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Tenlar's Guide to Lasers and Tactics (updated 8 August 09)80Tenlar Scarflame95995
[Script] STEALTH Lasertowers - Ring of Fire (v2.27 - 28.04.08)122Gazz70260
[SCR] Ring of Fire - Stealth Lasertowers (v2.31 - 29.11.09)164Gazz66444
Overtuning ships, repair laser and 2nd HQ in TC vanilla. Exploit howto with pictures)327kurush59615
(X3TC) Repair Laser47oldrosestereo55564
Burianek's Laser / Economy Rebalance v1.0 *Update*102Burianek42482
X3 weapon stats : Lasers & Missiles15Gazz36090
[X3 Script] Lasertower Array [2.0.01 compatible Upgrade]43euclid26038
[MOD] Racial Laser Variants (Beta 0.93)64Gazz25479
Lasertower Upgrade Script available now45euclid24271
[X3APv2.0] Ships / Lasers / Missiles stats Viewer (Excel) [v0.6a 25.02.2012]30konrad13x19090
X3:TC - The personal repair laser, a curse or a blessing?24xiriod15776
Repair laser for x3 reunion21Deathwolf15053
[AL Plugin] Pirate Base Lasertower Defense Booster v1.01 01-08-0715Jakesnake513817
An X3 ship/laser/missile stats update40Roguey13757
[SCRIPT] Apollyon Arms: Laser Weapon Switcher (LWS)23Laureati12626
How to move the cockpit (and laser)16doubleshadow11755
[X3] Pulse Beam Emitters (PBE)-- What are their functions in relation to other lasers14enfo1311185
Repair Laser and The XTended Mod22kmkenpo10487
[XTC SUB-MOD] Repair Laser for X3TC X-Tended 1.1 UPDATED23Mike.Galaxy10345
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X3 Reunion - Where can I sell Laser towers?4siddham237
Orbital Laser ?4Bill Huntington351
X-Tension - Laser Tower - Current Weapon Setting3FrancisV308
[XTC Script]XTC 2.2 - Repair Laser on Normal Difficulty0Khaakbuster435
Freight drone/lasertower problem - Spoilers in solution!2bazthebad366
Remove/nerf repair laser?3Tkdmaster571
Laser Installed Jumpgates & Fines For Fratricide0phantomrock2609
Repair laser for X-tended 2.2 ?1manniac380
Lasertower Control2Joelnh458
Custom turrets moving but not firing its lasers.. Any idea whats wrong?7Black_hole_suN617
AP laser autoswitch actually considers more than range?1fireanddream470
Pirate bases and lasers cannot be destroyed.7Hellblazer591
X3TC Query: Regarding one laser turrets0Anonymous285
Sort order of miss/laser subtypes?7scoutster396
2 Q's: CLS problem and placing lasertowers26wolfee1124
[X3LU] Repair Laser Rate Pack14Joubarbe9255
Looking for a repair laser mod1robbyroy429
Average price of deployed Lasertower/Satellites/Jump beacon/etc2memeics413
AP - Red Lasertower fix2Monstrous Regiment440
AP: Keris and Laser towers8mc74654
Lasertower Pickup ?1Bill Huntington305
[X3:AP] Do Universe Laser Towers help Rep?1poopboypat399
Current issues with WIP Mod (repair lasers)7Deveyus688
Speed up laser speed3pave_low488
[AP (XRM?)] How does Laser Switching work?5Aeshi418
(X3:TC) Laser towers next to pirate sectors bring peace?3ClastMalon478
Tlasers Limit7Deveyus475
[X3TC] "Missing" laser bays fix (CODE, X3 Editor 2, ETC.)0NovaTempest510
My lasertowers going places...6Araknis638
[X3 AP] Stupid Terran Laser Towers6NewtSoup634
Lasertowers increase fighting rank?4Araknis501
Equip the true lightseeker with lasertowers?12Cursed Ghost760
synchronize laser shots4Falcrack481
Repair laser speed8Symont729
XBTF - How do you kill the lasers on the Xenon Mothership?3bf3qp9k605
Laser repair3Ronin677428
Best race and Ships for Laser like weapons9nankurarei595
Value of building mass Laser tower factories ??8Tasogie628
can you get PALC from laser towers?8Orion1632562
Editing laser damage output5Sturmer351
[request] lock race relations for your ships/lasertowers etc2firestorm79308
Rear Turret not working with lasers?6Eagle514
Repair Laser, give them some use in AP?5Midnightknight733
[X3AP] Questions on Lasertowers and Pirate spawns5OniGanon431
Albion Prelude lasertowers7Nebulos740
Laser tower problem AP 3.05dervce640
Add Lasers to Cockpit2der-mozart424
[X3TC] How to generate Repair Lasers in a vanilla game.18Moss72045
X3TC- top and bottom turret not shooting after adding cockpit lasers2Marccarrier565
[Question] Laser Tower24Waicheun1651
TLaser and TFactories, help[s] is/are required...1Schultski331
Anything to reduce Lasertower performance hit?2Sotanaht468
Any way to repair Laser Towers other than using the repair laser?3IanFitzJo629
[AP] LaserTowers that are hostile but shouldn't be: how to fix.4Censor580
Who sells the Phased Array Laser Cannon13REB4111240
X3AP: Laserpointer Defense System {WIP} - need performance advice13Quinch1110
How do I fire my mining laser?8ruger_shooter22804
X3AP: Task management for lasertowers0Quinch372
Mad Lasertowers4Astronoid462
Any way to legitimately obtain repair lasers?2IConquer569
Laser Towers change Friend to Foe when Global is Friend16WeedWhackerDood1351
Firing missiles from lasers3J.M.348
X3AP: Lasertower preferential targeting1Quinch572
OOS, Lasertowers, and reputation.6IConquer706
[AP] Beryll Aid - where to find laser towers?10Gregorovitch1228
X3AP Paranid lasertowers always hostile3IConquer682
getting PBC from Lasertowers...(AP)16Deathtoll6661139
laser recharge rate3thebarry85283
NEED EXPERIENCED x3 Editor 2 person, Adding laser types not working ???4Nosfuratu79476
Vanilla AP 3.0 Phased Array Laser Cannon5DarkVigilante782
AI laser energy3wolfmanpuck372
Dealing with hostile laser turrets?8eugene123893
X3AP - Beam lasers and turrets10ShaTiK1523
Way to remove the laser indicator0alowe291
[X3AP] Phased Array Laser Cannons are a Rare Drop40Tohron4956
5 pounds of books on mouse for laser? laser thingy is here!:)24RayF2818
Where are the Lasertower Factories?12ScruffyBamboo922
Finding lasertowers1Quinch359
TrackIR without a crossair to know where laser go feel unplayable IMO6Loran_69800
Add lasers to TS cockpit3Llewelyn462
Space suit repair laser issues1mkelican1602
Repair Laser4phantomrock2599
[X3AP] OOS Laser Tower question6Simoom1158
Fetching lasertower wepon wit freight drone0samoja372
X3AP: Lasertowers and performance impact12Quinch666
Question about Laser Energy7babyblue42620
Is it true that AI ignores laser energy and is able to fire forever?2Earth Ultimatum IV.403
How to Get Most Powerful Lasers in SE0Cavemonkey293
Laser towers2DeathKnight505483
LAser problems -.-11NighTragE474
Laser Towers and ship capping3soulmata564
Red Laser Towers and the pain they bring9soulmata793
[Request] Disabling laser tower is under attack notifications4Probe1641
[X2] I can't get the lasers to work...3DoctorGalifrean1059
Repair ship/laser2SpongeBobSpacepants433
Repair Laser ?6SpongeBobSpacepants599
Adding laser types to ships8Piraneous686
Terran Lasertower in X3TC3Killjaeden525
problems with lasertowers14cobra mk21084
laser towers1dwob620
Laser defense towers11Kevlarburrito767
Max Psp or ssc Lasers for kyoto or woden Arming Ships - Fixed by stopping NPC scripts2bobt312
[AP] Laser Tower7thundercles579
where can i get a repair laser16Makoaman1547
(X3TC) Lasertowers - can they drop PBC crates when destroyed?5ThommoHawk1038
TLaser Energy & Charge rate values3Killjaeden341
Phased array laser cannon in AP ?26Klord1840
Best anti-lasertower strategies?14Arqane1324
Repair Laser ??? (AP)3Klord702
[X3AP] Boron Lasertower bug6SayuNowi794
Repair Laser.......or seems like lack of...1stavros587
No laser towers?2Alareth472
X-BTF - Simple question - how do I sell my lasers?1jgoemat390
(AP 2.1) Beryll Lasertower. Bug? UPDATE REPORT17Coreblimey1088
Repair laser = Aggressive action? Mod (maybe) to fix this?27Jaycen_Aelis1631
Repair Laser: Mod to not make using it an aggressive act?1Jaycen_Aelis433
X3 AP Questions: Engine Tuning and Laser Towers4postmangg1369
laser Towers4Cale245732
Laser Tower / Complex Construction suggestion7Cursed Ghost784
Laser tower to fire at incoming missiles fired at them5Hellblazer601
How do laser groups work?1flopsies236
Repair Lasers & Phased Array Laser Cannon (AP)16Coreblimey4752
Remove laser towers from the sector map, Aran style?4kurush533
A Player's Headquarters & More Laser Power7Anonymous980
X3AP Laser Effects and Race Missions/Management1nankura431
[AP] Question about Automatic Laser switching (turret command)12telapo1536
[X:BTF] Upgrading Lasers [SOLVED]3ravensnowfall378
Rogue Paranid lasertower!1TZER429
Where can I buy a repair laser?18layton991083
Best place to buy laser for my mercury?26lovewizard1225
Of Repair Lasers, Elastic Bands and Morals39stg19691482
Why is the AI using my custom lasers?8bluenog143778
sentry lasers/defense marines3Lord0bsidian470
X3AP - Pirate Base blue - Pirate Laser Towers red????4Casualty1116
Getting Plasma Beam Cannons from Lasertowers4sadron800
Laser Towers, AP?2arnak541
Unable to Remove Lasers since update4Dave the Rave599
Number of laser towers...5lt_wentoncha648
[TC] Repair Lasers - Can they be FOUND?14TheCoolSideofthePillow928
Repair laser trick27skalapunk2560
what is the cargo hold for on lasertowers?8Sterling Work998
How to get a CLS to sell off unlisted missiles/lasers to NPC EQ docks/military bases?5Silverblade The Enchanter554
X3TC Xenon M Lasers??9xTemon702
Boosting the repair laser?2Anfar746
X3R/TC/AP - Repair laser Trick25Aelhis5895
Can you actually get the Phased Array Laser Cannon?9Aeshi2271
[Mod] Repair Laser X100effreem2307
X3AP 1.1 Post-Patch Bug - Laser installation problem (turrets Argon Cerberus)7..723
Albion repair lasers?1alterami721
X3AP 1.1 Hyperion laser energy reaload rate bug4zidder781
Boresight Firing laser in X3AP not availabee but is in X3TC9tomango911
Automatic Laser Switching in 1.13MS_Cowboy516
Lasers Off Target5zigelmind536
[AP] lasertower production6AshToDust728
Turrets/Lasers Don't Fire in X3:AP?!6MTCason6184
SETA & Repair Laser11canshow1137
How to add sensors to lasertowers?2Kai101m5577
AdvSatellite becomes Lasertower on deployment.3Taha869
[AP] For a good time, deploy 100 lasertowers in a Xenon sector :-)31Fnord Lightbringer3235
Can you upgrade lasertower's shields?7tanner1ie731
[Mod / Bugfix] Workaround for X3:AP v1.0b laser issues3Gazz2564
[AP] 3 laser towers for The Beryll mission9rjweng916555
AP lasertowers 1gj7BEAR 211061
Deactivating Bullet impact or Laser hit lag2ezra-r280
[BUG] X3:AP - Mani TP Laser Recharge4Sam97531775
[AP] Lasertowers5TheZoq2943
Reapir laser?4arnak653
(question) AP OOS laser selection5Shimrod609
Quantum Tube Repair Laser [AP]0Coruskane592
X:AP - how to obtain terran Orbital Laser?2mr.WHO834
[REQ] Buyable ship mounted repair laser1NephilimNexus599
Terran commander start. orbital lasers??7Spoonikle1045
Lasertower changes4Revenat342721
Laser Tower pickup mod1Drockt1414
Argon Peacekeeper - Where do I get 3 laser towers?14Skydiver(uk)2857
Noob here, why can't I install any laser on my Boron Thresher?18shadyJ1228
[Resource] Awesomefied Small Lasers (Add-On Pack)8F.A.B.4533
Ships for Repair Lasers ?9SpongeBobSpacepants1312