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Capping, stealing, boarding and carjacking ships in X3 Terran Confict - THE HOWTO554delray333508
[SCRIPT] Salvage Claim Software : V1.21 : 20-01-2010233Cycrow205725
The X3 Capturing Guide149The Cuban Nightmare182499
[SCRIPT] Salvage Claim Software V1.05 : Updated 29/06/06333Cycrow177835
Ship Capture Guide: X2 Version 2 (Updated for 1.4)324Al176710
[SCRIPT] LazCorp Claim Sector / Unknown Sector v1.02 - Updated 06.11.2008155Lazerath101375
AL Plugin : Heavy Assault Capture Technology 1.2b 28/4/06267LV90941
X3TC: A How-to for capping the #deca in Vanilla TC without cheating178Eddis70842
a guide to capping xenon K66Ravenlord45926
[Bonus Plugin] Cartel Capture Passengers15moggy243779
[Script] Capture Stations v1.0 by Nividium 13/02/0941Nividium38183
[AL-Plugin] Unified Capture by Brand-X60Brand-X37220
How to capture the Xenon M2 aka K .72geoffrey36249
Capturing ships Made easy79Kryten26938
Capping mechanics... [Spoilers and even some disassembled code inside]114juanitierno26211
Has anyone captured a Khaak ship yet?94Meijin Kinjo25733
Capturing capital ships ?!? **Spoiler**102TheStyx24991
[AL PLUGIN] Kha'ak Capture Plugin (KCP) | v1.01 | 8 Nov 0618Serial Kicked24641
X3TC - Best Player ship for Capping and general all around ownage10Hubasan23848
A little Khaaks capturing guide68b-b-q21890
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[X3LU] Satellites Monitoring + Claim And Tug Command5Wynarel466
[X3TC] Balance of Power - waiting to capture Fenrir and Mjollnir7amoe518
Looking for script of Increased length for claim to ships[at LU+Mayhem].2angkel1111347
Looking for the HCF Capture Hotkey script made for the xtended mod0Nashaulk352
Balance of Power mission: Tyr battleship captured breaks script?4Ericmor492
Capping Khaak M3's6Syn3rgy532
[X-Tension] Cannot anymore capture a ship after 5:00 - RNG at work.20UnknownObject1749
[X3AP] best ships to capture? ships that can not be bought2Space1001066
[X3AP] special objects (get it?or capture?)2Space100653
[X3AP] a upgrade guide to capture? boarding4Space1001055
[X3AP] capturing ship and reputation, how to not lose reputation?7Space100890
First capture ever, this noob needs help4Mannimarco807
Captured a TL with "Rebuild Station" sticking12RainerPrem856
Ships exploding after being claimed - resolved9Waiter860
Yaki Shuri - capture without angering the Yaki possible?9Allan F856
NP Escort Can Follow its Captured Leader and Fight!4Bill Huntington548
Observation on Capping5Bill Huntington559
X3TC/X3AP and OBS Game Capture2memeics559
[X3AP/LU] Claim And Tug Command7sebbi084034
capping terran fighters and boarding terran ships4Mahadev460
[X2] Capturing Race Ships and Relations?2immortalfrieza539
Khaak capture in x2 1.50chuc211622
capturing a xenon p5Loki stephens472
Capping Xenon Capitals44Cursed Ghost2798
Ship capping help8Blinx25101323
Auto claiming mod?1feygan333
Capping in Terran Sectors6Bill Huntington837
Unclaimable ship in Aldrin (AP)6Sovereign01706
X3TC 3.1 Bugged AI ships when captured query.1The Iron Duke344
X2: Can Khaak destroyers be captured?7jamieren557
Capping the big ships: Cobra vs. Two ships and Sirokos6Bill Huntington474
sell a captured ship? sell missiles?12tornar820
How are claimable ships spawned?5DrUnK3nFuN614
Auto claim?1feygan322
Claiming docked ships6Cursed Ghost671
Capping a Boa?9Bill Huntington509
[X3:AP] Capturing Xenon captials... the cost!34Jimmy C2133
Claim Ship Range3Joelnh472
Manage two captures at once, possible?7Jimmy C543
[X3:AP] Effective means of capturing TPs?7Jimmy C565
X3TC Apricot Claiming software issues6Chariot4me461
Annoying glitch capping Carracks instead of assassinating6IanFitzJo407
[X3:AP] Worth repairing Aran before capture?8Jimmy C779
[X3:AP] Operation: Capture Hercules, what do I need?7Jimmy C361
Capping Xenon K22samoja1505
Capturing ships without destroying them....3Symont416
Questions about combat, capturing, and stealing...231oddible6016
[X3AP] Is there a "Sector Capture" mod that lets you re-name the sectors?0Aeshi449
X3AP stuttering flying around stations - Fixed by capping fps at 60.6dome1231114
Man...Been trying for almost two hours to capture Vidar7TheCh0senOne-446
[TC] M3 for fighter capping.15Lea Flamma1257
Capturing using Ion Disruptors5Ronin677895
Captured ship doing its own thing2Bishop149460
Capping the heavy centaur prototype3DickusMaximus450
X3AP - Capping Xenon K3foxxbl472
Capturing in x23zhollett565
SEWN and Claimable ships3jureidinim351
[Script/Mod Request] More loot when capping ships3LeopoldStotch348
Capping Advice - Jump Beacons7Monstrous Regiment647
[AP] - Capping Rep drop mod to TC is levels?0laff239
criterion to find unclaimed ships0fourier655
[X3AP]: Capping a Hayabusa2scaco579
(X3TC) hostile support when capping a Tyr4DiArmada464
Captured Kha'ak Interceptor - worth keeping?16Ewan1231332
AP - SEWN [BonusPlugin] doesn't save Claim setting2galatei_tf491
[X3TC] Ship capping question ... KOS?6shabitz471
[X3AP] Trouble capturing an L13strask4121548
X3:Reunion, Can I capture Yaki ships?5esgeroth967
X3AP: Capturing up: How high can you go?5IConquer550
Help with RRF Capture3ajm317323
captured Xenon PX with no loses18mallard908
Capturing a Xenon L6Elitechaoslord701
X3AP 3.0 Steam Capping Argon M34Genryu657
captured the valhalla11mallard783
capping with wings / fighting with wings4Thelastreject379
Is it Possible to Capture Stations?3Dogmeat55577
Capture the Aran with 8 marines and minimal losses in X3AP 3.0.0DarkVigilante587
Capturing M3 Prototypes in AP?3Damian Swift546
X3 AP - Capturing M3 Argon Ship Mission Plot ?11Arialth1859
Tips for capturing Hyperion with a TP6Damian Swift490
Capping ships3chrissy4nicole308
[X3AP] Capturing Xenon L - Does reloading work?3dave1001892
Capturing Spaceflies for 3.0 Plot17Fallent1532
[SCRIPT] X3 TC / AP : Colored Claimable Ships 1.1 dd 15-jun-20136qwizzie8689
[X3AP] Capturing a couple of tricky targets5Taniniver843
Capping TLs with goodies inside?7Timsup2nothin849
Yet another Xenon L capping thread ...8Alareth781
[TC] ATF rep and capping (also Deca question)65150452
[TC] Capping #cafe and/or #efaa?15150278
Capping an Enhanced Chimera?20thatguyfromvienna703
Capping TLs with stations5Adarksoul519
Capping a Cobra by Shooting ??11Bill Huntington718
[AP] Some questions about ship capping in AP versus TC6modisch489
question lookign for stable sector capture mod5Holy Slayer383
Capping Terran ships AP11samoja652
Alternative M5 to M3+ capping mod (Alpha release, testers and feedback needed)9Alberto.Rota899
TC: mission created mammoths, possible to capture?13anneking476
Capping A L...6AjRyder342
Not good at capping14Dogbite841
[Script] Station Capture Through TL Boarding [UPDATE V1.1]17RoverTX5170
Capping fighters in AP3WeaponisedCookie426
[Script] Simple Claim Hotkey7Treelor463
Ships that I have captured and bought transport ships die for no reason4HelsBane473
Claiming a system (X3AP)3WishmasterSR700
X2 ship capping mods?0immortalfrieza1109
Capping Ship13BankruptAssasin642
Can't capture Aran in X3AP10Fnord Lightbringer1601
Laser Towers and ship capping3soulmata575
I am unsure about what ships I should capture.16Brinnie866
X3TC - Capping a K, do i stand a chance?27pref986
Capping a "Return ship" mission ship advice needed.15Ailour789
Keris ruining my srealth capping of a HYP/V1Sabrina Bergin259
Captured an argon Colossus but it still has it's whole flight wing on board.???9ali-stool969
Capturing the #Deca2paranid gaurdian443
Bored of being unable to clean and claim sectors for myself4bthreat69815
[Request] Claim Sector for any race0Lorric323
A Speculation and A Question about Capping the Small Ships8Bill Huntington575
(AP) Rep loss when capping ships?3SilusCrow378
[X3AP] Capture Ship Video3ArtemisShanks459
Capping and reputation in AP1skeelime275
[X3:AP] Capping my first ship - Help33SilusCrow1424
[X3:TC] "Sorry for Capping one of your ships ..."7zapza712
is there any new "living" mod with capturing systems etc?47aleks20981859
Hilariously sad M7M capture attempt story17strask4121449
Unale to capture Xenon Capital Ships3phoenix_5a704
Captured ship disappeared !! (solved)12Klord646
Capping - too stupid ? - Or what am I doing wrong;)23rand__1301
X3TC: Capping the Fenrir and Mjollnir..2 out of 2..(bit of a story, too :)) Success!16terryokc21288
Hub Plot Enhanced Dolphin claiming problem1Cpl.Ultramarine563
X3TC: The Fenrir/Mjolinir capping issue...need a bit of input, please.25terryokc21274
Question on claiming sectors through mods11Heroguy293839
X3AP Finally managed to capture a PX3GoldenShadowGS529
Incendiary bomb launcher forge capturing ? (AP)22Klord2909
How exactly are you guys capturing big ships with big guns ?43Klord2283
[X3R Expected Capture Percentage4joefitts63350
Protoypes, Advanced, Enhanced etc, Random unclaimed ships. [AP]4Advent1s558
Capturing a TL...will this idea work ?24Klord1336
Capping Fenrir and Mjolnir on Balance of Power11ginsus462
Help wit Capture1kinghamsc270
Hints for capping that damn Xenon L? (Argon Albion Prelude plot)22Boringnick3839
[X3AP] ship removed from game after boarding capture while not in same sector2vahadar523
Military doesn't like me capping pirates?5Rapsey500
Capping differences X2-X3TC5StevesX2436
Capping the truelight seeker9the ultimate warrior837
Capping Aran difficulties9mikefrombrooklyn1022
forgotten how to claim an abandoned ship9Gracie479
X3AP Best m3 for capping M3s and smaller?8kaluce1567
X3AP capping, marine amounts?2Lord Dakier624
Captureing fighters18niytiy1331
AP Capping a Q7Sabrina Bergin706
Terran Scabbards not capturing Split TL20Grunt1588
X3AP Aran Capture311501474926
[X3:R]Can I capture any big ship with the patch 2.5 ?7Jacket01569
Egosoft please fix captured ships disappearing.2Gosnell438
Why can't I cap or claim the Truelight Seeker?6coozie7592
Capping Terran Capital Ships (Hull Thickness)12The Iron Duke770
[X3AP] Capping no-pilot Khaak scouts5kaluce794
Military Tracking Scan & Captured Ship Command Reset 1.0 27/4/12 AP11LV4879
[AP] Capping an Xenon L (Mission Plot)16Arialth2860
Am I missing something? - Capping the Aran4salawinder295
aran capping37p00fer1708
reclaiming and storing engine/rudder tunings/ cargobay??0rafezetter372
X3 [AP] capping question3xseriespadre471
Captured ships are disappeared after finishing a part of "Balance of Power" plot2vradchuk298
The AP 2.0 vanilla Xenon capping thread20gecos1852
Not Able To Apologize While Capping11FunkySwerve641
Captured Scimitar keeps getting destroyed9Skeletal671
Did I just get super lucky with an early capture?25nubcakes_mcgee1181
X3 AP [Hint] How to capture that Xenon L3Typee10601
Capping impossible!28Sturmer971
Arena / Casino capping?23The Iron Duke1072
[AP]capping mammonth or J20dznguy1010
X2 the threat - Capping with sheilds2redminer99991168
(AP) SEWN Assitance required - how do I find claimable ship?3Casualty643
How to capture M3(Xeon L) ?18FreeMayk1928
[AP] The game keeps deleting my newly captured Aegir4Jokkocze728
Capping Xenon7mimeo876
X3TC Hyperion Armament for Capping?12DeathXI1308
Capping the Arran AP17Sabrina Bergin1213
[AP] Claiming a ship you can't target8OOZ662703