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[Mod] Ashleys Factories L + XL + XXL V2.5 *Updated 09/11/2007*1004Saint-Ashley205466
[Script] Factory Complex Constructor [4.02]248-Dusty-169196
Ship/Factory 3D Models and Stats Viewer version (spoiler?) NEW VER. APR 07290Anonymous114534
[Script] Factory Complex Constructor [22.9.2007] [V3.21 FINAL]261-Dusty-113159
Factory Complex Calculator: StandAlone v2.0.4.5 18Jun07: now supports 'Ashley's Fabs'126Anonymous71842
Xadrian: Factory Complex Calculator for X3TC and X3AP204kayahr58388
Need Factory information: Every little helps. :)112giskard54930
[SCRIPT] Crystal Free SPP 1.00 (18 Aug 06)103Serial Kicked54564
Tutorial: Advanced Factory Management; chains & formulae161Reven47843
[SCRIPT] IFTSOS - Install Factory to Station or Ship104MJALowe38576
[X2] Post your ONE lucrative factory!115Greyhawk136439
Factory node counts43spcutler35383
[X3TC]Whats a good factory/complex to start with?333at33257
[MOD] XXL Factories and Orbital Weapon Platforms - v2.0 (Updated: May 19)168MutantDwarf31883
BETA Release - Factory Loop Delivery Software - v0.1298Nazgutek30573
[SCRIPT] Resource-Free Factory62arcana7529275
Stop wasting your time with factories ....65BabyFace25984
[SCRIPT]Unlimited Resources v1.2 [30th Jan 2008) -Ashleys Factories conflict resolved24nirwin24087
[SCR] Resource-Free Factory (7 Sept 2011)20arcana7522850
Has anyone found a big profit Factory ???61Trevelvis19937
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factories for beginners??7Thelastreject450
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Crystal Free SPP script link required2Gunnie237158165
Factory placement and not being able to see a darn thing through the map18Silverbox544
SPP production-test results in-and stunning19Timsup2nothin687
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Factory (ore mine) settings4dumdumdum176
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Suggestion about Complex factory trade1k9z56t151
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How to factory5Potatonaught283
Why isnt the albatross following me with the factory I just purchased1Russia2012121
SPP not selling20Votal488
Why when i leave a factory does my ship crash into their transports?9Russia2012249
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Do my trasnports buy from my factories?3Russia2012148
IS it possible to maipulate the market by building more factories?11Russia2012488
IS it a good strategy to try to build factories to use as forward outposts?3Russia2012301
Abilon Prelude, questions about factories2Magnabyte194
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Factory transports XBTF3Russia2012187
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Mass factories or mass UTs?22Arclacke599
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Factory Problem6muadiib221
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factory settings.3C04L193
typhoon factory?25p00fer835
global setup of factories (products / resources) : which file arranges this again ?2qwizzie116
Has TFactories Changed at all with 2.0?0RoverTX111
[AP] Can't place factory for build mission, can I tow it?6Ripskar211
Harmony of Perpeuity [TC - DLC; although also normal SPP)13El_Coronel333
Factory recommendation for Argon Prelude17TiriaqMaquinna773
Special weapon factories0Skumleren137
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Jumps for a resource on a factory3Jamumools98
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Factory Question12Danny200187
1mj shield factory nodes?2skalapunk185
Npc Factory constrution missions and sector cap on factory amount?1Gosnell118
x3 albion prelude how do i hire TL Mammoth ship to transport a factory?3Mastercyclone3D2052
Playing X3: AP. Is SPP no longer profitable?14virus221078
Which mod removes factory placement cinematic?12Probe1271
Need help for factories in X3 AP9virus22779
Factory Help5ceponatia210
[Help]Tfactories index matters? (XRM + SHC)4sayonara-p176
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Building factories of enemy races - possible?4mib666007172
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Missing SPP, complex taken apart3Argent118
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linking factorys togheter..3Cluedo!150
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High Profit Factory/Complex23giva0071593
Friendly factory is red?16Wedge2566551