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Announcement: [Index] Community Script & Mod Download Library for X3: Terran Conflict and X3:AP7Cycrow1602532
X-Tended -Terran Conflict V2.2 Released. [06/09/2013] (X3:AP prototype available)5838Aragon Speed1031337
[TC] Terran Campaign : Walkthrough441Creston355051
X3 map v1.2 by Scorp (v1.2.3.9) Terran Conflict Edition !600ScorpBY336659
Capping, stealing, boarding and carjacking ships in X3 Terran Confict - THE HOWTO554delray332680
NEWS: X3: Terran Conflict news, all in one place for your convenience - 22-10-082190BurnIt!314493
X-Tended - Terran Conflict (XTC) (Update: - Manual available! - 12/10/10)1669enenra292746
[SCR/IDX] Lucikes Script Collection for X³: Terran Conflict [16th July 2011]250Saetan232893
NEWS: X³: Terran Conflict announced1169BurnIt!213859
[SHIP] Terran M6 Normandy v1.3 & New Game Start393Tenk189970
[TC] [Walkthrough/Guide] A Slice of X ---- Terran, Fury, Hub, Goner, HQ, Aldrin Complete.82apricotslice170894
NEWS - GOLD! X³: Terran Conflict has gone gold!691CBJ141317
X3: Terran Conflict 2.5 has arrived!227Toastie139861
Terran Revitalization Project (TRP) - 11/26/2013 - Stealing Logi 1.4 FR687eldyranx3134097
[MOD] Terran Conflict plots 2.2a for Albion Prelude 3.1634dillpickle132877
[TC] Yet another X3:Terran Conflict sector map - Updated 23/06/200975Nicholas Kabourakis118891
X3: Terran Conflict - Update 2.0 is here! (UPDATED)280Toastie101207
Upcoming X3: Terran Conflict 2.5 Update Information280Xenon_Slayer92141
X-Tended - Terran Conflict (XTC)249Aragon Speed85084
[X3T] Guide to training CAG and CLS1&2 pilots in Terran Conflict101Kor'ah82675
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Terran Commander Xenon Hub Problem - resolved (TOA links don't qualify)7Xcentric130
[X3AP] I should be friends with the Terrans but their stations are shown as "hostile"6Vince1987328
X3TC - Terran Plot - Is this a bug or i'm doing something wrong? *Spoiler*13KomitoDnB516
[X3TC] Buy Pirate and Terran used ships?3UnknownObject544
do terran ships cheat with their scanner?1fireanddream316
Where do Terran big ships spawn again?5Bill Huntington252
[X3TC Vanilla] Terran Plot Issue - Restarted now.16Jamoid821
Is there a mod to stop the Terrans and ATF from going aggro?2The Captain342
Announcement: NEWS: X3: Albion Prelude and X3: Terran Conflict updated39X2-Illuminatus11499
Bullying Terrans? Improving relations later?15mistercat486
Terran cutlass destroyed my ship OOS, but I am Citizen!17mistercat520
Is my terran plot bugged?(TC) - Resolved, rep needed.6zafo22241
Supplying the Terran Aldrin Experimental EMPC Forge M4MrKincaid321
Terran Conflict : 4k monitor and the size of panels and text1bar10dr316
Terrans still attacking my ships7bazthebad428
Terran War Pack2bazthebad380
(X3AP, Terran Commander) Am I missing something here?35comraderichard1661
Previous purchase of X3-Terran Conflict - Resolved4FunkyM101653
Terran SPPs2GripHAHA504
X3AP Terran rep repair?6strask412899
Question: How to install X-Tended on X3: Terran Conflict?1Fellington518
Announcement: Latest updates for X3: Albion Prelude and X3: Terran Conflict - Updated 2017-12-0725CBJ7439
Unable to activate TC/AP in Steam Terran War Pack - Codes present but wrongly named.5ciderdude621
X3TC Keep losing Terran rep after completing Balance of Power Mission5GTB863
Terran TL with station kit?. (Ghoul fab).1Dreez461
X3AP Terran commander start - HUB linking terran sectors1Unreal2me488
Terran/Aldrin Mission Timers12EagleTwoThreeX899
How to add CLS2 software to Terran docks?2JDCollie503
X3:TC Terran Conflict & AP Albion Prelude & XRM online universe map - multi language!20garveen1510
Modded ships not showing up at Terran Shipyards6Fulgrymm852
Terran Industrialist105Spearthrower4121
[X3TC] Did I just miss the Terran plot?4reggame673
Connecting Terran Station3firefightervf06422
Terrans Not Asking For Station Building WITH X3TC 3.3 BETA12phantomrock2889
I have an xbox 360 gamepad and the right stick does not work in X3 Terran Conflict.2watchlive828
Where can I find the file "no steam" for Terran conflict please?6watchlive967
The New Terran Starts mod for Albion Prelude (THREE NEW STARTS AND SHIPS)0begginfokillz556
Best Place for Generic AND Terran HQ2SacremPyrobolum706
Terran Defender Challenge3Senor Pez847
About Terran Rapid Response Claymores?2palzxc477
X3TC Terran Plot question (stuck?) (spoilers)3jcdick1758
X3AP - Question re. Terran Commander start9dadmod1397
Terran Station Size1Senor Pez626
Patch 7/6/2016 : X3 Albion Prelude 3.1a / X3 Terran Conflict 3.2d17hisazul4075
X3 Terran Conflict Linux Version1Xmerwynd703
[TC] Terran Station Building Missions2XBrain130416
X£ AP - Terran Commander10Sirus51033
Huge FPS drop due to terran stations?15shanrak1590
complex cag selling all terran mre1Plärr Jörgenson692
Stuck at Terran Plot... bug?1NiAypa455
Hacking terran stations2fireanddream330
Shadow play won't work with Terran Conflict1spacewarnow466
[SCRIPT][TC] Updated Bonuspack for Terran Conflict1Boringnick454
Returning to the Terran Conflict after another loooong break :)5Lea Flamma497
Need some help with Terran start7Araknis588
Feeding Terrans3flashcactus381
[MOD][RESOURCE] Terran USC M7 Yokohama "FIX"0RoverTX486
Wondering which Terran ship to get after the Katana [Albion Prelude]4Fenris321567
capping terran fighters and boarding terran ships4Mahadev446
[X3:AP] Effective means of combat using Terran M2s?11Jimmy C641
Weapon Arrangements Terran Conflict5Bengunn682
Invincible Terran Tokyo in the main plot?2Faros637
Barren Shores: Terran Silicon Mine L problems15wolfee897
X3: Terran Conflict Steam Modding10mark117h895
Capping in Terran Sectors6Bill Huntington819
Playing Jackal during Argon/Terran fleet battles9Bill Huntington492
For how long is terran rep needed in Shady Business?8pref535
Red Jump Beacons and Mayhem behind Terran lines3Bill Huntington375
Is it possible to spawn a Kyoto in Terran Conflict?4H E X E N498
New player Terran Conflict - looking for character/mod suggestions26Yosharian1134
Problem with Terran Mission 5 (X3:TC)6Waervyn685
Terran fighter (the M4 start) need tips/help with Terran space31wolfee1893
[REQUEST] Seperating Terran and ATF Rep0Jonzac439
X3 Terran Conflict video guide series4Waervyn626
X3 Terran Conflict Vanilla - Spitting the dummy5Afterburnerz533
Terran mission, unsolvable bug?2jackmion708
So...Aran...Terran or Aldrin only?4GlassDeviant663
Mod to make commonwealth HQ have 700,000 units like the Terran one?2Fenris321463
AP - Terran Game1Turnus413
Terran-occupied Crashes2harley9699407
x3 terran conflict: What weapons and ship are used in this clip?6Dreamslayer11564
X3tc terran style gates1Grid307
can't board ships command with my frigate? terran conflict4adb0899428
Build-Missions at Terran-Stations available?2TheKauz419
New Info on the Spawning of Terran Capital Ships1Bill Huntington550
using script cheats in x3 terran conflict5imacountryboy631
Albion Prelude or Terran Conflict?4chelo_boga586
Changing building requirements for Terran ships3Jonzac392
Unable to register both games from Steam Terran War bundle3MrPendent508
X3 Terran Conflict, Wow! But there is so much to learn...2Madmaxneo458
Some questions about X3 Reunion from a Terran Conflict player2Kitteh359
X3 Terran Conflict: Aldrin Missions will not launch - Fixed9Madmaxneo588
X3 Terran War - X3TC and X3AP Bundle Steam Cd key - Resolved1tranqi279
Terran You Buy All Others Cap It4phantomrock2359
Is There a Mod/Script That Re-Draws Terran Stations So They Aren't Borked?3Monkeyfister301
X3AP-- Terran Space... Where Do You Even Start Fixing That Mess?46Monkeyfister4472
X3AP Terran rep has my game stuck10Masterbagger870
Terran Defender - How would you advise a new pilot?2Bill Huntington416
(request) mod to remove Terran sector spawns and make them 'unknown' for player use4Meknor357
Terran Factories6lexraider591
[X3 AP] Stupid Terran Laser Towers6NewtSoup630
Improving Terran/ATF rep following Argon plot2Shads62433
X3TC Steam CTD during Terran Plot every time + other times7unavoidablefate933
X3TC ALWAYS freezes when around Xenon/Terran(new) capitals, *proven vanilla problem*29darqen272188
Terran Conflict: Do the races attack illegal factories?8Boringnick551
X3 TC can you get the springblossom without terran plot?4GreatSouthernTrendKill783
[X3AP] Station Building In Terran Sectors7riceygringo689
What ship to get after starter terran one?9GreatSouthernTrendKill674
X3TC Race Rep Argon / Terran?4The Iron Duke409
Terran Hulls for boarding in AP5LTerSlash416
[X3AP] Terran plot won't start4M4lInX255810
[X3AP] Terran reputation upgrade help needed3plumon569
Terran rep killing progress though the Terran plot X3:TC5Wolfsblood443
[X3AP] Pirate hacks not working on Terran stations7Automatic Jack761
Terran Conflict Plot walkthroughs1walneyite427
Terran Conflict.Windows 7 compatibility5walneyite631
Terran Conflict.Compatability with windows 73walneyite342
X3AP. Terran attacking my ships8Cancuino491
MK3 lost in Terran sectors7Cancuino567
Where to buy terran factories?5Symont513
X3 Gold Edition (physical) only activating Terran Conflict on Steam4MagicBackPack713
X3TC - Can't board ship (terran plot)13Symont1355
Add a Ship Model to Terran Conflict1burman69456
[Coming Soonish][Feedback] Pirate Split/Boron/Terran M1/M2/M7/TL Skins4RoverTX741
[X3:AP] Where do you place your (Terran) HQ?4Wheem595
Terran Conflict Plot issue4Shaded531
X3 TC- Am I screwed? Need to deliver 200 units of something in Terran plot8TheCh0senOne-553
x3 TC: Finished the terran campaign, now what??8Aven Valkyr798
[X3AP] Terrans attacking friendly factory complex2Spaceman Sublime421
Albion Prelude ships for Terran Conflict?3Lea Flamma633
X3 Terran Conflict Jumpdrive disappears?2ClownDevilBoy598
Terran Rep drops for unknown reasons and Complex in Aldrin attacked?6Androgeus493
Terran Conflict. Which way to install3Scartha4040240
X3 Terran Conflict - Pirate reputation20Lea Flamma1995
Chasing After A 100% Terran RR & ATF Command Access & No Reward/Award..?3phantomrock2328
X3: Terran Conflict - proposed controller17Lea Flamma947
Is there a physical version of X3 that includes terran conflict and Albion Prelude?4tyber109387
Any Terran Station models mods out there?2Igor.tverd294
Problems on getting Terran conflict or Albion prelude with X3 Reunion7Tasogie509
Anybody Here Reached 100% RR W/ Terran/ATF in X3AP?14phantomrock2589
TPHQ mod to use Terran resources?2smytus464
terran ships1yamasakidave13346
X3AP enemy terran and ATF not red to me5Shomey586
[X3:TC]Terran Plot question [Spoilers]9spoidz502
X3 Terran Conflict PPC or Ion Cannon10AgamemnonArgon752
Advanced Discoverer from Terran Plot....good?4Kreiss449
Will doing the Terran Plot affect race relations9splatweb806
X3 Terran Conflict Download Problem2RealAmerican17355
X3AP Terran Pirate Bases3aradapilot598
Terran respect recovery at the Xenon Rogue start3Arcand446
ATF attacking Terran transports2evokeuk283
No TrackIR with Terran Conflict?5jburrowes618
terran plot question4Zfast4y0u462
help need list of all plots in x3 TERRAN CONFLICT2Zfast4y0u520
Do Terran ships carry Terran Marines or are they listed as Argon?6Sam97531926
Terran HQ and Ship Production8Wolvan963
[WIP-MOD] A New Dawn: Expanded Horizons for X-Tended Terran Conflict14Anubitus1406
First time playing X3 : Terran Conflict and feeling kind of a dumb haha8Sigh121720
[X3AP] Friends with the Terrans4MegaJohnny576
Terrans hate me !!3SpongeBobSpacepants416
[MOD][X3:AP/TC] Terran Player Headquarter V1.04Zeron-mk73351
[X3AP] Terran ATF fights0pref340
Thinking of buying X3 Terran War Pack -- Would like some info10Knavery811
[X3AP] Start a Xenon Terran war18pref2490
[X3:TC] Terran Shipyard bugged?3Jimmy C326
Terran Station Buying - Terran Conflict5AgamemnonArgon553
where do i get the updates to X3 Terran conflict?2Sid0035336
Allow AP plot as Terran?4StormMagi403
X3:TC - Terran Shipyards don't sell factories!6Talinoth700
What plot-lines are available in terran conflict but not albion prelude?5rabcor452
Can I Stop My UT's Trading in Terran Sectors? (X3 TC 3.2)2Fraggle Rock281
X3 TC: Terran Campaign issues2remedysolace538
X3: Terran Conflict via steam - Fixed by system factory reset.13EgoGimb882
X3TC Terran plot help7mrhanman442
X3 Terran Conflict Pyramed5EgoGimb460
noob questions for terran conflict6django333532
The Elusive 100% Terran RR!!!!!!!!!3phantomrock2408
[X3AP] Terran rep needed for argon plots?9pref634
X3 Terran Conflict and "Aliens"8EgoGimb681
[X3:TC] Can't buy Terran stations?6Jimmy C1072