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Online Universe18Dr.H6527
XOU ideas from the shower23Tenlar Scarflame5966
When we will play X Online Universe? And how it will look?22Seriy5956
"When will X2/Online-Universe be released?"17fthrjack5751
X-online concept by dirtbag (download)29dirtbag5663
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what happend to
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X-Online planned yet?1Othmaar1592
XOU, Will it have new ships/new stations/ and will the bigs consist on this as well?10Kuroishinkan3256
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x online5homer2296
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Two separate XOU games? (A Nifty PK Solution Poll)24o1derfull14224
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X3 or XOL: what new classes of ships for those games?23RustiSwordz5108
Idea for getting round quick in XOU6monkman2616
Hopes and fears for X Online22RustiSwordz4748
Research in XOU10monkman3060
wil we b abl 2 make pirate bases in XOL4XmAsTaX2324
Launch of XOL8General Don3117
SETA drive and a persistant online universe18AlphaStratus5505
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Earth and beyond sucks - and some notes for x online10wilhil3450
XOL robroy is top player1Anonymous1683
Will X2 or X-Online run better with this -11Tiberian Commander3933
Xol5AJ Rimmer Bsc.Ssc.2497
X online3GID1957
X-online signup?3DRAGO2428
X Online Uni12AJ Rimmer Bsc.Ssc.3447
X2OL spare parts2Anonymous1765
x2ol (people being destructive)17Xenon_Slayer4537
X and X Online Universe2Ocane Ly'rina1916
Online Universe Ways of piloting spaceships3Ocane Ly'rina2165
X2OL Upgrades avalible for X2? Anyone know?0RustiSwordz1502
Some points for the X-Online. Please Devs read.3Barzabel2062
X2 Online Universe21MattBlaK5461
X2 to X2OL....A Big Step?11Oldman3092
X2/XOL Radio2Nuwanda1914
X2OL Game Interface13Oldman3935
how do u own property in Xol b4 its out?3XmAsTaX1996
BE FearFUL In X-online THERE'S SOMETHING COMING20Tiberian Commander5419
What would you like to be in XOL22Tiberian Commander5256
Another Audio Question for X2-X2OL and BEYOND!0Colonel Bumfluff1449
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Skin Editor for Ships in X2 & X-Online14Tiberian Commander4359
X2 or X-online1Tiberian Commander1627
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what guilds / clans are already set up for XOU?10boogyman3251