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Kha'ak, Khaak

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[script] Improved Kha'ak 1.1: Updated June 10, 20081577ate9tin11s69549
[S] Khaak Invasions v1.1 22/01/0960ttl46964
[GUIDE] Play as Kha'ak (and living to tell about it)47Jakesnake537896
Being Kha'ak is Cool!!!143Nanook36584
Forget Khaak and Xenon, the wife is the biggest threat to my Empire96Tymi36537
[AL Plugin] Litcube's Kha'ak / Xenon Invasions v1584Litcube33251
[MD] Ranks for Xenon, Kha'ak, Pirates and Yaki [V1.03][09/21/2011]71Commander SAMU28314
[script] Improved Kha'ak 2: The Revenge [Updated: 2013.05.17]1327ate9tin11s27732
Advanced KhaakHunter script available now29euclid26779
Has anyone captured a Khaak ship yet?94Meijin Kinjo25733
!!! Missing Ship Models Version 4 !!! New Khaak-Pit Edition!!!29Bubba Fat25655
[AL PLUGIN] Kha'ak Capture Plugin (KCP) | v1.01 | 8 Nov 0618Serial Kicked24644
A little Khaaks capturing guide68b-b-q21890
[SCRIPT] Kha'ak Cluster Commands v1.50 - 29 Dec 200757Kortako20923
Khaak Destroyer!!!! AAhhhh!!!!42JonBrockman17039
[Mini - Mod] Khaak Empires31Ben200616152
Why, oh why, did it have to be Khaak?76tismtia14272
Khaak Annihilation - Video (14.5MB)71AlexKitch13692
I HATE the Khaak !!!! (Screenshots Added) **(Potential Spoilers)**51The Rogue Trader12868
The Khaak Conflict45LV12834
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Xtended: Kha'ak invasion unstoppable?1ryan220336
Capping Khaak M3's6Syn3rgy532
Kha'ak script??1Valen68616
Khaak Invasions in TC ?12Bill Huntington1081
Fixing the Khaak Station?3Black_hole_suN811
Khaak Corvette unsaleable?5BloodBrain518
XRM and Khaak beam weapons - how to change them to CPU-friendly version?10noname159781
[X3TC] I just capped a Kha'ak Fighter6IanFitzJo682
[Looking for] Kha'ak Weaponsmith Factory Mod7Übersoldier912
Khaak capture in x2 1.50chuc211632
Q about Khaak in X3 games15siddham828
X3AP How to fight Kha'ak Corvettes, Frigates4FredsterLu589
Khaak als Freund1Brent Yatar1540
X2: Can Khaak destroyers be captured?7jamieren557
what scanner range do pirates, xenon, and khaak ships have?6Idgy586
[X3TC] Khaak sector 84114Zeebie1349
x3ap-- Do "Pandora" Engine Tunings Stay In Reverse Engineering? Also Kha'ak Corvette9Monkeyfister901
[x3:AP] Performance issues, especially with khaak weapons7clunatic1032
X3 Reunion Khaak help5mattleic512
Found a Kha'ak Corvette?10CBlackrose624
(AP) Khaak revival mod3Sturmer842
Khaak start?4greypanther566
How to board Khaak ships?8zuulTal1085
SPOILERS PRESENT! The Khaak10Theburn922
Why are there no Kha'Ak in albion prelude?22rabcor1765
Captured Kha'ak Interceptor - worth keeping?16Ewan1231332
kha'ak invasion5Maxdamaged530
Kha'ak weapons? X3:AP4IConquer557
[AP Mod Idea] Kha'ak Reborn (Kha'ak start)4Vilmu712
Khaak ships some questions5RayF493
Kha'ak Corvette4lankspeed488
Khaak Ships ST container's question?4NighTragE420
Kha'ak ships...6Echofinder734
KHAAK missile factory mod?4Damian Swift627
Kha'ak Corvette (M6) - X3 AP3Gomezie476
Best place to find abandoned Khaak ships?3Damian Swift604
Searching for a Kha'ak start for X3TC / albion prelude4mazzox814
[AP] Khaak ships in UFJD sectors?6Eddis1502
[Help] Less Pirates/Kha'ak Activity Script?6Geon106589
[AL Plugin] Khaak Invasions v1.8 [TC] [AP] [Updated: 29.06.2014]38Nicoman355373
Khaak invasions update - info needed4Nicoman35457
Khaak Corvette Player VS AI Question3RoverTX472
m148 unknown sector-khaak filled8peppy tails602
[X3AP] Your Kha'ak Interceptor3Progress-M686
Final Fury Kha'ak 9264SirDeity658
X2 help pls Paranid Odysseus vs cluster fighters (Khaak?)6mattleic993
X3R - Khaak Destroyers on the Rampage5dienekes591
How do I get Khaak weapons in AP?1jelf451
[MD][AP] - get kha'ak back in UFJD sectors5kurush2464
Kha'ak Destroyer,Kha'ak Carrier,Guardian,or Hive Queen in AP?8shea1085
[AP]Kha'ak M6- no buyers.18surferx1506
Why can't I board a Kha'ak Destroyer or Carrier?12PDouma39980
[X3R] Khaak infestations common?3joefitts63368
[AP]Khaak ships floating around?33Playbahnosh1370
Albion Prelude Khaak12Danny2004222
Kha'ak 'vette - what blind spot??9Akdor 1154933
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Khaak Invasion3Dustoff585
functioning Kha'ak stations4Kaempfer655
Khaak readded1locustgate427
Fighting tips please. Destroy Q in Khaak Corvette?9Coreblimey733
[request] kha'ak in AP5Turiko602
AP - no more kha'ak3Turiko548
Not every day you get your own Kha'ak ship10Dreaming_Warrior1397
Allies with the Kha'ak and Xenon?4bluenog143631
[TC] Unkown sector between Argon Sector M148 and Nathan's Voyage full of Khaak6Lord of Marzipan857
[X3AP] Capping no-pilot Khaak scouts5kaluce794
Love this game, but STUCK on the last Kha'ak Final Fury mission14Cursim1231
Kha'ak newgame start + economic expansion [mod-ap]0Anonymous541
Increasing Kha'ak aggression manually7Anonymous805
Khaak Beta Kyon Emitters7crafty Wilbs927
AP: Khaak Corvette9WingC3906
khaak patrol13pissmaker888
Mods for more aggressive khaak?2bluenog143499
[TC] Kha'ak problems13MrIgnem1011
Khaak in AP29shea4721
Return of the Khaak 1.0 1/3/125LV2362
[AP 2.0] - Kha'aks5kurush824
Found Kha'ak fighter.... yes!2john cover579
Khaak and xenon- why not OFF PArt 2 for xenon?10garv222711
(AP) Unclaimed Kha'ak Corvette9sadron1045
Any Khaak/Xenon starts for X3TC?2bluenog143547
[X3:AP] I love my new Khaak Toy11Ozman202910
[TC] What are Pirates & Yaki doing in Kha'ak sectors?1Aeshi538
[AP] Kha'ak sectors?45Peanutcat2656
Khaak Corvette Claimed!31UltimaV|RUZ2966
Kha'ak M0 weapon Addon Added1bulgaria1172
Claimed Kha'ak Fighter shows up as M5 in property list [X3AP 1.1]3mtiffany71664
It's a Kha'ak Invasion!6Sinxar856
[X3AP] Unclaimable Kha'ak Fighter3darshuomega1141
Khaak Ship found in AP!!!4Choljah1013
Kha'ak Corvette not boardable - why?12Boringnick1454
[AP] Khaak0Xander Cade510
[SE] race = Kha'ak 7 vs K.?2expnobody434
Here's the thing with those derelict Khaak ships [AP claim spoiler]20Dirk-Jan3276
X3:AP - Found a Khaak Corvette but..26gandy|UKCS|8391
X3:AP Khaak Fighter7shikaka044146
some one said no kha'ak5cattafett908
Any way to buy Khaak ships5shea602
[QUESTION] Khaak respawn in khaak sectors with empty job / jobwing (hardcoded)0qwizzie386
Are the Kha'ak scripted to keep re-spawning?2bluenog143611
[TC] Ships 'homed' to Military Outpost in Khaak sector 841?4Neil Depledge577
Could a Xenon or Kha'ak start be feasable?2The X-Plorer533
multiple khaak corvette tactics (turret scripts enabled)4jamafish467
[X3R] Kha'ak Destroyers pillaging my universe.. Help10Dicemanx1237
Khaak Weapons21CKYRules1108
So now the khaak have turned up....(x2)11TitanX21088
Friends of the Kha'ak?11Coupaholic1006
Khaak M39greypanther638
[X3TC] What decides if Khaak invasions happen?7valerria1514
Kha'ak Corvettes4Dank7430759
X3R - Xenon and Khaak aren't respawning4Outback Jack677
[XR] Khaak Sector's5Dank7430626
Terran/Kha'ak plot missions disappeared7Mishy1016
[X3TC] New player and Final Fury Kha'ak Sector 93114Chariotwheel2465
X2: trouble with Khaak...Vets advice please48siddham2675
Getting to Kha'ak sectors in X3R. How?5Defaid693
Oops, I hate Khaak17M-K1218
kha'ak in TC13Turiko1198
Just captured a Khaak Fighter...3tanner1ie742
Khaak are messin' wit' ma patrol7beckoner1000
kha'ak destroyer killed by m316jin ko821559
X3TC khaak4Anonymous1067
X2 the threat Khaak1leea525
Capping Kha'ak Scout in Xenon Sector 627 (spoilers)6nponoBegHuk880
[WIP][Model] Kha'ak Destroyer Replacement Version 2.8atx7111101
[WIP][Model] Kha'ak Destroyer Replacement!7atx7111076
X3TC: Six Kha'ak Destroyers in Nyana's Hideout...107Capt_Newbie6468
[X2] Figthing Khaak8Spawn7051000
[SHIP Model] Khaak Star6atx7111319
Khaak ships.27greypanther2075
Anyone fly the Khaak M3?15Bill Huntington1728
[X3R] Aladna Hill taken over by Kha'ak22jackmcbarn1726
[x3tc] can you make a kha'ak cluster?4MooMan77771022
is there a way to get a Kha'ak Destroyer in vanilla X3TC3MooMan7777954
Xenon vs Kha'ak?10Sarvoth1534
Help with Khaak!!14robalexhall1654
No khaak capitals anywhere?2gamer993579
Khaak Destroyers in Circle of Labor at the beginning of the game4KRTac1022
Khaak Destroyer vs Sabre + NPCs5KRTac1072
10,000Cr "reward" for taking out a Khaak Destroyer!?17MarvinTheMartian2502
Has anyone cleared a Khaak sector?15grant28611743
[X3TC] Sudden increase in Khaak attacks5MarvinTheMartian1119
Mod idea, Xenon & Khaak revenge6FireLancer831
Aqcuiring a Kha'ak M6 X3TC (vanilla)8travitar2103
[TC] Anyone Capture a Kha'ak Fighter?15MooMan77772970
Changing weapons for Khaak and fighterdrones6qwizzie933
Quick question on Kha'ak0Ozkar590
[TC] What do i do with a khaak destroyer?6sputax1458
Kha'ak Fleet of Death11pushy1368
[TC] Where is Kha'ak sector 931?7incarnyte1138
[TC] Stuck in Kha'ak Sector 8417SirDeity1779
[TC] Reduction in Khaak activity25Philthepile1981
X2 - Custom Start and Kha'ak3eldyranx3636
Good sectors for Kha'ak hunt???15agresivdemic1608
I got me a Khaak!15philip_hughes1595
[TC] Capping Kha'ak ships14Kantall2175
Frame Rate Issues During Combat With Khaak (Kyons)23tileguy2570
khaak sectors5SpaceToast950
[TC] Kha'ak Hive Queen2Spychotic1689
Kha'ak infestation... Destroyer vs Buster Raider16Stars_InTheirEyes1731
X3: Reunion Review - KHA'AK!!!10Freya Nocturne1735
X3R vanilla- Can U Cap Khaak M3? My eyes and head hurt from researching.13roasted_monk1405
[TC] The Kha'ak Nivydian (fiction)16Lx71780
[REQ] Fixed-wing/Replacement Kha'ak M62Sorenson675
[TC] Can u cap the khaak corvette?20X2PLAYA2949
Kha'ak all over the place6Malaclypseredring977
[TC] Help clearing Kha'ak Core10naptime1465
Kha'ak turrets and [PLAYERSHIP]15djrygar1953
[Mod] Khaakhive *discontinued*29Killjaeden3340
How do i get to the Khaak sectors?7Apocholypse1082
[TC] Khaak sector 842 Can I take it over?8jjamo51574
Khaak invaders1imperium3524
Kha'ak M3 without cockpit: any idea to see it back?2MarkWD880
[TC] Stopping a Khaak invasion with an M317G Morgan2376
[TC] Khaak plot not starting7bizzirk1204
Khaak and Xenon invasions?5hartza761233
Capturing Kha'ak in TC6Bishop1491105