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[MOD] PSCO1's CockpitMod v1.32 for X3TC v3.1 (update: 5.08.2011)916PSCO1292243
Cockpit Callback Version x14 --- STILL works with X3 v2.5478Galaxy613233947
Still no sign of cockpits1220Cougaris128664
[MOD] X3TC/AP ITS-PSCO1-Shawn Cockpit MOD V6 - 24.01.2012320Imp.-109094
[discontinued] [MOD] CockpitCallback MOD v1.0(for v2.0+) 05/04/2009201Arkblade108584
[SCRIPT] x0ne Turret Control System (TCS) 1.02 [UPDATED 31/12/2010]306x0ne84946
[MOD] X2 Ship Callback Mod V2 {V1.08} [4/6 3.1 compatible][Cockpit version added]559killerog83309
[MOD] Ship Rebalance Mod ver 0.59 [30/08/2009] + 2 COCKPIT PACKS + Alkeena's BSD!!!!629someone else79419
[BONUS Plug-In] Gunnery Crew turret plugin - Version 3.02396Reven73166
[MOD] Shawn's Cockpit Mod v1.5 for X3TC feat. Weazel115Shawn67737
[MOD] Turret Fix - 75 ships277Gazz63149
[SCR] Smart Turrets v4.7.2 (AP, 05-04-14), v2.6 (TC, 21-08-13)552Shimrod56525
[MOD] Updated: 1/7/06 "M6 upgrade mod(/w cockpits/restored models)"151Mehrunes45230
X3-TC Ship/Weapon/Missile and Turret Stats....... and another Map - Update v1.528krait_daoc44375
[MOD HUD] Pure X HUD v6 by Familiar (AP|TC) 13.08.201363Familiar43805
[Script]RS.Turret Defence179Red Spot39799
[UPDATED][MOD]Neuman's HUD replacement v1.1 [XTM 0.7 & DDRS compatible!]116neumanf1536906
[MOD] Remove/Destroy/Kill ALL Civillian Ships & Taxis (UPDATED w/Cockpit/MinimalHUD)76cactus35135
[MOD] New Cockpit Mod for X3TC (using Arkblade's and Imp's mods)39LiveAus32262
!!! X3 Community Patch v1.2 !!! FYI- Fixes Turrets Without Replacing Models!85Bubba Fat29476
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[Script REQUEST] turrets fire continuous single-shots instead of salvos0swatti66
How to Change the Number of Things Shown in the HUD?4Black_hole_suN162
Pontifex Maximus Yacht Paranidia turret glitch?2EARTHWALK233
cockpit view3Ronin677188
About rotating turrets in the scene0NighTragE72
[X3TC][SCR]AEC Turret Outfitting v0.803Mav/358
Turret command alpha ?,4shaun bergin92
X3 Reunion: How to get external view of current ship on a mini-monitor?5direvus356
Turrets wont fire12Shomey161
TC and AP cockpit mods3rockelino211
The trouble with turrets1Tarvaln205
Rear Turret not working with lasers?6Eagle167
No cockpit for the Xperimental shuttle?1crazydread18106
split Tiger right turret problem2Zfast4y0u139
Problem with turrets in package creator [solved]1Thorgorath117
Add Lasers to Cockpit2der-mozart232
Cockpit mod?0The Iron Duke475
[HUD] Display Sector coordinates2FrostBoronBurger219
X3TC- top and bottom turret not shooting after adding cockpit lasers2Marccarrier239
[Request]ADS & Smart Turret compatibility5renyaoqin383
1st person effects and cockpit22froggyluv645
X3: TC, Rebirth - Multi monitor love?5eddieg395
HUD flickering after X3Editor2 edit?0Porkins68
Mixing Weapons in Turrets5electron_pilot201
Financial Monitoring System - Is there one?9JDCollie294
[X3:TC] Effective turret commands for M2?5Jimmy C288
Invisible cockpit, vanilla cockpit reference.1Ameer Nuub167
Cockpit camera issue.1mp_spc4150
Any way to move the interface around? Please help! Multi-Monitor setup3moo10032214
Multiple Monitors (3)5dumdumdum256
[REQUEST] Oculus Rift Compatible HUD5Mystic5hadow438
Mounting guns in Turrets6Zzyn218
HALP! New Install/Cockpit Mess6ufos8mycow368
Missile barrage? Viper front turret?2Damian Swift206
Weapon HUD info5baranowb210
Cockpit recall - sun shines through solid parts of the HUD0alowe297
Dealing with hostile laser turrets?8eugene123450
X3AP - Beam lasers and turrets10ShaTiK567
Cockpit recall - sun shines through solid parts of the HUD0alowe214
PSCO1's CockpitMod v1.32 vs Cockpit Callback Version x142alowe375
Remove Monitor0alowe172
Looking For Compatible cockpit mod.2Amun Ra252
X3 - Cockpits1alowe175
[Steam X3:TC] Spitfyre Turret mounts EMPC instead of EEMPC2sholmas273
ok now i found a cockpit mod, but can't activate it????4slevin0006406
Looking For A ''deluxe Cockpit Mod''2slevin0006417
[AP]Set the turrets of ships the computer2T3RR0R164
[MOD REQ] Cockpit for Pride of Albion (X3:AP)2Earth ultimatum IV.807
Add lasers to TS cockpit3Llewelyn207
step by step help placing custom turrets into x3tc1AgentX250386
TC - M6 weapon and turret loadout8thatguyfromvienna345
In Cockpit Voice Skips and other none gameplay related issues.2Slyguy3129217
Fonts for large screen monitors?2TTD143
Two monitor Puzzle1kinghamsc271
Adding MARS option to wing turrets2IYIENACE272
CIGs or HEPT for Cerberus turrets?10samoja215
Galleon. Loadout for frontal turret12Earth ultimatum IV.388
Changing Turret type ~311026817182
X3TC/AP stuttering, freezing, HUD reset, low FPS, lags - Prob 32 bit OS low on RAM.2Earth ultimatum IV.694
Dual monitor X3 with cockpits, FaceTrackNOir, and S9ilent's Voice Control.2Xen Silenus381
Vidar turret question6kizito274
[LF] Boron and Paranid Race Based Turrets, and Teladi and Paranid Raced Based Docks2RoverTX211
HELP with cockpit mod.1Akainu25414
Dual Monitors?2kizito199
[X3:AP] Do turrets lead targets?12Blaank361
Weapon and Turret issues8titannub392
Programatically setting turret command3Hornet108161
Turret help needed :( AP4Shinra Vanity203
Adding turrets to a ship?2Xenon472175
no matter what i do the cockpit mod wont work1mb12345158
Colossus Hauler Cockpit Fix [Help Needed]8Shuraalex325
Cant find the turret commands in AP!! help2JayStar121
turrets and auto pilot1blackfalcon1324140
[TC] Xenon Q 'ghost' top Turret: FIXED!0The X-Plorer181
Help with Normandy SR2+Shawn's Cockpit1cmdShepard373
Any mod for missile /weapon stats on HUD ?2HoPLoN174
Do you have to input the turret commands for your CAGs to use their turrets?4Coffee_Zombie223
[AP] M2 Turret Advice6Manks302
[AP] Hangar bays & Xenon Q turrets5Bix 93347
Turret AI [TC]9Kowalskibravo311
[X3 AP] HUD Weapon energy status - possible to have bars?3BloodyMess204
turret customization advice T3 AP2skeelime118
Turret Controls2lyndonguitar146
Question About Turrets6seristal276
missile turret commands7GoldenShadowGS289
[X3:AP] Consistent Crash Re:Turret On/Off script - Joystick and hotkey macro issue.9zanraptora754
No Cockpit Mod?6elphamale269
X3TC M7 Turret Commands20Rapsey811
[X3R] Turret intelligence question9joefitts63208
Display current credits in HUD?3sirtaj405
X2 The Threat - Dual Monitors - Wn70Brodie465
[MOD UI] Immersive GUI&HUD [TC/AP] V1.3 (18.09.2012)31juju111111111
X3: AP Turret Control Issues10Ponderer540
Bigger HUD?3Melly174
Turret script command?0Einheit 10167
Which Cockpitmod to get for AP?1Ikcirt318
Fitting turrets2imortalvalk128
Hyperion: Turret Question.4Dunamis307
TUrret control against missiles fired at your target and ship4Hellblazer214
HUD Question: Fighter-plane-style HUD with ladder?3Jaycen_Aelis273
Explain scene files to me, please, modifying turret heading3noname159191
[TC] Autopilot disables when using turrets manually.7r0bf223
New guy seeking some M1/M2 turret loadouts for X3:TC5tastyhamsandwich347
noob questions re drones and turrets2jk31308149
Aegir Back Turret(AP)2JackKiller2266108
Cockpit mod question1shea186
[X3AP] Odd turret behavior5Scoob277
Aegir Back Turret6JackKiller2266201
Turret Question3mastercool133
Changing front turret to main guns.16Frstwlfz448
Turrets to target a specific class3BankruptAssasin125
Turret commands26Unknnnnn611
Boreas Turrets6Higgs Aran285
[SCR][AP] Missile monitor - protect NPC stations from your missiles7kurush2395
Map on a second display monitor10sergioel1487
Change turret capital/fighter settings?3Kalistan157
Ship's speed and distance to target not appearing on HUD?1RetroNutcase134
Modifying Turrets in X22khemeher509
[AP] Question about Automatic Laser switching (turret command)12telapo461
[X3AP] Turret Command Configuration Question0MetroWolf296
Bigger HUDs?4Sturmer190
Swapping ship models works, but cockpit and guns dont work19dertien319
WTF - Turrets going crazy4stg1969194
Cockpit MOD and vanilla games.3Ghostfire1981499
[X3:TC] Aegir's rear turret not working..2dholmstr248
*** Need Multiple monitor help10Jared511378
Turret auto switch ignores ammo based weapons OOS3TiGGs178
Help with adding a missile turret needed3feygan196
multiple monitors?9moondog777344
Question on Turrets.6Lushent309
How do I use the cockpit mods?2treverhardin343
GC Turrets Can't Hit the Broad Side of a Barn7Xander Cade443
X:TC Slideshow issue + featureless planet + no HUD - reinstall and restart working.12Prophet1267
[AP 2.0]Megalodon top/bottom turrets?6lt_wentoncha396
[MOD] [TC] Larger sectormap / NoHUD (02.03.12)0Nedimar302
[TC] Having Commanded AI Ships Use Front Turrets?24HateDread529
Importing Turret animations question.0nate1058765
TC Turret question2Phirmware107
Flak turrets and Friendly fire8lllvoltlll283
Mouse look for looking around cockpit or external view1markusbrody114
How to control turrets7ReadyMan278
Cockpit camera coordinates9Sairaf430
X3TC Turrets not working properly5madssimono680
[TC]Autopilot COmbat attack enemies, while I manually control turrets can? seem can't10ivanwong1989367
Turret Model Swaportunity5snackynak247
Guns uninstalling themselves from turrets in the Megalodon (RESOLVED)6|-|Mohawk|-|276
Eyefinity (3 monitors) - spread out HUD4pox67329
[AP Bug?] Losing monitor in AP0VincentTH93
[AP] Two new(?) bugs. (Incl turrets not retaliating + save. With advice from Gazz)8Skeletal407
Patch, Add on, or mod to generate engine sound while in cockpit...please!3Dethloc490
[Not a Bug] Monitor + Classic Flight4xTemon160
Problems with move to debris/asteroid ... turn turret ... command2oechre130
Dual Monitor setups and steam install1DickusMaximus359
Is there a colour blind friendly HUD mod?25Brinnie661
Trying to rig a ship with more than turrets and a cockpit0jahulath176
AP give new turrets control. How do they work?8Huillam579
Please Help Me To Install Cockpit View For X3tc2polar_bear_1274
turret control1HarryCx2143
turrets capability differrences between MARS & smart turrets?4nap_rz311
X3AP 1.1 Post-Patch Bug - Laser installation problem (turrets Argon Cerberus)7..419
X3 (TC): Boreas - rear turret options ?7zapza604
Mod for scaling up the HUD?0TJJ179
X3 AP Crash when use Turret standby2facetious1174
Questions regarding turrets in X3:AP3Falcrack506
Turrets/Lasers Don't Fire in X3:AP?!6MTCason3277
How do I make my turrets fire on my Centaur? (Also a lag issue)4sadron227
[x3 TC] Build custom turrets [help dummy]11stonygate486
Multiple Monitors1Argent184
Shawn's Cockpit mod FIX YO #$%^ Discussion.1Tacticalhl253
[TC/AP] Occasional Stutter With Disappearing HUD9MutantDwarf462
[X3TC] Problem for display the cockpit of the argon_M30Kaeon106
[AP] Turret: Missile Defense5DarkArchon394
[REQ] The VR HUD for X3:TC or AP3Shoam2B398
X3AP xperimental shuttle cockpit?0XG42388
How do you get your turrets to fire automatically in Albion?5xCLAVEx918
Turret on/off key ctd1surferx172
AP: Ships only using one weapon in turrets?12Dr_FeelgoodX3542
New turret functions?1yogs237
Cant figure out turrets---Noob Question9XeliumXx588