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[MOD] [TC/AP] X3 Rebalance Mod (XRM) - Total conversion - v1.30d (02.12.13)27418paulwheeler2533086
Announcement: [Index] Community Script & Mod Download Library for X3: Terran Conflict and X3:AP7Cycrow1613108
[UPDATE] *XTM PATCH .7.2 RELEASED!* [MOD/AL-plugin]7448-XTM-1049803
X-Tended -Terran Conflict V2.2 Released. [06/09/2013] (X3:AP prototype available)5839Aragon Speed1037505
[SCRIPT] X3TC Cheat Package : v1.62 : Updated: 18/12/2011 (AP Compatible)1567Cycrow914971
[MOD-TC]Ship Rebalance Mod:Continued v1.10b (27/6/11): Now Discontinued...6049paulwheeler456970
[MOD] PSCO1's CockpitMod v1.33 for X3TC v3.1 (update: 13.09.2014)950PSCO1393576
[MOD] Complex Cleaner v4.09 / Modular Complexes (TC 3.2 / AP 1.1)1524Gazz393459
[TC] Terran Campaign : Walkthrough441Creston356532
[SCR] CODEA Weapon System [13th May 2010 X:TC 3.1.14]1969Saetan342169
X3 map v1.2 by Scorp (v1.2.3.9) Terran Conflict Edition !600ScorpBY338677
[MOD] [AP/TC] X-Tra Ship/Station Pack - [V2.01 Hotfixed Available 21/5/2012]1282Cadius319649
NEWS: X3: Terran Conflict news, all in one place for your convenience - 22-10-082190BurnIt!314864
X-Tended - Terran Conflict (XTC) (Update: - Manual available! - 12/10/10)1669enenra293084
[Scripts] Apricot Mapping Service Scripts, MD and mini-mods [APv2.5.1/TCv3]925apricotslice273189
[SCR] Commercial Agent [2010-04-28 X3TC 3.3.03]812Lucike266942
[X3TC Bonus Plugin] Commercial Agent (CAG)350jlehtone261625
[SCR] Economy and Supply Trader [2009-10-12 X3TC 3.2.05]647wyvern11248640
Sticky: Overview - Bonus Package X3TC (version 4.1.01) & X3AP (version 5.1.00)1jlehtone244010
[SCR/IDX] Lucikes Script Collection for X: Terran Conflict [16th July 2011]250Saetan235552
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Happy Friday the 13th (TC)12JJRSC229
X3TC: XTC - Repair at Wharf?4kentronic110
Simple Combat Bailing Plugin v1 [TC][AP]1joseph99189
X3R and later X3TC - Starting out advice please9orangeslices522
Getting NEW ships into X3TC14Hank001739
[Mini-mod][X3TC]Greater Draw Distance0Hemmingfish241
[X3TC] CLS1 bought drones, but doesn't do the run1seePyou230
X3TC New Events or Plotlines?5Hank001490
X3AP + XTC + Cadiu's Xtra Questions/Issues2sajjukar317
[X3TC] Using CLS2 to distribute wares in sector7amoe477
X3TC Saving Failed4orecki474
Problems starting up X3 TC3JJRSC396
[X3TC] Balance of Power - waiting to capture Fenrir and Mjollnir7amoe526
X3TC - Terran Plot - Is this a bug or i'm doing something wrong? *Spoiler*13KomitoDnB628
M7m? [x3tc]20KomitoDnB1128
[X3TC] Buy Pirate and Terran used ships?3UnknownObject642
[X3TC] Invisible Kha'ak cluster in Hub sector12amoe807
Where am I going wrong X3TC30Spindle601542
[X3TC] IS vs OOS boarding. Does it make a difference?4lyonhaert474
[X3TC] What file types can be used in the soundtrack folder?0Getsune245
[X3TC] Return Ship spawned cop turned blue?9lyonhaert339
HOTAS Warthog config/script for X3TC/AP51muvwndr651
Sending Global Hotkeys (Win-7) while X3 TC is playing3vrod414
[TC] Yet Another Reputation Question9lyonhaert363
X3 TC install error with Windows 10 - resolved by correct game patching2bandthy457
Trading Ideas/Schemes for the Hub (TC)2JJRSC253
Moving ships from AP to TC?1Ed t'Klr249
[X3TC] Mining Nividium4amoe781
[X3TC Vanilla] Terran Plot Issue - Restarted now.16Jamoid1071
[X3TC] Undocumented improvements in recent update?7RAVEN.myst439
Announcement: NEWS: X3: Albion Prelude and X3: Terran Conflict updated39X2-Illuminatus14136
X3AP/TC Steam Version doesnt launch at all - Resolved by graphics enabling7begobogo494
[TC] Question: friendly M148 Military Outpost17RAVEN.myst460
yay fun (TC)25JJRSC761
[X3TC] Gaining Yaki rep25amoe922
Is my terran plot bugged?(TC) - Resolved, rep needed.6zafo22269
Wish there was a guide that (TC)2Trevelvis290
Looking for suggestions (TC)10JJRSC451
How can I protect my Elephant (TC)18Trevelvis766
Fastest way to gain rep without fighting (TC)34Trevelvis836
X3TC Help with creating a mobile Warehouse? Trying with cag, cls and failing10Colonel Kassad578
AP/TC How to check number of docking ports in each station?7bbn311
Complex Plans X3TC17LOKioO421189
[X3TC] Docking denied in Gaian Star pirate base5amoe288
X3TC Forgot if is possible to have multiple good at same complex hub8manniac310
Sound cuts out after an hour of playing X3TC - Resolved by sound driver update5RetainTicket416
[X3TC] Neewbie in need of help56Star Fall1685
[TC]Heavy missiles by heavy fighters14ajime516
[X3TC] Unsure if my complex is closed loop6amoe440
[TC]Factory Hijack bug4ajime331
[TC]Corporation HQ missions6ajime359
[TC]Patriarch's Retreat map lore2ajime319
X3TC - Issue with Aldrin Plot - Asteroid scan6IstariCjine550
Steam X3TC v3.3: Can't fire weapons using joystick - resolved (unknown cause)2Kalurakvb464
[TC]Station building missions relocation2ajime302
Terran Conflict : 4k monitor and the size of panels and text1bar10dr355
[XTC Script]XTC 2.2 - Repair Laser on Normal Difficulty0Khaakbuster465
Dead-is-Dead A CTD (crash to desktop) and I loose the save? [X3 TC]2InFi[D]eL485
(TC) Old Mac version by Virtual Programming on new iMac with OSX Sierra?1Kelvhan Amaratharr300
[X3TC] CLS 1 No longer unloading wares1alphanerd4296
[SCRIPT] [TC/AP] Periodically reset relations (The Friendly Fire problem)0OwnlyMe351
Steam X3 TC - System freeze when alt+tab2Humbug_Total666
X3TC: Vidar as a personal ship?13KMcr1335
best/biggest mod for AP/TC4Heinz-Fiction842
[SCRIPT] [TC/AP] Station Advertising 1.8 (attract more traders)4OwnlyMe767
Starting out in X3TC121Monkspeed6143
Khaak Invasions in TC ?12Bill Huntington1086
[X3 TC Vanilla] Large objects and towing8szczekan741
Unable to launch game (X3 TC)1Skeet1983573
X3 TC: Any way to tell which main plots I've started / completed ?5mjwraw677
X3TC - Advice please on how to stop passenger missions disappearing5zarrazee621
Previous purchase of X3-Terran Conflict - Resolved4FunkyM101692
[X3TC] Midgame, not sure where to invest14amoe1080
Please help understanding how to make them work - TRP + TC plots in AP2angelblood6x448
X3TC: Easiest way to transfer my ore to my hub - Hub plot7mjwraw667
X3 TC PHQ, RE and Hyperion3szczekan597
Is there a working trackir mod or patch for x3ap or x3tc yet?1m0rl0ck507
Music: Working in X3TC but not in X3AP (some sectors work) Vanilla9LordDeimosIV926
X3TC vanilla player seeking guidance in path forward14g0regrind1121
TC 3.3 and AP 3.2 are finally here - what's the verdict?13vradchuk1755
Question: How to install X-Tended on X3: Terran Conflict?1Fellington559
Text input broken on AP 3.2 & TC 3.3 with Ubuntu - Fix coming!11TechSY7301235
Announcement: Latest updates for X3: Albion Prelude and X3: Terran Conflict - Updated 2017-12-0725CBJ8792
Bug report X3TC Update 3.3 - alt TAB10arnos841538
X3TC - Some questions on complexes (and that wonderful Hub plot)10brandnewiain1002
Need help with PQ RE/Build timers - TC.2Dreez418
Unable to activate TC/AP in Steam Terran War Pack - Codes present but wrongly named.5ciderdude663
X3TC Keep losing Terran rep after completing Balance of Power Mission5GTB910
X3-TC Hard Crash when jumping into system2Dragoongfa676
ETA for X3TC 3.3?4steelwing_2751
X3TC Autopilot assistance please.6fastesteddy708
Hi, Newbie Question About Finding Combat Help? (TC)31Bjazz682163
[X3TC] Do you not get notified when something one-shot kills one of your ships?15Absurdist66761386
X3TC to X3AP2Unreal2me570
[SCRIPT] X3TC / AP - Automatic Hull Repairer1Anhk-Khaelgorn836
Non-steam TC + Steam AP - is it possible? - Yes.2mr.WHO808
Universe traders asking for Fight Command Software [X3TC]22amoe1390
Elite-like trading - TC (or AP, whatevs)8JJRSC702
X3:TC Terran Conflict & AP Albion Prelude & XRM online universe map - multi language!20garveen1583
Considering starting anew... X3:TC.11Dreez828
X3:TC Race Patrols6solus88610
X3AP Crash just after menu appear. X3TC works fine - solved by removing ProgDVB12petekuu1491
X3TC/AP - No voice, other audio OK - Solved (twice): Win x N needs Media Feature Pack14Cipher2211720
X3TC Linux/SteamOS experience5KMcr598
How to get many Firestorm Torpedos [X3TC]6amoe757
Terracorp HQ respawn X3TC6fisiu643
[X3TC] Did I just miss the Terran plot?4reggame719
Player HQ modding-Help/advice needed XTC AP18zdan301263
Going to reinstall....X3R Versus X3TC?????14pixel1088
[X3:AP] Did stations get less profitable since TC?4ItWasRhetorical708
Terrans Not Asking For Station Building WITH X3TC 3.3 BETA12phantomrock2941
Complex Construction Difficulties (TC)3JJRSC506
[Bug] Will there be a fix for obviously bugged missions in X3TC v3.3 after Beta ends?31sizeofbool2716
[MOD][TC][AP] - Vanilla Enhancement modpack - Vanilla Friendly!0Sinxar2367
[TC/AP/MODS] Bigger font for easy reading7darkslimus1596
I have an xbox 360 gamepad and the right stick does not work in X3 Terran Conflict.2watchlive852
Where can I find the file "no steam" for Terran conflict please?6watchlive994
Open freight doors to collect containers - unnecessary in X3TC/AP3leetttwo931
X3TC: OFF Military Outpost hostile and can't be hacked17soulmata1884
X3TC: Why did my ship become slower? - Resolved, ship hull damage.1amoe467
[TOOL] [TC/AP/MODS] RobCubed's X3Snapshot Tool (Portable Mod Install Backups)5RobCubed849
X3TC slight flickering on overlays - resolved by graphics driver update.2Gracie589
Which one to buy...X-R, TC, or AP?12Nuvibe1994
Issues with Starting TC/AP on steam error correcting a missing file10G0L1AD1379
X3TC/AP: Got Sound but no Speech - Resolved by OS reinstall7PsYcHo-19891278
X3TC Terran Plot question (stuck?) (spoilers)3jcdick1781
X3:TC : Periodic Freight Dropper2spookytris581
XTC Xtended sound completely disappear0Heinz-Fiction411
X3TC, question regarding OOS Combat4Alexeiy855
X55 Rhino Issue on TC4XcrazyX1123
X3TC - Save Files Dates switched from UK to US format...2longserpent678
[X3TC] Random Missions13Leonardo Myst1090
[X3TC] Question about Encyclopedia3Leonardo Myst750
[X3TC] Questions from first play4Leonardo Myst777
Interesting Combat in TC5Bill Huntington709
[X3TC/AP] Length of your playthrough36roundowl2393
Installing first time (X3TC/AP/XRM) question.15Leonardo Myst2230
NEWS: Updated X3TC and X3AP43CBJ13007
[SCRIPT/AL PLUGIN][TC] Functional Blueprint Scanner0Cavemonkey938
Patch 7/6/2016 : X3 Albion Prelude 3.1a / X3 Terran Conflict 3.2d17hisazul4204
X3 Terran Conflict Linux Version1Xmerwynd722
[TC] Terran Station Building Missions2XBrain130444
Issue moving Acinonyx Prototype to TC1tuman78448
TC/AP on Windows from Steam installation/play issue - Resolved by Sound Driver update7atadeadrun826
superbox/steam x3tc 3.2b english key repeat issue - Joystick issue - resolved7Apocalypse industries910
[TC]: LX cockpit guns modding [SOLVED: See inside for NEW .BOD Wep code]3The X-Plorer497
-X3:TC- The most difficult to play on ship of each military (M) class.48frostysh2700
[TC]: Oh dear... (LX Scene File Mishap)2The X-Plorer514
Vanilla X3:TC or vanilla X3:AP or X3:AP XRM?5Dubadam662
X3TC: Newb Question about Complex- ANSWERED5SickSix657
X3:TC, The best weapon configuration for the Best M3-Class ship - Mamba .20frostysh2268
X3TC/X3AP Public Beta18CBJ4005
Trying to register my PC-DVD version of X3-TC on Steam doesn't work - resolved.3Belgarath530
Moving faster in TC/AP7Bill Huntington651
XTC The Hub plot7lexraider585
Changing sector music (TC)1JJRSC578
GOG x3tc bonus pack problems3m0rl0ck738
Killerog's X3TC Mods?5Jaycen_Aelis1146
Love Rebirth - Should I play X3:TC?31Blightedmythos4267
Question about x3tc plots21m0rl0ck1594
X3 Patch chat split from X3TC/AP patch topics thread.14siddham875
XTC Gamepad Problem2TheBlackSun617
Game Seperation TC-AP5Annette Barret658
How to change steering for ships in TC?6plynak631
Problem with Race Notoriety - XTC mod1JBolho469
X3 TC Codea help2xrpgkingx538
[TC] Yet another frigate question31JoeVN092007
X Rebirth installation and removal hoses X3:TC&AP on Windows & Linux1incryptx510
Black screen in AP & TC, Steam, Win 8.1 - Resolved (Win7 compat mode)7Europica762
Does X3TC support surround sound? Asus XonarDX7.11AL'42551
Windows 10 Issues in TC?4JJRSC935
Seeking guidance: Argon Prime area and a CLS2 Monopoly in X3TC (3.2 Vanilla)25Mordain2330
Reverse Engineering not working X3TC - workaround aval4Wlfric646
X3TC Noble Quest To Slay Xenon (Story)3CerebralAbrasion601
X3TC complex lag OOS?5MrFiction852
Shadow play won't work with Terran Conflict1spacewarnow482
[X3:TC] CAG intermittently idle for long periods4Last_Jedi_Standing686
[SCRIPT][TC] Updated Bonuspack for Terran Conflict1Boringnick473
Returning to the Terran Conflict after another loooong break :)5Lea Flamma522
Never played X (TC) before7Trevelvis570