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Where did you put your HQ?50freiman25083
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Headquarter complex40MonkeyNut21304
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The best self-sustaining Factory Complex to feed the Player HeadQuarters34Gaidin20734
Where did you place your player HQ and why?59n00bln18679
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menu lag near headquarters (NOT using an AMD graphic card)5fireanddream545
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HQ filled with race ships who don't trade3Allan F556
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Mod to make commonwealth HQ have 700,000 units like the Terran one?2Fenris321463
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Yacht and Headquarters?8Hologram3781
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CHQ (Corporate Troubles plot reward) storage4Psycho0124446
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PHQ editing8ckx3009606
Using station manager from bonus pack for the headquarters1Awhole712
HQ Plot (AP) Walkthrough2Spychotic1206
Ship disappear after repairs at PHQ - (known) happens to stolen ships only.4AdrianB1501
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Can the PHQ be added to a complex and is it worth it?4IanFitzJo581
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HQ Support Plex5Hexdom502
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i got my player HQ and...2Leded571
HQ in Asteriod Belt?9Flybye606
PHQ Questions3joelf2486
Breaking Grounds plot broken, cant pick up researcher from Terracorp HQ.2retributioon399
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X3TC, microchips for PHQ, what does it take?15Zaijka917
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AP (P)HQ questions [SPOILERS]2eugene123560
space fuel & space weed at headquarters? AP3.04Jab12601
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AP: Where did you put your PHQ? (possible map spoilers)18JoeVN091384
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[MOD][X3:AP/TC] Player Asteroid HQ Mod v1.00solek667
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Supplying the HQ (AP)- CAGS or CLS?6Sovereign01643
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Ups...How to make a station friendly again (NMMC Headquarters AP)13Klure1689
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Terran HQ7Sabrina Bergin827
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is it possible to get the PHQ in AP?5Ranged66495
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Good Places For Complexes and PHQ8Dog G6716
[X3 AP] New player, hub plot gate connections, PHQ questions (spoilers)4toppe1596
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TS undocking from PHQ?1kaluce461
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PHQ production costs5kolimbo609
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Personal HQ?2Pigeonbear466
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PHQ Loadouts Don't Save Weapon Bay Selections?1anthonysavatar457
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Any different PHQ designs?6TTD574
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The HQ, The spray shop, and you.0kidfusion3000534
Script to reduce PHQ build requirements?4Linkblaze360
Building the Valhalla at the PHQ?5Crezeh914
HQ - construction kit2ginsus507
X3TC Game Lockup Problem with HQ plot - Got past it but still a mystery.17ginsus1538
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