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Sector and Universe Trader Guide - Contains Minor Spoilers UPDATED 22nd October 2007111WillWilk399329
Sector Trader/Universe Trader Guide Now Available (X3)79FyreByrd254224
[SCR] Economy and Supply Trader [2009-10-12 X3TC 3.2.05]646wyvern11246425
[BONUS Plug-In] Trade Command Software MK3295ticaki157100
[S][03.06.08][1.2] Fight Command Software MK3445X-Freak Cartman140810
Newbie Guide to Making Money Through Trading128Creston132028
[S] [02.03.08] [X3 3.3.04] Economy and Supply Trader (Trade MK3 II)288Lucike118504
[SCR] [X3:TC/AP] [v1.8.9.7_fixed] [05/09/2013] MK3 Improvement Reloaded917gnasirator105593
[Script] Satilite Limited MK3 Universal Trader, ready for download.249Zzyn102969
[Script] Update 17.12.06 V1.26 Station trader, automated supply/trade for stations374Naffarin78670
Trade Command Software MK3 - Technical Datasheet (Readme and Info)52SymTec ltd.75132
[SCR] [v1.7.3] [04/27/2012] MK3 Improvement Reloaded283gnasirator71222
[SCR] OK Traders v1.7.1 (04-12-14)418Shimrod59439
[SCRIPT] Autotrader Sector Lock 1.0 . . . . . . . . { UPDATED 2007/05/30 }80halo11235854838
[AL Plugin] EJon-Tech/MarCon Ind. 'Trading Plugin' (1.2 German Aug 9 2010)209EmperorJon51906
Is there an X3TC Trade MK3 noob guide? If not, wanna volunteer?11perkint50498
[SCRIPT] MK3 Trading Log (plus MK3 Technical Datasheet)41SymTec ltd.36910
[X3AP Bonus Plugin] Trade MK3 Blacklist Manager42jlehtone36649
[SCRIPT] Trading Distribution Network V1.01 : Update 04/10/200677Cycrow36419
[SCRIPT] Local Trader Mk3 update52moggy235606
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Can someone point me in the direction of how to rank up in AP for traders?12Leoten267
Trading Ideas/Schemes for the Hub (TC)2JJRSC118
Using Hyperions as Traders ?14Bill Huntington410
Trading in X2-The Threat5Dempsey24253
X3AP Universe traders6hartza76336
owning trading station & equipment dock useless?10Olterin44
Suicidal traders in X3. Let's not have them in X4, ok?6Sorkvild459
Sector Traders Stopping - Unable to sell wares.9InFi[D]eL407
X2 - Fight Command Mk3 needed9oceanway806
[AP] Extend jump time or make combat break it? Add JD to traders?2soulmata361
[SCRIPT] [TC/AP] Station Advertising 1.8 (attract more traders)4OwnlyMe697
Trading and the war30-John-2065
Universe traders asking for Fight Command Software [X3TC]22amoe1274
Elite-like trading - TC (or AP, whatevs)8JJRSC663
The Argon war-trader139RAVEN.myst4641
Universal Trading..3Gargog548
A nice little earner sector trader advice needed26Nuvibe2604
How to keep Universe Traders alive?21pagulhan2361
[X3R] Mk3 traders are not showing a destination3LowkeeDragon331105
Looking to Mod Hyperions to use as Sector/Universal traders.6Kris_Fox1253
Problems with CAG and other traders10Daaki2077
Problem with traders with their escorts circling with no destination15SlayerAIM1197
Trading Station Wares8neojesus13645
[X3AP] Hidden resources trading8roundowl806
System Traders In AP4rmpow734
[X3:AP] Trading Halp Please - holes in resource chain everywhere36Motorsheep2461
player owned equipment dock and trading station function9tearing1154
x3ap universe traders9tearing757
XTC CLS 2 Trader Question4JJRSC381
CLS trader kept buying 0 ware - resolved again!2fireanddream352
Can't access the credit my universal trader makes (Resolved)0Ramlatus962
Trading Network14Irrehaare608
Trading in TC13Clueless=Pilot854
traders with docking computer - resolved2Quiyy Gunn371
X3 TC - cls / cag trading combo?7minderbinder77794
Trading port question3Cursed Ghost233
X3:TC My traders only buying from my complexs8Mr Morita799
Imprison Pirates on Trading Stations mod3Eightbal1482
[X3TC] Universe Traders and HQ15UnknownObject975
Trading Algorithm (help).5ylio520
Best way to automate sector/local trading for a specific commodity10Yosharian644
[AP] My UTs are ignoring "Intermediate Product Trading" settings in my complexes5StJude458
Help me understand Sector/Local/Universal Traders26Yosharian1228
X3:R Building Trading stations2Hickabooboo266
[X3TC] Two traders walk into an SPP ...14Dovakiin1029
X3R Steam Version, trouble with CLS and Trading7hbchrist350
[TC] Bone 'Idle' station traders12Crustyfur882
X3TC - How much money do my universe traders bring in?9Symont973
drones and traders7sithneverdiealone509
Trading Ships13Ben Gunn532
Make script created trading stations "sell" (i.e lose goods with time)1M4lInX255227
X3 Reunion: Trading in Argon Space6Buckleup696
Crshes due to manual trading2Nonor64402
X3 Reunion+Xtended........can't turn sector trader to local trader6cosgrove1982561
X3 Reunion+Xtended........can't turn sector trader to local trader2cosgrove19821161
X3:AP MK3 vs CAG16MrFiction1304
How to script leveling a trader to 255Sinfulace297
MK3 sector/universe trader glitch1Cursed Ghost237
[X3:AP] Do Universe Traders/CAG's/CLS's etc, use Jump Beacons?2KaRsKiN461
X3TC. Traders refuse to work?7The Iron Duke437
Sector trader problem4Hologram3375
Automated Traders question1elmarko98306
AP: Universal traders problem4mc74516
On player station to station trading...7jamieren629
Factory Traders wont trade bpnus plug in - LU questions misplaced3XOOR446
is possible play to X3:AP without focus in trading?7tornar617
Universe trader stuck at player owned station1Vector_Gorgoth479
X3AP Universe trader help7Nehlis677
Trader to buy specific goods4Ronin677527
[TC] Sector Trader not making any trades10Idgy549
Do our Traders only trade with discovered/uncovered stations?5Bill Huntington415
Best Trading Station/EQ Dock X3AP3Psirus499
[X3AP] Trader violated CAG blacklist6Perseus1986364
[Script][LU] Mk3 Improvement Reloaded Reloaded (v0.6.1b) 2014-10-2990Raaaak23368
X3TC: Sector Trader Current Order Set to None3THE_WESTi570
Some Noob Questions - Trading Blacklists & Stations5neepster603
Does CLS software interfere with non-CLS sector traders?19Geek.Verve1150
[script] Universe Explorers v2.4.2 b5 - now with Mk3 Blacklist integration0boran_blok419
[X3TC] Finding sector trader information11Zeebie725
X3AP - Trader Rank not increasing, no matter what - modded game.2zombienerd831
[X3R] Player Owned Trading Station and CaG8TycHouse741
[X3:TC] Trading help for a noob?29911MU51C398
CAG, CLS & Trading station question.9Cerezoss673
[X3AP] Any way to encourage early energy trading?3phoenix-it452
MK3 lost in Terran sectors7Cancuino567
Which command for auto trading (supply a station) ?1Joubarbe428
X3AP: Trading station consumption rates2Quinch362
Question on Mk3 / CAG pilots10usfwoody483
Universe Trader16Kessica799
Universe Traders always stop trading? X3AP11microtogo949
Little questions about the mk3 trader software9Symont437
X3TC trading route2stumke453
estables a trading route0stumke1203
Can I play AP without trading?7JohnnyR487
Will this Argon High-Tech Trader ever bail?6IanFitzJo439
X3TC Freighters and Trading30CHL811689
Auto trader questions (ST/UT/CLS/CAG)?15oddible672
Trading Software Mk1 & 2 questions35oddible1297
Has X-Tension Trading Reputation Changed?1Wimle266
Sector trading and minimum jump range.3stevee620314
Pilot transfer / traders3Ronin677304
Sector Trading trouble2Ronin677326
Long time without a "trading" game X3AP12BankruptAssasin725
An alternate approach to sector trading622alphajr496
How to double the number of traders?5ls612413
Hub trading and UT's question2stimpy61320
Issue with trading commands.1RevanDucayne140
x3:AP best sector for setting up a sector trader?11dogboy1221311
universal trader always going standby (trade software mk3)22dmk1623
X2 Sector Trader - universe trader2Grettal1991
X3R - Universal Trader4Bryl324
X3TC E-Cells and Trading Questions :)11Lea Flamma338
Question on using the command scripts like trading one an Carrier etc....2Tasogie298
X3:TC: Sector traders - Auto jumping set to 0 or 1?5Myrrdin363
[X3:TC] IBL trading2mjwraw355
[SCR] [X3AP] Drone Mining and Trading System v1.2.2 [UPDATED 11/08/2014]113zanzal19630
X3AP: Some questions on Sector and Universe Traders41nospammdi1450
Is the trade Mk3 supposed to be 3 million ?4Kreiss329
Trade Software MK3 Sales Report3jondonnis475
Problems with sector/universe trader4sinsaint364
[X2] Universe Trader2sMull307
[SCR][AP][BETA][1.1]MK3 Adv Sat Whitelist2RoverTX239
[Q] Modifying MK3 Blacklist Behavior6RoverTX280
MK3 Trader buys 0 Units3iuiz246
Trade Command System Mk3 - Constant idle Captain11Sokar408449
Trade System Mk3 - Can it be purchased in Boron space?1Sokar408264
Manual trading freezes - known issue1lothos279
Trader MK3 - Question4FlyMario438
Ai trader buy price and behaviour1The Draf318
[X3AP] Early Game Trading: Duke's Domain is Insane!9OniGanon1183
[X3 AP] Sector Trader help10Plasmaball634
X3TC Traders not trading6bixxi3513
Local Trader script for X3:TC ?3mjwraw413
Sakuya's Question Corner (currently asking 1.5M Sector Trader vs Small Complex)68SakuyaFM3876
X3TC trading : is it better to pilot or command ?13tatann592
MK3 UTs still flying into blacklisted sectors9Leded678
Trying to follow sample trading run from manual.... can't.8TheDoctor46461
Mk3 traders7Jacob Valance303
Can I Stop My UT's Trading in Terran Sectors? (X3 TC 3.2)2Fraggle Rock281
Do satellite networks in any way help Local/Universe Traders?15rabcor1053
An automatic Stock exchange trader?2Jacob Valance463
[X3AP] Problem with CAG traders not jumping.8Censor494
Trading Stations & Space Equipment Docks questions17testpilot_bg760
X3tc sector trader help5Maxdamaged311
reduce NPC traders?2djhoerauf268
X3 AP - Advanced Trading3x5thElement496
Universal Trader ship got destroyed but pilot lived any way to give him a new ship?6Blade18702
Sector trading. What is going on?9Unknnnnn457
Sector trader question5erevo394
[Solved] "find station" command works strange with parameter "trader"1Gqqnbig410
[X3R]Seek Script: Factory Trading with Jumping1Gqqnbig287
CLS, Cag, MK3 takings5BankruptAssasin441
Steam trading cards for X?0Helios01236
MK 3 Trader Problem [X3 Ap]18BurningMan1567
X3:AP Corporation HQ and Purchasable trading / equipment docks5Dezonus1643
[X3R] Why do my Argon Trading Stations have no products?4Gqqnbig803
Automated Traders24thelebk1131
X3:TC Help with trading please!7Silzter559
Trading Extension Broken?7thelebk408
Good sector trader training spots?11IConquer532
Universe Trader Problems9CKYRules696
X3:Reunion, my sector trader isn't working.5dogboy122346
X3AP Universe Traders not upgrading their ships - Working as Intended3wydavies427
[AP] How to increase Terran standing with trading?6Naltharial683
CAG and trading port homebases9Quinch433
[X3R] Can't engage Universe Trader4Jimmy C301
[X3:R] A bit of confusion with traders.2Fatekeeper254
Trading influence on race and economic ranks17Old Drullo321788
Open Loops - But stations trading with each other2BankruptAssasin348
Trading mk3.... Standby?10niytiy426
TC: Quick Logistics Trader Question...3AA0154300
Good places for Trading command software MK3?12niytiy677
Best Trader14Sieg06660562
TC: Trader Question - Does size matter vs. How fast you can go?10AA0154831
Success with CAG traders?7willyshop473
Mk3 Black List Manager?5arnak407
TC: Race Rep from trading question6AA0154329
Why won't my Boron Dolphins accept universe trader command?1Noogums330
Help! Why don't my Boron Dolphins accept Universe Trader command in X3R?2Noogums573
player built "trading stations". storage facility?4Deathtoll666312