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[SCR] CODEA Weapon System [13th May 2010 X³:TC 3.1.14]1913Saetan300362
[SCR] CODEA Weapon System [09-06-03 X3TC 3.beta.19]429darkfear132931
X3 Guide to configuring your weapons40pixel82599
[MOD][TC] Advanced Weapons Research Mod (AWRM) [v0.33/R13 - Sa-02-Jul-2011]415Roger L.S. Griffiths76681
[AL Plugin] Stevio Weapons Dealer :: V2.10 :: 08/11/2006177Stevio57486
[SCR] MEFOS Weapon System [19th April 2010 X³:TC 3.2.03]79Saetan49421
X3-TC Ship/Weapon/Missile and Turret Stats....... and another Map - Update v1.528krait_daoc46839
[SCRIPT] Weapons Changer v2.50 [Updated 15/07/07]99Bunny38034
G613's Capital Ship/Capital Weapon Rebalance [RELEASE 1.0]86Galaxy61337041
[SCRIPT] Add Orbital Weapons Platforms to Argon Prime Shipyard v1.01 - 19.12.0847xiriod36282
X3 weapon stats : Lasers & Missiles15Gazz35275
[MOD] XXL Factories and Orbital Weapon Platforms - v2.0 (Updated: May 19)168MutantDwarf33646
[TC] [XLS-XLSX] [2009.10.24] Weapons, Shields and Ships Spreadsheet 2.5.043tatakau33079
[SCRIPT] [2009.03.03] Weapons Quickswap v1.0334tatakau29249
[SCRIPT]-(31-08-09)-Weapon Select Extension v2.0074WindsOfBoreas25660
Best Weapon? X3: Reunion20Phantompr5622244
[X3TC]Weapons and their effects13Perseus198620703
[MOD][AP] Advanced Weapons Research Mod (AWRM) [v1.4 - Sa-15-Jun-2013]71Roger L.S. Griffiths17634
[Tutorial] How to make custom weapons35Matterom16338
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[X3AP] different weapons on same turret?9Space100324
Old player returns and need some help with ships and weapons64lostone19931636
X3:TC, The best weapon configuration for the Best M3-Class ship - Mamba .20frostysh600
so, pirate orbital weapons platform3fireanddream375
weapon choices and turret auto switch questions4fireanddream268
PSG/PBG weapon range3fireanddream269
XRM and Khaak beam weapons - how to change them to CPU-friendly version?10noname159280
Why are weapons so quiet when flying capital ships?3Syrez640
[Looking for] Kha'ak Weaponsmith Factory Mod7Übersoldier451
Weapon Arrangements Terran Conflict5Bengunn328
How do you sell Weapons, Shields etc. in X2: The Threat3Atheius263
I'm looking for new ships and weapons4ShadowOfNone410
[SCRIPT] Orbital Weapon Platform Transport Service 1.12Mycu749
[X3AP]Newb Weapon Compatability Question9oHmY313
What weapons/missles to use againts xenon M and L24aleksander.dorkov589
Buying Weapons7Migdalin438
Trying to create script that adds weapons to ship2Dovakiin227
Duplicate weapons with colored circles - modded game.1pgfujg278
Built-in Max weapon targeting range is 10km2rapoker239
Creating added (modded) weapons from player built station (X3TC)...?6DarrenTomlyn287
x3 terran conflict: What weapons and ship are used in this clip?6Dreamslayer11279
Need help modifying weapon2ProdigyToby140
[X3TC] I cannot buy any weapons on all of my ships.5SlaSla570
Setting weapon values?3DARCA1213143
Weapons grouping on Springblossom Bugged? X3:TC Vanilla (Working as intended)10ZZ555345
Argon Anonymous starts with no weapons?17lyubarskiy638
Adding non-compatible weapons to ships12Zadey421
Best Weapon to fry target equipment in preparation for boarding?12Rdubs606
Drones Weapons1Grid175
What weapons should i put on the back of a M7M Gannet?2Barons181
[X3TC] ATF Vidar automatically unequipping certain weapons!?2J-M v2.5.5255
[x3:AP] Performance issues, especially with khaak weapons7clunatic618
Modding TBullets (Weapon Visuals)0Dyno123165
Using X3 editor 2 to put weapons on ships2shadowblayde316
specs for enhanced weapons3mcsquared196
Why are mounted weapons taking up cargo space?12samoja444
X3TC Weapons IS/OOS Question10Cayo124389
[HELP!] Fighters Unequip their weapons upon entering combat9YorkRoss297
X3AP capital weapons do not fire3JemmLoy205
Adding explosions to flak weapons5Brokkoli372
Weapons for my mistral?32stevee620613
Horrible weapon sound8Shaded325
Which weapons should I arm my ships?13TheCh0senOne-459
X3 TC: Weapon Creation/Additions0NovaTempest191
Where do I buy weapons for my Argon Titan?2bigscififan130
Where do I buy weapons for my Argon Titan?6bigscififan238
X3AP when I order a TM to protect me, does it use the front weapon bay?5nospammdi250
X3: AP how come I can't fire weapons while flying?16ryanpeterson396
Best race and Ships for Laser like weapons9nankurarei418
[Help] DOBAG weapon system8fiby314
[X3:TC]Do all the Wing Management Scripts actually put specific weapons in each slot?2spoidz193
Missile and Weapon Statistics in game?1xxsleepyxx458
Albion prelude humble merchant... weapons..7moogie327
XRM mod ship, stations, weapon listings....7Valen68581
Capital ships will not fire weapons when spawned into game2trekkie33146
Split from InfinityWEAPON thread.1FluffyCanadianLumberjack169
Any mod to improve weapon graphical effects?7FlightJunkie531
[X3TC] Weapon stats question10mtlmaks445
Special Weapon for split? (help)7W_Dragon373
Mixing Weapons in Turrets5electron_pilot248
Modifing weapons and missiles8bluetorino406
[X3Reu] Boron Orca Weapons?3Ewan123164
Hey guys noob player quick weapons question...3Ilikenoodles220
Question about Lucike's Codea Force Base and Orbital Weapons Platform2SgtBodach363
[X2] wiki or website with station/factory, upgrades and weapons info?1Gazer75181
Changing weapon models...0Schultski186
Weapons dealer jackpot! X3:AP XRM6dhouseholder1039
modding ship and weapons don't fire (FIXED)1Ningyo142
Terran Conflict where do I get new weapons?8weltraumnoob379
X3:AP want to equip my new M7, but weapons are out of stock everywhere17dogboy1221068
Ion weaponry13erevo566
X3:AP Weapon and missile facts aren't doing anything.1dogboy122142
[X3R][Solved] Does computer control weapons individually in each side of ships4Gqqnbig209
[X3AP] Weapon groups on non-player ships2RiverRat2800238
Kha'ak weapons? X3:AP4IConquer342
Any site or Forum posts with weapon recommendations?11Dezonus229
A few questions regarding weapons. (X3: AP)3IConquer144
Help with weapons7Prometeus267
weapon groups doesnt switch2vargata181
(Steam X3:AP) Ship weapons do not fire.4Venovipe623
[AP] Beam weapons, any plans for more variety?2Vilmu330
How to find weapon requirements?5professor00179240
X3TC: Question on weapon grouping5Silverbox216
Station weapons for Terran Conflict2darkstar one317
TC: First Capital Ship Weapon Question10AA0154298
Weapon HUD info13baranowb519
(X3:TC) Ship Weapons Placement Guide.3ReignDance270
Need help with Weapon load out for an M7.32Lea Flamma792
Sheild/weapons Generator questions11Nickvr628240
Selecting weapons groups with xbox controller0Spacedude1942196
(X3:TC) So, I planned on making a weapon placement guide. Thoughts?7ReignDance314
X3TC: Weapon placement2ReignDance140
Where can I buy/get some weapons?7Astronoid284
Rarer Weapons and Goals9miagiaxp404
X3tc ships and weapons3chrissy4nicole473
Can you reverse engineer weapons at HQ yet?5Fallent505
Weapons Energy rating on TS Ships?5nicky43205
Help with ships and weapons for x3 reunion8chrissy4nicole608
Problem with installing weapon [x3 XTM]0skrzacik335
Help choosing a ship and weapons11chrissy4nicole585
Weapons are confusing15CommanderTM592
X3AP v3.0 weapons not working on bankrupt assassin1slategrey252281
Opinion : Missiles and Beam weapons cannot exist in the same time period58unity1001685
Error opening a file after weapon customization7TonyEvans123
About custom weapons1NighTragE139
Weapon-switching script3Quinch170
Weapons on stations3PromX271
[X3AP] Weaponless Discoverer's at start3Alareth306
X3:Reunion where can you buy Terran ships and weapons?7dogboy122915
NCP Ships and Other Weapons3Sand Raven218
X3 Reunion stagnant stations, no weapons or ammo and whats up with the L ships50FlightJunkie2890
[New Weapon Request] – Infection beam14Sand Raven648
[X3AP] Terran Weapon Complex10Hexakosioihexekontahexaph802
TC - M6 weapon and turret loadout8thatguyfromvienna422
Just bought the game and I am stuck in the tutorial... can't fire weapons15zuiko523
Q: about ware packages and weapon combinations6IYIENACE166
Question about editing weapons7Taro8271
Multiple versions of the same weapon1TonyEvans160
Ships and weapons in X2 and X33samoja251
Weapon/missle managment, there has to be a better way...1Eukatae217
help me change a weapon0harp101127
Questions About Weapon Modes3Dog G6167
Accumulating free weapons10Timsup2nothin2577
The pirate's alternative to closed loop weapon's plex8Timsup2nothin376
What weapon did X-shuttle had mounted in the beginning of his journey4samoja252
Is it possible to create a new weapon subtype or?2NighTragE180
Where to sell Weapons?2nickwjm205
TC Weapon Comparisons32AndrewRG1037
Weapon and Turret issues8titannub448
how does energy define the amount of weaponry i can have on a ship?10jamiestaton352
Weapons disappear16DaveH1947569
Shields and weapon power is rather weak compared to modern day power generation...13sadron446
X3 Albion Prelude - Merchant Tutorial Problem - No weapons firing.14SeriousSpy1645
Request: Trump Card Weapon/Systems4Midnak255
Dealing weapons5shaw0526288
Mod to use energy cells to inject power to weapons/shields?6Hellaciouss354
Complexes not generating weapons.12Zenoxious580
[X3TC] Random Hostiles Appearing - Not Standing Down Weapons Fight11estevesbk317
How to change the colour of a weapon (bullet)17Xenon472598
Buyable Orbital Weapons Platform3-pault193-347
[X3TC] Centaur And Medusa Weapons5tuckismad432
Bankrupt assassin without weapons?6Brinnie313
(TC) Ship and weapon icons identification12Taro8939
TC: Help refining a weapons complex.8Nyito208
Any mod for missile /weapon stats on HUD ?2HoPLoN235
Placing orbital weapons platforms next to Xenon gates? Will it contain them?1shadyJ378
Tweaking weapon damage2kolimbo121
MARS+moded weapons1Browncoat4life176
X3:AP - Terran Weapons question3Dumuzii294
Osaka Weapons1SirDeity173
Truelight Seeker Weapons?7SirDeity397
[X3 AP] HUD Weapon energy status - possible to have bars?3BloodyMess287
[X3:TC] Flails are the worst weapon for anti-fighter?20Girlinhat784
PHQ Loadouts Don't Save Weapon Bay Selections?1anthonysavatar290
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Weapons - Solved by weapons grouping.4fighter dave270
How do I get Khaak weapons in AP?1jelf342
Remote Ship Control - Weapon Groups28donzi745
X3TC Weapon Complex8Rapsey881
Weapon problem. Need help!7fourlights289
X3TC Some Weapons Advice5Ziggy329
Looking to change the weapons available on an xsp ship4Jiggaman206
[X3R] Detail Information - Weapons, Software, etc.4donzi450
How to create working AoE Weapons2Cronos988239
Terran Weapon Factories Not Producing (AP) *SOLVED*5Coreblimey452
Adding a new Weapon Sound3TonyEvans210
Is there any change weapons script ?3Klord137
Mars weapon system.3Sabrina Bergin365
X2 General Weapon Damage Question14purplefox8500
[AP] Change to Mines (Weapon)?2Echofinder187
Question: how to make custom weapon purchasable in game11Xenon472511
X3:AP weapons: any changes?4Ulan Dhor361
[REQUEST] X3AP extending range of weapons on Capitals and super Capitals5vahadar430
[Request] Mod for enhanced Orbital Weapons Platform combat12Vicius731
Question ? ... Installing weapons2JackBNimble184
Weapon Sounds?2Ameer Nuub195
Increasing weapon fire rate (help request - knowledge)7TonyEvans255
Question: Weapon Type : Seeking Cannon4TonyEvans233
Odin Weapon Load-out (AP)?2Coreblimey143