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Sticky: [X3] A tool to fix your directshow codecs (sound problems and performance)511MadBoris208740
Musical Map of the X3 Universe46TK - 42132083
[RESOURCE/TUTORIAL] X3:TC Music Library + Changing the soundtrack34superbun28728
[WIP] Tenlar's X-music71Tenlar Scarflame24215
[MOD] Reworked GalaxyMap + New Suns + unique SectorsoundtrackIDs43Alex Vanderbilt24051
crazy sound stuff95Jubie990923638
[Criminalized and removed] Firefly/serenity - Music Mod110carbonbw18189
Isolate any codec issues to help with crashes and performance issues.47MadBoris17507
X3 Vs Freespace 2 ... *Sound and Gameplay*73Sugz15437
In-Station voice anouncements - input appreciated!126BurnIt!15428
Re-encoding could solve all your freezing, CTD, and sound problems60scotoman14675
HowTo: Get your voices working!25Akdor 115413671
1.4.03a Test version for those with Video Codec problems34CBJ12152
Voice trouble... Im REALLY, confused. Please help!!!!39LostTourist9858
X-BTF+RAMMSTEIN+AVIS= X Music Vid #294Avis9344
[LIB] Library: Find Voice ID15Gazz9143
Stuttering ships voice33bleh9083
[IDEA] Voice recognition41(----____JEFF____----)8829
[RELEASE] Battlestar Galactica Music Mod48bladeuk8149
HOWTO: Using Voice Commands in X244moggy27544
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No sound in game, but sound works outside of game!5mistercat87
Game Music plays on Black screen - Resolved itself.2Cmd.Quintt82
Sound cuts out after an hour of playing X3TC - Resolved by sound driver update5RetainTicket170
Game hangs after warp tunnel sound ends4Sandtrooper228
[X3LU] LU Soundtrack for Linux!0Retchbeard205
Non-Steam X3AP: Argon Marines only ever use one voicetype2xenon1282462
Music: Working in X3TC but not in X3AP (some sectors work) Vanilla9LordDeimosIV823
Communication movies cause game to freeze momentarily - Haali codecs issue6Dadamh1389
X3 TC/AP - No voices, other audio works fine - Solved: Needed Media Feature Pack7Cipher2211010
X3TC/AP: Got Sound but no Speech - Resolved by OS reinstall7PsYcHo-19891137
XTC Xtended sound completely disappear0Heinz-Fiction390
Change the voice from the Bitching Betty?8gradash718
Buzzing sound in main menu X3 Reunion - resolved by fps cap3ucheehQ1205
Steam X3AP v3.1a CTD on entering certain systems - resolved by codec pack removal4gibbk979
[Solved by OS compatibility mode] [X3R] Audio music problem with Windows 103-=SiR KiLLaLoT=-1536
TC/AP on Windows from Steam installation/play issue - Resolved by Sound Driver update7atadeadrun769
Changing sector music (TC)1JJRSC556
Docking Music4Sirrobert355
[X3LU] Soundtrack advice - new start4technocr8573
[Script] X3VoiceControl2Sameh464
X2 [GOG Version] - Unable to start game - Resolved by Dx reinstall & codec clean5bravoman1144
Does X3TC support surround sound? Asus XonarDX7.11AL'42509
Sudden loss of voice in X3: TC and X3: AP4Annastasya776
Combat music in X:BtF - better quality available?1BlackArchon237
X3 (all X3) Win10 No sound FX or voices - surroundsound issue.6Cuna832
Linux X3AP + TC, no sound3Blitz4615
Question regarding Ship Computer Voice5Setty94645
Is there a way to get rid of combat music when not in combat?0OtterMan79241
No Voices, Windows 10 (N edition) - resolved with MS codec download.9memolipd1206
[X-Tension] Launch>Options>Sound & Graphics settings questions6ThommoHawk413
Music for fights3BlackArchon440
X3:AP - 5.1 sound distribution is off.3Wolveras601
Voice chat group(s)1SkyJon405
No voice and music problem (Windows N series) - Fixed by WMP install2Nicky21642
Music not playing in it's original quality7Helios01740
NPC voices dont work - workaround with speaker layput setting.5pyronac785
"Error Opening video. Check your Display" - Resolved by driver update and codec clean5kjnapalm752
XRM Mod AP - Restore vanilla sound effects?0ganon23284
Lag, freezes and sound loop21weewillyweiner1438
Lost voice after installing XRM 1.30 on Mac Pro1bci411
Voice Attack1Kentcol375
[X2] music in sectors in mono6Marcybiskup1580
soundtrack mod4Makoaman394
How to get voices back? - Now loaded earlier save.2Retiredman434
terrain conflict voices8oreeater362
Add new sounds ?16Joubarbe608
X3TC - Voice control using AutoHotKey Scripts - Dragon, CHP & VLC - Run Hid- SOLVED1XForumShadow458
[Sound][Visuals] BTF Callback Mods0Herman2000399
Static noise instead of music (fixed by mp3->wma conversion)2Hyde911609
Lost verbal sound in TC and AP games1steve416500
[X3 R ] crash after selecting targets - Fixed by codec clean-up.12susanowa1555
Poor Music quality [Solved by mp3->wma conversion]4EliteM3633
Custom Sounds Not Working3Phraggah311
X3:AP freeze when docking in Argon Prime and one more issue - resolved by codec clean5dlich993
Find a specific sound...7Joubarbe404
All the games form X Superbox stop working! - Fixed by codec clean up.3adcanaris849
Horrible weapon sound8Shaded555
violent lag during battles - improved by driver update and codec clean up.3Chakat_Astarot804
Making XRM voices work on OSX1projix557
X3TC- Utter frustration: no voice - Fixed by codec clean up.7LJ1221
Few Questions about Modding the Music2KWAiRT319
Access Violation crash ChangeTrackMusic - Fixed, removed Haali codecs.7Mr_Blastman960
Easy To Use Voice Command0illes_vrld299
Docking music ?0Joubarbe239
Loud humming/Whining sound in menu and in game7214jay1478
Sounds but no voice2shawntheone598
no voices0shawntheone468
[X3AP] Very quiet voices2Gilith553
X3TC/AP No Voices - Win8 N version. Fixed by installing WMP.2smitty1793596
Fired up AP and sound is messed up.1hisazul409
No music in some sectors - XRM mod.7Skillzfire459
Changing Sector Soundtracks6Slushman616
X-BTF Screen and Sound Issues0Wallytvf545
X2 and X3 Reunion Low music detail (Windows 8)4Helios01694
Menu navigation sounds gone1Sorkvild199
X3:AP Sound loop crash *SOLUTION* (Asus Xonar)3Nara1692
X: TC and AP - No voice or music - Win7 N was installed.2nilse451
X-BtF - Game music is mono? Windows 82radio1one752
[X3:AP/TC Steam] No voices. - Fixed by OS reinstall.3Xenxe850
[X3:AP] Sound Issues1KewlCrayon406
No Sound on Game Video1NJPerkins543
No internal sound1steve416270
Albion Alpha Music?1phantomrock2234
X3TC: Some sectors have low quality music - Fixed by swap to wma format.5Strassmann577
[X3AP] Soundtrack2jhanford300
Static issue with music, help is appreciated.8Valrum862
TC:theme music sector11SONIKONi595
X3AP - Crash to Desktop with Joystick buttons -Possible fix with correct Sound Driver2jrasta392
X3AP Freezing when requesting to dock. - Fixed by codec clean-up.2Tezrial502
X-BTF: no video and no voice - Solved14stamasd1817
X3TC, X3AP sound/voice problems (cut outs, popping noises)1Ary995
Windows 8 - no voices or music (FIXED by WMP install)0ciril329
X3 Reunion Music Audio Background Static Windows 72Fieryone2331121
X3 AP crashes at main menu Help required. Fixed by codec clean-up.2hijack86591495
X3TC, X3AP no voice volume - Fixed by Win7 reinstallation.2vlad1dimir535
no voice volume at all ?2vlad1dimir281
[X-BTF] Missing textures/Trasparent polygons (+ a sound bug in the english version)7skansion1166
X3AP 3.0 No voices, but general audio working - Fixed Win7 N given WMA.1mironimoo489
X3:TC Looking for a fix on low quality background music17Dezonus1119
Freshly purchased X3 AP, reinstalled, Crashes. - Fixed by sound driver update/set-up.4Diggz496
Steam X3AP no voices8Parrafin948
Ok, this might sound crazy but.....18Nickvr628832
No Voice or Sound - Fixed by driver update and codec clean-up.2cnlazarus0011609
Computer sound for player owned ships0Max-Inc.202
X3-TC, X3-AP: Can't Load or Start New Game - Fixed, installed Win8 WMP codecs.4jhanford790
[XBTF] No sound in Argonopedia?5OSH737
x2: the threat intro music2Horus Heresy416
Steam X3AP 2.5.3 Vanilla. No music & game freezes - Fixed by updates and clean up.4Mike Phipps543
Random Alt/Tabbing and Music Overlap - Partial fix: Deleting unused TV Tuner folder.34windscar2321168
X3 Terran Conflict - Crash at Main Menu - Fixed by codec clean-up.3Silabus862
Applying an in game sound in another way0Jiggaman186
In Cockpit Voice Skips and other none gameplay related issues.2Slyguy3129468
Odd problem with custom soundtrack2HappyTHug424
White Noise (Music) - Fixed by uninstalling CCCP codec pack.19Railgun!5684
CTD when exiting gates in new sector - Probably the known mpegin.dll codec issue.3Edgill514
[X3AP] Clean Vanilla Steam Install - no voices [SOLVED by audio driver reinstall]6GeminiFire1166
X: BTF sound distortion16That One Guy Named X4901
Very Strange Sound Loop freeze - Truelight Seeker? Fixed - Manual Trader Bug13SixSpeed1197
changing music files1-John-260
X3: Albion Prelude CTD + sound stutter until reboot - ASUS Xonar GX issue.7Elkestra974
Dual monitor X3 with cockpits, FaceTrackNOir, and S9ilent's Voice Control.2Xen Silenus613
No sound after language change and reinstall [STEAM] - Fixed, USB headset issue.2GTAVC379
Minor display and major sound problem, how to fix? - Fixed by codec clean out.7hectic30061202
Ship Voice.. Off button?5Jawms396
Sound issue maybe?9TerminalVelocity3DR541
Some music tracks distorted in AP, but not TC? (Solved -sound driver/codecs)2idgar381
X2 Music2Pathfinder331972
[X2] Sound Bug. Sectorwide shooting sounds. [SOLVED]1mrshine86558
Whay has Bitchin' Betty got such a depressing voice in this game?12JellybeanTiger415
X3 problem with freezing, stoping maybe codecs1mogen555
X3:AP - Video Playback Issue - Fixed by codec clean out.3X-Morgan599
X3AP - Music comes out as static1GrahamSimmons560
HELP PLZ!! Launching problems.. Fixed by system reinstall, now sound issue.24spasos1532
Sounds silly, but I can't work out what is appropriating my money15tempattt1035
X music2Necro55273
Sound Glitches - Resolved by driver update and disabling onboard in BIOS.13Panther_Clipper903
Game crashing when trying to go/view a sector - possible sound issue. Help!!!! Plz1BankruptAssasin253
Question about X3 music!4DrMadolite392
Sound problems - Fixed by sound driver update.4mseewald1222
ripping out the music...12rafezetter928
[AP] Combat music swap. More than five tracks ?3Sorkvild493
Yet another no voice problem.2luenn644
Sound difficulties, no voice/music - Fixed by installing WMP 12.3Skjargh687
Voice actor continuity mistakes (Easter Egg Hunt)6donzi723
loud missile sound on entering sector - more than a nuisance3glenmcd397
Only voice, no video or music1Deeparth371
In need of some sound X2: The Threat advice5Blinx251857
Blackscreen after starting a new Game? (TC & AP) - Fixed, removed Viscomsoft codecs.6mr.higgins601
Adding a new Weapon Sound3TonyEvans315
X-BTF no sound unless settings disabled5Caddage1026
Battle music range check0juju1111173
Nice music...(AP)8Klord456
X3AP Custom Sector Music! [Resolved: instructions included]2|-|Mohawk|-|375
Sound issue 5.1 now just 13ghastous401
What settings for custom music (mp3 format)3Sinxar306
X3TC CTD after 30-60 mins playing. Believed fixed by driver update and codec
Mission / NPC sounds, voices, and movies3Ameer Nuub295
Weapon Sounds?2Ameer Nuub301
No Voice1DJ-Suchti344
Music that plays when entering 'Red Light'6Vortexz469
[X3TC] MAML explosion sound4tesier471
[x3tc] Need help with deleting soundtrack files.1zwierzu180
No Voice in X3TC (Steam Terran War Pack)5Wretch1186554
X3AP No Voice sounds at all. (With XRM mod)17DarkRagnar2195
X3TC No voices issue. Fixed by Steam verify then change sector and resave.6jubjuby3429
Remove the docking music?1El_Coronel292
X3TC Missing Voices/Music - NOT ffdshow related - Solved (mp3 -> wma)5jhxmti685
Remove the docking music?3El_Coronel424
[SOLVED][AP] Swapping combat music files2NightPrince351
No voices in X3 games - Fixed by installing WMP into Win7 N version.13Griffin247668
X3AP Soundtrack3Lord Dakier309
Loading screen freeze on Steam - Fixed with Sound Driver.9Viollini953
Which sector has your favorite music? [AP]22KextV8709
XR music into TC7Vinniversym596
X3 Ap - All Sounds/no Voices (SOLVED by RealTek driver update!)5Knightsoul851
No voices6phabiendark614
X3 Reunion crashing on changing targets (sound issue?)2Puppaz1061
X3AP Stopped Responding - Probably fixed by removing MainConcept codecs.14WolfVonhinslik1405