
[MOD] Pirate Patrols & Khaa'k Invasions (v2.1 - 28th June 2010) - updated links!11ezra-r16889
Main Central Pirate Base78Tiberian Commander16242
The Pirate Corvette36wombi15817
[AL Plugin] Pirate Base Lasertower Defense Booster v1.01 01-08-0715Jakesnake513937
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Pirates blew up my trade route and then blew me up13Zeether683
[X3TC] Buy Pirate and Terran used ships?3UnknownObject620
many script instances slow down SETA (spaceflies, Anarkis/Pirate Guild)33|K.O.S.H.1133
Pirate syndicate ships not available in AP?2fireanddream275
X2 Pirate War14kohlrak683
X3:R Can a pirate get a jumpdrive?14Goloburdeaux376
[XT] Any way to make the pirates less active?7Mighty Midget316
A memory from X2; bomb appears in cargo bay when docked at pirate base8devilofbelfast290
Greedy pirate question11Timsup2nothin354
What's up with pirates?18Thrake734
X The Threat - Fighting Pirate to have better reputation with Paranid Problem.9Cap1o295
[X3TC] Docking denied in Gaian Star pirate base5amoe284
Pirate Foe 2 Friend3Trevelvis362
Mod Request: Pirate Spawn All Ships1immortalfrieza866
Teladi do not associate with piratesss. Never.8radcapricorn930
Patrol mission starting in pirate sectors are wired1astreus442
Pirate stations in unknown sector PTNI14AL'421134
[Idea]X3 corporations and pirate clans6Joelnh599
Have I broken the main plot? Stuck on pirate base scan - resolved29m0rl0ck1571
X3AP: trouble with indestructible pirate base2MCOD689
Pirate Truelight Seeker12fighter dave1282
Respawning Pirate bases8fireanddream583
so, pirate orbital weapons platform3fireanddream696
Pirate and Yaki reputation1rockelino398
How to become friendly with pirates?13Siigari925
Pirate Start Questions5Mahadev459
Pirate bases and lasers cannot be destroyed.7Hellblazer612
AP- XRM - Broken Industry & Obnoxious Pirates5Omicronperseai8637
X3AP - Pirate starting Tips ?22Omicronperseai81639
Imprison Pirates on Trading Stations mod3Eightbal1501
Pirates vs Pirates and rep11pref1099
[AP 3.1] Huge Blue Pirate Blobs Idling with Job ID 01ebonbane499
Finding Pirate bases9BankruptAssasin629
X3AP-- Selling Passengers To Pirates?16Monkeyfister1461
[LU][AL Plugin] Anarkis Pirate Guild - LU Edition (RETRACTED)28solarahawk3938
low yield sidearms and pirate sidearms2onlymeme356
Status Update and Feedback Requested on Anarkis & Pirate Guild LU Edition4solarahawk540
Goneur Plot, Docking pirate bay issue - resolved.10Xelenos1059
Pirate Stations invulnerable4superkar760
Is there a mod for AP that shows Yaki and Pirate reputation?2Fenris321396
Pirate at 0% hull and 0% shield, won't die1chrishaug508
A few questions about pirates/friend-foe settings/M8s15Kaunit944
[TC] Player Station Damaged in Pirate Raid.9Ormac491
Help to be a pirate5Enterprise1959403
X3 R Pirate Bases2dienekes299
How to deal with all these pirates?2MacDan381
X3:AP - killing pirates give credits?3tornar424
need help with Pirates Guild 21Andreas B1017
Patrol missions - Are there any without pirates for enemies?6Bill Huntington749
(X3:TC) Laser towers next to pirate sectors bring peace?3ClastMalon491
Are there pirate bases in Yaki Sectors TC11Ronin677568
what scanner range do pirates, xenon, and khaak ships have?6Idgy586
X3AP: Pirate bases!8Gersidi746
[X3R] Using CLS to befriend pirates?3chrismokvack630
(X3R) Keeping UT's out of Pirate sectors10EagleTwoThreeX799
Pirate Base being invulnerable4chuu2byou431
YAAARRRRR!!! Calling all pirates ... or at least those who will help a new pirate7Fenris321691
[X3AP] Pirate hacks not working on Terran stations7Automatic Jack797
[X3:AP] Trapped in Ore Belt by pirates8razorrozar707
[AL.Plugin] [TC][AP] Pirate Guild 3 v.1601Nicoman351328
[Coming Soonish][Feedback] Pirate Split/Boron/Terran M1/M2/M7/TL Skins4RoverTX765
location of pirate bases???7Ronin677489
Pirate ships or Yaki ships1Kaunit495
AP Q: adding pirate colours to other ships?0Larxyz194
Looking for "Pirate" Prefix in Tships5Simon Prater366
X3 Terran Conflict - Pirate reputation20Lea Flamma2076
Invincible pirate base( not a plot station)3wr102ka551
[SOLVED] Pirate Base won't take damage beyond 93%8ryanpeterson926
Pirate Rep question2Spychotic514
[X3AP] Disabling Pirates?5Raider480559
Pirate base locator from X3:R, can it be altered for X3:AP?0Uzi77219
X3AP Terran Pirate Bases3aradapilot624
[X3AP] Questions on Lasertowers and Pirate spawns5OniGanon448
Looking for a good mod for playing as a pirate.0sonlirain297
[X3TC] How many pirate bases are there?8IanFitzJo744
pirate rep stuck - worked around by cheat2firestorm79347
Pirate Rep4Tempelaars24456
Pirate Rep4Jacob Valance382
pirates question20red-dragon997
[X3AP] Self Destructing Pirate?10delstars402
[X3TC] Pirate spawning11shabitz784
Scan bug ? scanning hostile pirates turn them friendly3coconutz55559
To destroy the pirate base or not18Mousse91148
How to create a Pirate base?1Gqqnbig379
Pirate M7M?15IConquer741
[X3R] Teladi and Pirates4thelebk430
Yaki and Pirate relations3firestorm79422
Reliable way of finding pirate M6+ ships?9IConquer622
I'm starting to like the Pirate Carrack6ajm3171435
Will building up Pirate and Yaki economies make them more powerful factions?9soulmata798
Yet another Invincible pirate ship.19BDelacroix1464
X-Tension Pirates are attacking my station.1esgeroth512
[TC] Pirate reputation13Lea Flamma822
XRM xpost Can't seem to hack pirate base in Loose Ends plot SPOILER1timmah99474
X3AP 3.0: Black Crystals from pirates? (spoilers)3Drazmon828
Pirate Guild Mod for AP?1Damian Swift313
Any tips on being a pirate?12Fenris321656
Invincible pirate bases and stations AP - Temp fix by clean reinstall & fresh start.18offset5432121
[Solved it was convoy missions] Pirates jump in constantly just to attack me3InFlamesForEver339
X3AP: Any way to stop my enemy settings automatically making pirates my enemy?12InFlamesForEver598
Pirate starting scenario?3kizito377
More Pirate ship spawn variety?0Honved265
I lost a ship to pirates and i was never informed. why??????25RayF923
Raising pirate rank. AP/XRM2jestor00723
Scanning for pirate friends3Timsup2nothin403
X3R steam version, second story mission problem with pirate waves section0jmwiseman292
Hostile Pirates2[ArZaKoN]413
X3AP Yaki and Pirate Ranks0Centurion2008541
[X3AP] OOS Patrols Keep Targeting Blue Pirates2Simoom539
[TC] Question about Pirate factions15150314
Why no dedicated pirate sectors?2OSAKA64471
[X3AP] Did pirate behaviors change from X3TC?4Simoom476
Does GOD engine remove Pirate bases?13samoja741
Pirate ships on pirate stations2samoja339
Pirate Rep Question (TC)14marksman021770
Anyone know the spawn rate of pirate capitials?0ApatheticEthic323
The pirate's alternative to closed loop weapon's plex8Timsup2nothin751
Did I just catch a lucky pirate?!7aXeldk700
[X3TC] Complexes on Pirate and Unknown Sectors18estevesbk998
Are the angry pirates that appear from seta stronger or something?6ApatheticEthic536
Scan THIS you scummy pirates!12Timsup2nothin987
Where would I find a Pirate Eclipse Advanced?5sadron454
How to turn station from Red to Green in pirate space??5Tito420x612
X3AP Easy way to find / cap Pirate Kestral3999jefro659
[AP] Pirate revenge strikes?2Eddis350
[X3TC] Pirate Sectors12estevesbk1219
[Help] Less Pirates/Kha'ak Activity Script?6Geon106589
Repairing Pirate Rep13Treetop691081
X3TC - what happened to the Pirate bases?7Jamumools463
Following the Gaian pirate in Goner Plot on SETA, plus made $12 Mil1Bill Huntington554
Keeping the pirates happy?14ScorpioNicus882
IBL and LooManc Pirate Stations,hacking14-John-955
Pirates in Goner Plot - love em or hate em11johnnywas796
Finding some beginner pirates.26BMEdwards37891
Are all pirate ships pirates?1Mantaray52399
Weird pirate rep changes7pref453
Jobs.txt and the Red enemy pirates6Iceciro520
Complexes = you can never be on good terms with pirates?9GlassDeviant628
Pirate weirdness5StarSword435
More Patois from Friendly Pirates thread.1Atlan Comet449
Can you make all the pirates friendly?39ali-stool2052
X3TC Who should I pirate?43SpFiota2396
Pirate Scanning missions2Sieg06660243
Scanning Pirate Base8Malachi1992572
Osaka (M2) VS Pirate Blastclaw (M3)25SirDeity1540
[AP] Pirate raids!9kolimbo748
How to stop traders from entering pirate sectors?10shadyJ673
Game crashing when trying to go/view a sector [re: How to uninstall the pirate guild]19BankruptAssasin1370
Pirate rep3Lukesharp333
Tribulations of a Space Pirate Goblin0Nelkhael848
[TC] Pirate/Yaki rep question16joefitts631442
Pirate spawning question12lordsloth853
[X3:TC] Pirate Attacks - Upping the ante ?8zapza1262
Shooting gates turning pirate bases hostile (AP)2Karmaticdamage283
Gaining pirate rep16lordsloth970
I accidentally... the whole pirate base2Learned Hand562
X3:AP - No pirates!6NinjaGM1757
X3:AP Can I pirate in Teladi sectors?4killer213341165
Pirate Questions (TC)10brownthomasw637
(TC/AP) Pirate fighters646_n_2636
MOD REQUEST - AP - Display yaki, pirates ranks3Gorium609
Pirate assassination missions should not choose pirate targets.19Zippo3421026
AP Is there a all-in-one pirate guide?6AshToDust444
X3: AP. Some pirate reputation questions.15Ponderer5254
Albion Prelude Pirate Bases!7Danny2003253
[x2] Why do the pirates hate me and how can I make them like me?3chrismokvack429
[X3TC] Loaner ships - missions, pirates, etc9donzi516
Befriending the pirates12imortalvalk1034
[X2] Pirate Orinoco Patrols my Fuel/Weed loop?!5chrismokvack545
(ap) Marines, plz help a newly started pirate9Tjaaki460
My complex was destroyed OOS by three pirate fighters...? (TC)4Shogouki701
[AP] Pirate/Yaki "Race" mods?8Echofinder894
Military doesn't like me capping pirates?5Rapsey500
[AP] Where are all of the pirates?10phasor809
Pirate Idea ?5Lexi565405
How many of you are pirates/privateers?22Troubleshooter111276
How to increase the rep. of the pirates when at -53davy3179540
Silly Pirates3Vicrry06438
Pirate Ship Classes? (AP)6Coreblimey514
Pirate Blueprints & Rep2Coreblimey436