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Marine Repairs and Training [TC][AP][ALP]653DrBullwinkle93591
[SCRIPT] Marine Training Manager *Updated - v3* 12/23/2008123Graxster85678
[X3T] Guide to training CAG and CLS1&2 pilots in Terran Conflict101Kor'ah82452
[TC] Boarding mini-guide235Goldfinch75616
[X3] Guide to training CAG and CLS1&2 pilots43Kor'ah51793
An illustrated guide to boarding a Boreas using an M7M60Orion163248786
[SCRIPT] [2008.11.06] Marine Trainer v1.0254JumperBR32837
[ALP]Imperial Laboratories: Escape Pods 1.1 28/5/0949LV29982
[ALP]NPC Boarding Forces 1.2 6/1/1146LV28799
Post 2.5 Boarding Quandry - Rant285wizrd75526480
[X3TC] Which M6 as a personal/boarding ship?16elayeth23636
[TC] Where To Buy/Train Boarding Troops [Spoilers] {Ver. 1.0.3} (Updated May 31st, 2010)25Deadbeat_Spinn21698
[Script] Convert Passenger to Marine V1.0 (08.08.2009)10pelador17518
AP boarding ops -- first impressions28Vim Razz15246
[TC] Why does training marines take such a ridiculous amount of time?224quoick14870
Script - Marine Transporter58mr_laurie14442
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Marine training costs, enemy gun turrets4AL'42509
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X3AP Boarding Ships Couple5MCOD669
Binding hotkey to "launch all marines"5fireanddream492
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capping terran fighters and boarding terran ships4Mahadev446
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Training Marines ?17Bill Huntington1053
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Boarding RRF ships ???3Bill Huntington389
Non-Pod boarding questions8wolfee462
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Boarding in AP ??7Bill Huntington541
CLS2 Marine/Mercenary Question9egosoftuserdude800
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Acinonyx Proto - A Boarding Ship ??10Bill Huntington1232
Advise for boarding M6's X3TC11LocTheToker975
Marines as Defenders on Target Ships2Bill Huntington364
X3TC - Boarding Mechanics and Experience13XForumShadow689
Increasing marines2Grid416
Boarding in AP ?11Bill Huntington707
Boarding question1Cursed Ghost305
X3AP Need help dealing with SPACEWHALE when boarding8Nehlis519
ANY Type of ship with 30 (THIRTY) Marine12jccpsc758
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Best Weapon to fry target equipment in preparation for boarding?12Rdubs1060
CLS to buy Marines? Possible?4Gersidi341
A good TP ship for fast, aggressive spacewalk boarding? X3AP11Nehlis1615
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Removed from 2010 Marine guide1Gersidi313
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Rename Marines possible?1Hector0x279
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High marine expenditure14Ronin677727
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Boarding the Aran7WhiteStar1401
Boarding ships on Shady Business Plot2Black_hole_suN615
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Do Marine Training Barracks need resources to make marines?2IanFitzJo442
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Good practice targets to train fighting skills of marines?20Martinez901520
Xenon I. no marine losses !!!7Araknis593
Transferring marines???2Probe232
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TP and bioscanner can not see marines8stimpy61533
(X3:TC) A question about marines (how they 'spawn' specifically)12mouser9169858
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Stealing Enemy Marines X3AP vs 3.116Gruber12320021060
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Boarding too easy?9Raumkraut93558
[x3/ap] [req] How to change marines number to a ship?4keo243
boarding ships3Makoaman1242
TC 3.2 recall marines in training?1AL'42205
[X3TC] Boarding Atmospheric Lifters9riceygringo833
Do Terran ships carry Terran Marines or are they listed as Argon?6Sam97531926
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[X3-AP] Marines deployed by NPC ships?4Troubleshooter11539
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Marines and Boarding (AP)10stavros719
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Boarding TL's quickly for pure Profits Guide6efernal807
[X3AP] Extreme Fishing! (Or spacewalking bigships instead of using pods)18Nehlis876
A New Thing in Boarding0Bill Huntington294
Guide: Boarding the Ozias without rep-loss and retaining peace10Space Traveller3391
Goner plot / Boarding11efernal959
X3TC (V.3.2): Boarding race TL ...6Czorneboh643
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Boarding pods is two better then one4REB411437
Boarding guides2Ares23291
X3TC Marine deaths and reporting6Silverbox344
[X3:AP] Boarding the Xenon hints/tips/questions23firestorm791809
Boarding Habits (TC, No Mods)18bandarlog1225
[X3AP] Requirements to board Terran ships and boarding in War sectors3gsl796
TC: drunken marines driving my TP?6johnreidb842
Boarding Hyperion with M7M problems47Mousse91903
Marines in training are now dead, QQ egosoft, base kills need a check12rhawley534
AI Boarding5BankruptAssasin290
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Free Marines floating in space9Wonders534
Spacewalk Boarding Problems [X3:TC]3johnfrancisv508
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Economics of boarding actions in X:TC?25H.F._Mudd741
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Marine boarding teams in AP2RiverRat2800324
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Boarding from Tp ship5Alexei_Gladkikh319
can't load marines into M63Thelastreject437
UTs, training and own bases5Quinch306
boarding with TP - drones or fighters? (TC)6Thelastreject782
Tips on Boarding a Hyperion Vanguard?17BankruptAssasin1104
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Marine management ?6TTD611
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Capture the Aran with 8 marines and minimal losses in X3AP 3.0.0DarkVigilante580
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Transfering Marines8Zalthum417
X3 Albion Prelude - Requesting a full boarding mod expansion8Juvante1000