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[SCR] Economy and Supply Trader [2009-10-12 X3TC 3.2.05]646wyvern11248230
[S] [02.03.08] [X3 3.3.04] Economy and Supply Trader (Trade MK3 II)288Lucike118938
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esd's X guide to loops67esd51301
Burianek's Laser / Economy Rebalance v1.0 *Update*102Burianek42525
BETA Release - Factory Loop Delivery Software - v0.1298Nazgutek33630
Advanced Guide To Trading Loops89twilight_echoes32733
Updated DOC for Loops for Weps, Missiles, SATs, etc.40jester68831609
The X2 economy is broken -please read-110pacific_wing18999
Roenies Guide to Open and Closed Loops (warning: images)24Roenie18203
Most succesful closed-loop complex?50dragondream18158
X3 - Ship repair price really high? :S37anon5216657
The whole X2 economy system is messed up!?!150DeathAndPain12361
Beginners Guide to Profitably Evolving Trade Loops8twilight_echoes11876
Loop end product profitability spreadsheet (v1.05)37Roenie11071
Profitable Factory Loops33Timbuk210987
Basic SDS Loop Guide37Adonne10694
Economy IS screwed - NPC factories do NOT need primary resources52Lucrativus10250
Carriers are usless in price/performance!75nilof10100
[X3, Vanilla] My First Space Fuel L Complex Loop17Deflatted9616
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Economy and supply trader issues.1Docmasters123192
[SOLVED!][SCRIPT] Infinite loop hell3lostProfitssssArrgh300
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Ship Device for remembering purchased prices0mattig89ch216
Setting hub commodity prices to build up stock through attracting sellers12mjwraw973
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How to change prices for wares?6MickDick574
Economy differences between TC and AP5RainerPrem694
Complex price setting...AGAIN4wolfee424
Economy is Broken11Matt Schifter686
[Solved] X3R - Economy and Supply makes the game crash.2weltall21283
Lag, freezes and sound loop21weewillyweiner1463
Albion Prelude below minimum price bug4glenmcd1146
Need help - Ordering ships to collect ware and sell according to best price.5bionoman618
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Average price of deployed Lasertower/Satellites/Jump beacon/etc2memeics422
X-Tension, Ship models with different prices.2Maedroth316
[REQUEST]A mod that can sort cargo bay content by type/size/price?1Saturn V423
[Code] Get a station price3Joubarbe235
Does such a mod exist? Station price list3Falcrack438
X3AP: CLS2 not buying nor waiting for the targeted price, just docks/undocks9Browser_ice850
How do I see the price I paid for an item in my hold?19oddible584
X3 Reunion: Q about the Reunion economy (is it broken?)6siddham692
[X3AP] Economy: Is it real? What is spawned and what is not?1Misaniovent433
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[X3TC] Yet Another Economy Question8Lortex87556
Buy ware for best price - Huh ?12apricotslice898
X3 Reunion, Station manager help+NPC transport economy issues1Huggins7771435
X3TC Economy8R2dical639
[X3R] Intermediate sale price?2xxsleepyxx648
Price modifiers ? (Update : mod included)6Joubarbe522
Difference between factory loop & complex4fujix818
Is the economy real?1Sokar408423
Ai trader buy price and behaviour1The Draf326
[AP/TC] NPC Station Price Scaling7Manks362
[AP] How to set separate buy and sell price on stations?3Engy426
To simulate a real economy we need debt and lending25MrNova1253
X3:AP Sound loop crash *SOLUTION* (Asus Xonar)3Nara1780
[X3TC] Patrol Sectors setup? Loops or Linear?3spoidz344
(X3 TC 3.2) Best Hub Gate Placements to Help Commonwealth Economy?2Fraggle Rock705
How to calculate ware price at certain amount1Dominus352
Save the economy challenge playthrough38Mousse91382
[X3R] Buy Ware vs Buy Ware Best Price7thelebk485
Terran closed loops4Free Trade Inn373
[X3AP] Separate buy and sell prices for stations3RiverRat2800493
[X3 AP] [Crash w/ Betty looping - Exiting Gate Homily of Perp > Elysium of Light]1-Voidhawk-394
[X3:TC] Any source for a graph or picture of the Terran economy loops6spoidz543
What to do in a borked economy24myosin2p1187
AP economy1kyoo243
Open Loops - But stations trading with each other2BankruptAssasin354
Sell ware for best price problem2Genbe372
[Quention] About my economy...10cryptonite1541
economy and supply trader help(bewbie quests)4mutekun361
X3TC view prices remotely?7filkr408
[TC] Revitalising the Terran Economy - Protein paste10Hemmingfish867
Did the 3.0 update for AP fix the Terran economy?6KennyEdmunds693
To see ware prices when out of sector...3Flybye341
Some clarifications on "sell for best price" command2RayF328
Grown from scratch CLS economy trading game (TC beginners)22Timsup2nothin2686
X3AP Player complexes, NPC buyers, avg-1 prices and CAG9sunu1248
Very Strange Sound Loop freeze - Truelight Seeker? Fixed - Manual Trader Bug13SixSpeed1264
The pirate's alternative to closed loop weapon's plex8Timsup2nothin751
[AP]GoD and Terran Economy3Echofinder409
To loop, or not to loop. That is the question.134Timsup2nothin4252
Lowly Terran Defender saves Terran economy12Timsup2nothin783
X3:AP Chip complex loop help.6Fybe1009
x3 - Any way to find cheapest/highest price per sector?3Staxed402
X3AP - Universe Traders running out of work? Economy slowing down?12hourheroyes886
Are there any economy changing mods?3Tolmos486
Imagine: an encyclopedia, with current stock levels/prices, in the Navigation menu9bn1105
X:Tension revisited. Power loop question.2Mighty Midget436
[TC] Plot resource delivery & NPC economy2pref313
Personal economy begins to decline [Solved]9Rez668
[X3AP] Best item vs. The price vs. The size vs. The time it takes to make!6Stephen_Garlick831
While loop in a Mission Director.6RoverTX713
Complexes that Make money - BUT help the local economy22BankruptAssasin1150
Terran economy in AP10WeaponisedCookie742
[TC] Raising terran rep with eCell + crystal loops8pref599
TC - Station Parameters: Prices3SirDeity327
Total economy output19kolimbo884
Ship Selling Price6parkel591
where can I find the relative price modifiers?0mr.bear244
Best Selling Price Transports0mattydy17395
Ok so what gives with this economy?20dumdumdum1282
Aldrin bases and terran economy in AP7TheGoldElite839
[X3R] Economy Question4joefitts63325
Space Weed Factory - Managing Prices4ginsus595
X3TC Game Freeze / Audio Loop2falconvk1300
How do my station ships know where to buy/sell for the best price?2Kelwyn363
Min/Max prices list for new traders?3DrakenKin300
[X2] Pirate Orinoco Patrols my Fuel/Weed loop?!5chrismokvack545
Setting prices on a Complex Hub2ginsus302
looking for economy charts on sales/purchases of products pertaining to stations{TC}3sweetsedation304
Product Selling Price Setting5InfernoWalker367
how realistic is the economy across the series?20vlesperance1811
CAG Administration Set Station Price1amcrabil293
[X3:AP] Corporate Stock Price0ayakush331
How would you do a civilian economy?44UberWaffe2194
CAG and price limit5cheeseburger439
Changing Salvage Insurance Price1Alkeena236
Complex loop - shortfall in crystals (AP) (SOLVED)8Coreblimey775
Have there been any attempts to actually fix the X-Universe economy?7Luai2025
X3:AP Game freeze and audio loop.2jetset3802
Questions about the galactic economy and destroying competition4hostergaard3026
X3AP Economy Broken?1Aramova973
[X3TC] Specifics of Editing .spk Files? (changing price of ingame wares)4OneFourTwo1261
[LIB] find buy/sellstation with best price .... exclude array0gnasirator427
X3AP: best place for ore mines, allso economy questions1Skillzfire1355
Economy question: Who is the end consumer?12Sarganto639
[AP] Trying to sell Space Fuel at max price7Kira Eschatos735
X3TC: Sell ware for best price range? {also AP question}3Quinch852
Seeking reassurance on the Terran Economy situation12Oriestes803
Working realistic economy?2ivanwong1989551
Player Trading station ware prices2PARAKAS313
Terran Economy.. 1 1/2 days game time44ivanwong19893099
Changing Fighter Prices?1nate10587328
Getting the max price on Nvidium?4Uncle Ruckus 42504
Closed Loop Complex Asteroid Integration22Raize1160
Just capped me a Valhalla :) but with a heavy price :(10you_rebel_scum1093
[X3TC] Saving Terran Economy19tesier4823
X3 AP terran economy mod1rujikin1374
(AP) Does the Terran economy still collapse?3incarnyte785
'Sell ware for best price' ships stay at station2Zanslev416
[X3TC] The Problem of a balanced starting economy...2kriscorrie438
Sell for best price bug?0question_mark782
Trying to find repair price mod or script5sadron500
SOLVED: X:BTF Freezes/audio loops at end of tutorial/first coms screen...0LethalFinch432
Best price on trading software mk2 seems greyed out3evilosmosis473
[AP] Help with a complex economy9Modeler943
Economy question to Egosoft12spang872
[REQ][-X3TC/AP] Best price locater [Agent?]4Shoam2B631
how to loop factory7spirit2744
How to always buy/sell stock at the lowest/highest price1Dwar469
economy question9Jumee572
Edit ship / weapon prices?5jamafish462
Best ST ship to keep Aldrin economy alive?32Jonathan_Shepard1808
[X3tc]Mid-Game Economy Brainstorming4Nick Northern683
Transports needed for loop? (X2)2Elektromag366
How do CAG pilots know demand/prices?14Gregorovitch703
mine prices2spartan117joh386
Who else used the price-hike cheat in BTF?2Boringnick353
Can factories regulate their own prices somehow?7Boringnick492
closed loop complex...?23jamafish1361
[TC] Why does Internal CLS need a price setting?8valerria574
(X3TC) question about factory price, jump setting7giva0071413
How to get the Terran economy back / buy Terran stations?5someuser664
X3TC terran economy question4SirCharles726
a few questions, and why are taladi ships so overpriced?3Skillzfire476
game economy x3tc7Frank Johnson722
TL hauling price ?3Sorkvild549
Effects of an e-cell free economy32Dank74301759
Don't remember the economy being this bad...and not talking about the U.S.16daviddowner1279
Best way to boost the yaki economy, and get me proffitssssss16Skillzfire2267
Products not sold below demand price?7AoF.Marauder832
Selling cahoonas at best price from station is borked.16vladesch1217
[TC] Question regarding smugglers and the space fuel economy11VELLA993
Closed Loop with 2 End Products ...5Timbuk2638
x2 economy is really bad9SmackinJuice812
Local Economy / supply reporter0Hardscript345
Station Prices4Hardscript479
TC Terran Economy Question (GOD)10Viczzz1185
Reunion Economy Help Please9LowkeeDragon33659
Yaki economy bump6deca.death825
Ship Prices / Where to best sell a ship6djmail3885
[X3TC] What Price Victory? (Acceptable Loss for Boarding Agamemnon)15MarvinTheMartian2065
"buy ware for best price" problem4AK247579
Why can't they patch the terran economy?51TheGoldElite4531
x3tc 3.1 economy11AK2471363
Hydra-headed production loops and profit maximisation8twilight_echoes809
X Rebirth - sequels? or High quality resonably priced dlc?46dougeye3894
Which Economy to get started first? ( and why?)14TTD1284
Reviving the Aldrin economy with local traders12StarSword2149
[TC] Terran economy/NPC fabs - Primary Ressource but not necessary for production?3Lelouch631
Reviving the Terran economy with Protein Paste12StarSword2627
Buy for best price/jumpdrive2pjensen42493
Tips for restarting terran economy?7Lelouch1468
X3TC - Terran M5, ridiculous weapon price?27TheGoldElite2213
LT / UT's knowing prices3builder680604