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[MOD] X-Tra Ship/Station Pack - [V1.94 Available 3/9/2011]6374Cadius743964
[MOD] Complex Cleaner v4.09 / Modular Complexes (TC 3.2 / AP 1.1)1524Gazz394412
[MOD] [AP/TC] X-Tra Ship/Station Pack - [V2.01 Hotfixed Available 21/5/2012]1283Cadius320994
[Script] Factory Complex Constructor [4.02]266-Dusty-221481
:X3: Online Complex Calculator version 2.5.5349em3e3178393
[Bonus Plugin] Station Manager217moggy2166879
How to make sexier complexes [Updated, again!]116Ryuujin140786
[MOD] GidFix 2.0 - Adding docking slots to the J and Odin9Kortako129396
[Script] Factory Complex Constructor [22.9.2007] [V3.21 FINAL]264-Dusty-128760
[Script][V1.3|2.5|1.0] X2-X3//X3-X3-Converter//Copy Ships and Stations411SymTec ltd.126940
[Script] Station Manager v1.11 (March 27)401Burianek113257
Guide to Economics; Stations and how to manage them66Spychotic100944
[SCR/MOD] Complex Cleaner v3.20 / Modular Complexes206Gazz96743
[MOD] Advanced Complex-Hub [2.0-beta.1]90Saetan92370
Complex Calculator V3.0!!82Merroc90520
Xadrian: Factory Complex Calculator for X3TC and X3AP252kayahr88023
Factory Complex Calculator: StandAlone v2.0.4.5 18Jun07: now supports 'Ashley's Fabs'126Anonymous84450
[SCRIPT] Board Station v1.05 :: updated 26-06-200988uberex79538
[SCR] Station Financial Manager Mk2444s9ilent79253
[Script] Update 17.12.06 V1.26 Station trader, automated supply/trade for stations374Naffarin78755
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cant connect new stations to hub - resolved - mod issue5teknosvk661
Hired TL absconding with my station5direvus534
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Station docking spaces5Goloburdeaux282
Equipment dock VS trade station VS HQ2Thrake259
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A memory from X2; bomb appears in cargo bay when docked at pirate base8devilofbelfast295
Station ambient sounds, voices, alerts...2vrod233
Some mafia boss hired NPC to block all my docking ports?14lhartvik393
[X3 AP] Station contruction calculator?1mistercat727
Autopopulation and rebuild stations dosent work4V-virus234
Just started. Even docked at station, always get Save Failed message - Resolved.12jviar666
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Complex Plans X3TC17LOKioO421270
[X3TC] Docking denied in Gaian Star pirate base5amoe294
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Over 10B In Credits But Heph Station Building is Saying...0phantomrock2266
Supply factories and stations5Heemskerk329
owning trading station & equipment dock useless?10Olterin69
[X3TC] Unsure if my complex is closed loop6amoe444
station purchase please help10hyweljamesmartin429
Set primary product in complex and questions about logistics20MrKincaid739
X3LU - How can I set up a freighter to sell products from a station?3Mr.John_Doe427
Self sustaining complex4pasmon899
Station names in scripts8lostProfitssssArrgh384
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[SCRIPT] [TC/AP] Station Advertising 1.8 (attract more traders)4OwnlyMe775
Station Agent Question1ShadowRouge523
Mega complexes vs multiple small ones16MrFiction1524
Annoying station greetings6peppy tails601
X3TC - Some questions on complexes (and that wonderful Hub plot)10brandnewiain1005
Commands or scripts that allows my ship docked at my factory to dump products?8robotlover848
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Complex Construction Difficulties (TC)3JJRSC507
Fixing the Khaak Station?3Black_hole_suN816
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X-BTF Seta while stationary3Hippyricky1538
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Best Way to Manage Stations4SacremPyrobolum849
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[Modding] Docking Bays3Joubarbe648
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Terran Station Size1Senor Pez650
How to properly duplicate a station?6Fnord Lightbringer675
x3R - Complex1dienekes601
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Trading Station Wares8neojesus13672
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X3TC: Newb Question about Complex- ANSWERED5SickSix658
Captured a TL with "Rebuild Station" sticking12RainerPrem861
Docking Music4Sirrobert391
Need some help getting rid of a docked ai ship in my tm9m0rl0ck666
New MONSTER complex in AP3Allan F513
Remove Enemy Relation of Station1Type-Style1169
Damage to My Station - What effect? Repair?4Bill Huntington661
stations being deleted19gazdadude1054
The problem with the construction of complex kit9waren77772
X3 Online Complex Calculator down?2Last_Jedi_Standing1186
[X3AP] My HUD keeps flickering and stations go from low quality to high quality5First_Light1379
Split from complexing inside a mine thread.2Jimmy C369
How to incorporate custom made station models ?1Browser_ice240
Questions about creating stations from script2Browser_ice250
Quantity of an Item in a Dock1Sirus5311
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Dock big ship in player complex?1TinniT404
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complex cag selling all terran mre1Plärr Jörgenson703
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Super-sized complexes - without the LAG - for all42glenmcd5290
player owned equipment dock and trading station function9tearing1182
factory complex for Hub plot supply5RBectel656
Hacking terran stations2fireanddream348
Reputation issues with station protect missions4AL'42555
X3TC complex lag OOS?5MrFiction856
X3 Reunion docking issue9siddham563
Carrier docking problem5fireanddream420
Litcube universe station agent question1amadeok387
[AP]obtaining NPC stations and disappearing transporters2fireanddream449
What Ships can dock on a TL8Trev4elvis736
X3TC/AP Looking for a script to show all available station offers at once0Siigari481
Looking for .obj ship and station files.3TKup93511
need advice with factory complex problem please11Mahadev924
don't want to see short video each time after station build4aliyonca457
equipment dock1truckie024326
Logistics and station placement questions15Irrehaare1092
Help with Aldrin Stations ?2Bill Huntington382
blocking factory/stations2Quiyy Gunn408
[X3TC] Increasing complex resource capacity5Deathgeese365
GOD algorithm for removing stations in X3TC15minderbinder771462
X3AP Complex ideas20Tibolt1134
Albion Prelude 3.1 - personnel transport missions invalid station1mciann520
traders with docking computer - resolved2Quiyy Gunn386
Shipyard and EQ Dock questions5Honved447
[X3TC] Missing station missions6xtek478
[X3TC] Profitable self-selling complexes?19Munimentum1579
[X3TC] Help with Dragonfly complex CAG seller setup2Munimentum407
complex construction kits7Ronin677564
X3AP Complex questions5Matticus88635
[X3:AP] Feasible to build a dock in the Hub sector?6Jimmy C765
Issues with setting up my Complex9CyrusEpion874
My first time using the complex calculator ...first time Complex !12PerfectStranger985
X3AP: How do I make CAGs trade only with my complexes?1|-|Mohawk|-|305
How do I get value of a ship/station ?3Gqqnbig463
Station Build problem13wolfee589
so i finally built my first complex, and i have a few questions19Ni Meleth Li1036
How to supply multiple resources from one complex?7rakka547
X3R Stations4Blinx2510501
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Imprison Pirates on Trading Stations mod3Eightbal1511
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How to edit how a station appears2First_Light428
Crash at Dock/un-dock, Gate pass.1Beyondfubar447
Where is the command for transfer good between owned stations2ylio375
Connecting two complex hubs into one? Not working.4wolfee422
Springblossom exploding on certain stations after undocking - known with workaround2radster01529
Complex price setting...AGAIN4wolfee428
[X3LU] Script Question, find nearest enemy based from station2Wanabe356
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Complex Factory Assistance14StainedSilva747
How to sell station products efficiently (CAG or CLS or what?)11cappyredcoat555
Super stations and asteroids?5Travbm430
Request: Cleaner Complex Connections1korg33560
X3-TC: first complex ever, questions44wolfee1797
[AP] My UTs are ignoring "Intermediate Product Trading" settings in my complexes5StJude475
X3:R Building Trading stations2Hickabooboo279
Station Complex + Supply line from differant sector (5 questions9korg33546
Can Aran dock the Kyoto?12Bill Huntington905
Mod that vastly increases station docking capacity?3MickDick1477
Cadius X-tra Ship/Station Pack and Shady Business Plot is Messed0O'Shavah505
Goneur Plot, Docking pirate bay issue - resolved.10Xelenos1061
two way transfer of goods between owned stations2Mythosfire951
X3 AP complex building14DJC1219
[TC] Bone 'Idle' station traders12Crustyfur934
Complex complexity5GlassDeviant1150
Freight Exchange - docked ships by B-O'F2Mythosfire923
Interrupt SIGNAL_ATTACKED on Stations2wwf46681059
Yes I DID go through the forums first. [X3AP Large complex IS lag]4your.homeseller857
Station in God mod?7astreus640
Pirate Stations invulnerable4superkar764
complex problem3LJG1245403
Looking at 1MJ shields or Space Fuel for a money making complex (X3 AP)9Fenris321858
Complex Cleaner and X-tra Ships2harley9699475