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[MOD] X3TC Paranid Thanatos M6 - V1.4 Final51Axeface60436
[AL PLUGIN] Wars: Argon/Boron vs Paranid/Split v1.00 [2010-02-04]19Serial Kicked22695
Argon Eclipse VS. Split Chimera VS. Paranid Medusa39StressTest21884
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How to increase Argon & Paranid Reputation15LogicTHX17182
[SCRIPT] Paranid Nividium Processing Plant v1.0 by Nividium 9/09/200718Nividium12461
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[TC] Poisoned Paranid16Zayoungb110537
Argon Nova vs. Paranid Perseus - Which is the better dogfighter?57EpicArmour9800
Paranid M6 WOW25BOBER9635
X3:TC - Paranid Agamemnon. Any good?16xiriod9251
Oh crap, im in love with the paranid37NitroX8332
Ever Date A Paranid49Dogbite8222
Men, the Paranid Odysseus is HOT!!23Mightysword7887
War Against Paranid!36(/\)arped7621
Paranids will make me cheat!!!Help me not to do that!36Apollion7448
** Paranid Medusa (M3+) gun emplacements..10BugMeister7220
M6 class Paranid Nemesis24Paajtor7125
Paranid Hyperion? Pimp my Ride?25KillingMonkey7074
Paranid Unholy Nomad23CAPTAIN DAVE6737
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Poisoned Paranid start scenario (X3:Albion Prelude)4AleksMain180
X The Threat - Fighting Pirate to have better reputation with Paranid Problem.9Cap1o307 - Long-term file archiving for X Scripts, Mods, and Saved Games3bluesoulsez519
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Problem with the Paranid13m0rl0ck1059
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Paranid Sectors in NE ??5Bill Huntington539
Paranid Captial running rampant2IceDown408
Paranid Military Deimos randomly turned enemy on me?11Helios01883
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(X3R) Paranid went full retard [solved]12EagleTwoThreeX929
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X3AP: Paranid attacking home of light big time !8Browser_ice873
Paranid attack on HQ2DickusMaximus467
Pontifex Maximus Yacht Paranidia turret glitch?2EARTHWALK822
Poisioned Paranid3BankruptAssasin424
X3:AP Poisoned Paranid issue4rockelino535
Paranid or Yaki, I cant decide.4Tasogie559
albion prelude can't dock anywhere in paranid space what to do?3moogie493
[X3R] Paranid Agamemnon - Missile Frigate1alowe595
Why Can't I Be a Pious Paranid?5Fraggle Rock999
[X3R] Shields & Paranid Equip17thelebk1035
X3AP Paranid lasertowers always hostile3IConquer699
[AP] Paranid invasion as soon as I rent an Argon Mammoth8Locutus848
Are the Boron/ Split & Argon/Paranid really at war?3leos89934
Guide to boarding those pesky Paranid uniques (AP)0Sovereign01469
The invasion of Paranid space2EgoGimb512
Paranid invasion11death123371045
Paranid Invasion Group Attacked - 4 Perseus capped !1Bill Huntington350
The Paranid and Argon have been really going at it lately...13sadron977
Help trading in Paranid Space7doctor_roxo665
[LF] Boron and Paranid Race Based Turrets, and Teladi and Paranid Raced Based Docks2RoverTX495
Wrath of the Paranid3snowman001447
[AP] Pious Paranid or Humble Merchant?4Adoombray940
[X3AP] Where are the Paranid TL's for hire? Also, Paranid Game Tips4hourheroyes604
TC: Poisoned Paranid, and M6 loadouts. (Possibly spoilerish?)2Nyito893
X2 help pls Paranid Odysseus vs cluster fighters (Khaak?)6mattleic1000
Making peace with the Paranid13sjones251227
Paranid M7 Question6lordsloth607
X3 Reunion.. Paranid war10Bogota1155
Angry Paranids !! (AP)7Klord542
X3:TC losing rep with Paranid from trading?6Stealth2668870
Setting up a factory in Paranid space3Sorkvild502
Paranid-Argon War? AP10TheGoldElite1022
Poisoned Paranid. How do I make 25mill. in 75 hours! (AP)30Coreblimey6081
Paranid attacking Terracorp HQ and its Assets10GibbsNCIS1131
X3AP: The Paranid want HOW many cahoonas?!6Quinch986
x3 albion prelude- is it possible to start a war between argons and paranids?3amcrabil1371
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Increasing your rank in Paranid and Split0Scartha4040521
Paranid supply hercules!!10arnak696
[AP] Stock Exchange Unlocking & the Poisoned Paranid Hyperion4Natjur3956
Where to find Paranid Hyperion Vanguard??9shea2542
Rogue Paranid lasertower!1TZER441
Paranid rep help1Max1045371
[AP] Constant Paranid spawn in Argon M148 and other race questions1Engy424
AP: Poisoned Paranid start - is this right?8nllsq955
No missions in Poisoned Paranid? - Fixed by Steam verify.2funkytrousers482
Poisoned Paranid help (AP)21Corsair14390
[AP] Paranid Military Attacking Argon Assets in Interworlds during Escort Mission??4xTemon644
[AP] Paranid attacking Argon during plot5Yith1020
X3AP : Paranid invasion?10GeneralOrange1065
[AP] Dealing with Paranid M217MaxN1186
cant use paranid stock exchange in paranid prime?5dasichri694
AP: Poisoned Paranid Hyperion - best overtune?8jbigg1243
[AP] Poisoned Paranid with ATF Lunar Access and Terran Servant of Terra9oddgit861
Hell hath no fury like a Paranid scorned0chibajoe286
Poisoned paranid How does it work?11Kevinbs864222
A titan attack my station in Paranid sector.5ctw619831
{X3TC}Poisoned Paranid overtuning2Kelvhan Amaratharr669
[AP] Paranid/Argon reltions?3oddgit454
Poisoned Paranid start in AP6TomatoAE971
Poisoned Paranid for the bugs....12TomatoAE1219
Getting the Poison Paranid start in [AP]12Id133204
Paranid Nemesis2touchwood547
X3AP: Poisoned paranid annoying bug9Kzorsh2235
Question about time and Poisoned Paranid4Gray2121557
X3:AP - No love between Argon and Paranid!3Scoob740
Why is there no special music for the Paranid and Split homeworlds?9Boringnick813
Major Argon vs. Paranid Fleet Battles ??4Bill Huntington704
[TC] Paranid incursion takes out Argon One - first time I have seen it!4Neil Depledge719
Paranid Merc Medusa Prototype in PP start5Bill Huntington721
Split and Paranid message in there space stations in XBTF1Scartha4040449
Paranid ships should not be symmetrical19brattbags011161
X3R: Paranid "Daedalus" TL?1Duke Flipside435
So, uh, Home of Light raided by Paranid.. close call!22bloodtoes2139
Paranid Rampage in Argon Prime14Vortexz1223
Questions about capping red Paranid ships2Bill Huntington492
[TC] Argon: 1 - Paranid Prime: 0 - Player: Cargo Bay Full of Wares7DrATty990
What are the race ranks for the Poisoned Paranid start?8InFlamesForEver808
Paranid running amok in President's End8VELLA1129
[TC] Poisioned Paranid13Dank74301385
Insulting post removed from Paranid Odysseus thread1deca.death497
Paranid Odysseus shooting up civilians in Argon Prime - no armed response?14Narog1484
Questions about the Bonus Pack and Poisoned Paranid start3Zero12345678522
P vs Paranid44deca.death2564
poisoned paranid how do you play it13crawlerw1488
Paranid Troops Won't Turn Blue11rumpltumpskin1086
Hyperion/poisenend paranid start2Sabrina Bergin609
x3 reunion the paranid hate me :(4Skillzfire825
Paranid Task Force in Duke's Haven ??8Bill Huntington995
Crazy Glitch--..--Paranid-Split ranks are switched25billinauburn2652
[TC] Team effort: best Poisoned Paranid start saves ever19glenmcd2584
[X3R] Where to buy Paranid Medusa?6chrismokvack853
paranid rep freeze - bug?3deca.death667
[X-BTF] Paranid reputation8Gazer752128
Kill the Paranid! TC(Problems with this scenario? and other race genocide questions!)10DeathXI1313
[X3TCv3.1] 2 Queries regarding Mob. Mining & Paranid Relations7JAFA_NZ809
The Paranids are so generous!9LTerSlash1331
Poisoned Paranid start10Bremen1360
Repairing Paranid Rep2Nwah593
Poisoned Paranid start and the Hyperion Vanguard2teki997
[X3TC] Would you buy an Paranid M6 Nemesis?27JAFA_NZ3579
Paranid Ares7Dogbite1026
Paranid M7 Agamemnon25i64man3222
[TC] Poisoned Paranid44Tormbo3943
Fighting Paranid and Capping Ships23PCgamingelitist1788
Poisoned Paranid Start in TC 2.112Kelvhan Amaratharr733
[TC] Ticked off my paranid buddies.7Whisperer948
[TC] Poisened Paranid plot4Sabrina Bergin992
The argon invading Paranid prime? X3TC *Spoilers maybe?*12dargj22219
Argon war against Paranid cripples satellite industry! Mod Assistance needed!6Phobocaster1279
Poisoned Paranid start is hard11clevider2686
[TC] 3.0 Poisoned Paranid and the overarching Hyperion Vanguard3Shootist1741
[TC] The Paranid is killing everything in HoL4Darkknight5121068
Why hate the Paranid35Gosnell3656
[TC] War with the paranid12Kehoe1622
[TC] Working for The Duke & Paranid Rep8Baddieus1377
Crazy paranid destroyer raping argon prime.15elfro892596
X3R, invasion of Paranid space, planning to action.11human chancelor1162
Paranid hostility problem11fluffy_destroyer_of_world1404
[TC] Unholy Traitor and Paranid Rep8Callidus Thorn1850
Shooting Paranid19philip_hughes2105
[TC] The poisoned paranid is about to pepper his people with potshots13philip_hughes4129
WTF!!! Paranid VS Argon Help!!!32Lothai3579
[TC] RE'ing the Poisoned Paranid Rewards7jonnyincognito1670
[XT]Q for the old schoolers, paranid fabs are the best?13nicknick1664
paranid docking error?2slayer3489688
[TC] Argon and paranid at war?8Jeremy Harbottle1728
X3 Reunion Mission confused. setting up mine in paranid9Sittingdingo1725
Boarding pods are allergic to the paranid =(((7TartarusMkII1145
those frisky paranids9palenaka1340
[TC] Poisoned paranid start not going so smooth14garv2222272
[TC] I hate Paranids5PeyoteCoyote1219
[TC] Poisoned Paranid Start.18AjRyder2175
Paranid incursion into Light of Heart, killing cahoona bakeries !!!2GeminiFire941
[TC] Duke's HQ, Pirate, Paranid and other race relations?4kreep691217
[plot idea] Paranid Conflict9mr.WHO1385
X3TC 2.6 - Terracorp HQ destroyed by Paranid...2Elkestra2770
Paranid attack Argon7Dijad1627
[TC] Mission which makes you an enemy of Paranid5Telstar888
[TC] Angry Paranid6medieval midget798
[TC] Poisoned Paranid Rewards3Skism1545
X3TC - Hardcore Mode...try Poisoned Paranid7vindication5290
[X3TC] Damn Paranid slowing down my game! (AKA How I found love for M7M)10Uzza2277
War is everywhere... but in this case WARRRGH is coming to u Paranids!!!2lordmuck827
[TC] Paranid start.10abisha1350
[TC] Duke's Buccaneers and Paranid rep.7DaveyP1279
Paranid Capping Problem4Silmiril948
How to respond to paranid invasion into argo space11garv2221621
Paranid (Prime area) Starting Stations4cheggs977
Just watched a Paranid Odysseus Blow up Plutarch Corp HQ... is that plot GG?7Harvs1540
Paranid in two words39Captain CAVEMAN!!!3198
[TC] War with Paranid... Should I do it?11Everrede1648
[TC] Help with paranid and boron rep4xoham875
[TC] Poisoned Paranid - a question4Rive1214
Starting war with paranid. Where shound i invade first?17Captain CAVEMAN!!!2191
[TC] How do you keep your rep up with all races but one (Paranid) in this case?3kreep69753
Paranid Prime and Empires Edge Gates4GalacticLord968
[TC] Going To War With The Paranid [MINI GUIDE] - Updated21kreep693760
Homicidal Paranids destroy Terracorp HQ without provocation19Andoron3488
[TC] Paranid hostility, only in Paranid Prime?5Luisedgm1218
Paranid reputation won't change4elesdee944
Paranid Jobless Office2Cipry803
[X3RN]Plot Problem on Paranid Cristal2odinoz774