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Sticky: The Ultimate X resource and guides list - last updated 28/02/2014426Graphil1320751
[UPDATE] *XTM PATCH .7.2 RELEASED!* [MOD/AL-plugin]7448-XTM-1049999
[SCRIPT] X3TC Cheat Package : v1.62 : Updated: 18/12/2011 (AP Compatible)1578Cycrow920392
Sticky: X Plugin Manager V2.12 : Updated 23/01/2010 *LINUX VERSION AVAILABLE*1947Cycrow848491
**X3 Player Guides,Tutorials and other Useful Information** Updated 15/09/06170TSM790329
Sector and Universe Trader Guide - Contains Minor Spoilers UPDATED 22nd October 2007111WillWilk404473
[MOD] PSCO1's CockpitMod v1.33 for X3TC v3.1 (update: 13.09.2014)950PSCO1395772
[UPDATE] A few SW ships... and a couple of ST ones too [01-11-2009]1651magrathean monkey376951
[BETA] Plugin Manager 2.20 BETA 6 : Updated 07/11/2008712Cycrow347117
X-Tended - Terran Conflict (XTC) (Update: - Manual available! - 12/10/10)1669enenra293247
[SCRIPTS] Collection of my Scripts : Updated 21/11/2007607Cycrow288256
[Mod] Ashleys Factories L + XL + XXL V2.5 *Updated 09/11/2007*1008Saint-Ashley227864
Early details for next X: Reunion patch - 1.31133The_Abyss204903
[SCRIPT] Sector Takeover v2.4.3 [Updated 20-Apr-2007]654nirwin199629
[PROGRAM] Ship Manager - Creator & Installer V1.91 : Update 28/02/20071093Cycrow198698
[SCRIPT] Salvage Claim Software V1.05 : Updated 29/06/06333Cycrow178135
Ship Capture Guide: X2 Version 2 (Updated for 1.4)324Al177104
[SHIPS] 32 BSG Ships in XSP- UPDATE Galactica Guns Fixed See PG 42.682hawkbs163230
To All New X2 Players - Starting Out * SPOILER ? * UPDATED311Nanook155933
[SCRIPT] Advanced Jumpdrive V1.22 : Updated 22/07/2015440Cycrow152572
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Albion Prelude crashes at splash screen - Resolved by Nvidia driver update.10lex-321152
I can't save any game - Resolved by OS updates.6BenS123456789113
[x3ap] Does the Steam version of the Bonus Pack include all the latest updates?2cobra mk2312
X2 patch 1.5 will not install2jagefreeblood355
Missing XINPUT1_3.dll after 3.3 patch install3Microvoltz522
Updated Information?42kohlrak1067
[X3AP] Spontaneous Freezing - Resolved by codec pack removal and driver update.5xRaynex578
X3 TC install error with Windows 10 - resolved by correct game patching2bandthy498
bonus pack CLS compatibility latest version? - Resolved by correct patching7freiman17466
[X3TC] Undocumented improvements in recent update?7RAVEN.myst464
Announcement: NEWS: X3: Albion Prelude and X3: Terran Conflict updated39X2-Illuminatus16828
Sound cuts out after an hour of playing X3TC - Resolved by sound driver update5RetainTicket449
Marine Training Update5Bill Huntington438
Is there a working trackir mod or patch for x3ap or x3tc yet?1m0rl0ck515
Announcement: Latest updates for X3: Albion Prelude and X3: Terran Conflict - Updated 2017-12-0725CBJ9665
Bug report X3TC Update 3.3 - alt TAB10arnos841585
Corrupt X3AP savegames after update - modded game.8larrylo1092
Fired Up My Ongoing X3AP Game to Find New Steam Updates!5Monkeyfister940
Hmmm WHere [is the update?]9phantomrock21038
X3AP Corporate Troubles plot bug - reset doesn't fix - Fix coming in update!8SeanO911233
Vanilla X3AP Crash on launch - resolved by driver update3jkjklkl957
X3TC slight flickering on overlays - resolved by graphics driver update.2Gracie598
[X-T] Was there ever an updated index site for factories and goods?8Mighty Midget1728
[XRM] CPP - combat performance patch3BlackArchon2348
Texture/shaders issue X3AP steam UPDATE: fixed!8DaChmielu1436
NEWS: Updated X3TC and X3AP43CBJ13051
Patch 7/6/2016 : X3 Albion Prelude 3.1a / X3 Terran Conflict 3.2d17hisazul4251
TC/AP on Windows from Steam installation/play issue - Resolved by Sound Driver update7atadeadrun842
X3 Patch chat split from X3TC/AP patch topics thread.14siddham895
[SCRIPT][TC] Updated Bonuspack for Terran Conflict1Boringnick484
[SCRIPT][AP] Updated Bonuspack for Albion Prelude6Boringnick2155
Crashes and finally BSOD - Resolved by BIOS and driver update.8Crazelord878
[AP]sector map updates periodically1fireanddream256
Patch Changed My Language1Loki stephens389
Missiles cause the game to freeze - Fixed by driver update.3ben neumann1007
need help - X3:R NPC ships not moving - Resolved by repatching.5bikash1411
X3:R Black screen crash - resolved by driver update.5Greedy_Bastard1317
[X3AP]oHmY's n00b Questions [Condensed and Updated]22oHmY1396
X3TC - FPS Drop while turning space boat :( - Resolved by driver update.7Clearlydarkly984
Steam update on June 291Vetrom412
'Will it happen?' debate split from TC/AP Patch 2015 thread21NOO3TASTIC1289
[SCR][LUV][LU-Remap] Stolen Saturn: SCH For Sale in Teladi Space - v2.0 UPDATE5solarahawk5506
[MOD UI][LU] Litcube's Universe Gold UI HUD **UPDATED for LU 1.7.2**30solarahawk14604
Status Update and Feedback Requested on Anarkis & Pirate Guild LU Edition4solarahawk548
"Error Opening video. Check your Display" - Resolved by driver update and codec clean5kjnapalm772
Derail from X3TC/AP Patch thread.6Conbadicus481
Are there mods or fan made patches for the first 3 games?6Chrushev2543
Manual trade run update?9Timsup2nothin652
[LUV][LU Remap] Diverse Game Starts for LU - v1.0.6 (Updated 2016-02-14)46solarahawk16441
Optionality discussion from X3 patch 2015 Thread16Graaf1044
X3TC DVD Installation issue - application error? - Fixed by patching game3larry1202769
X3AP - Which catalog contains updated files?2Korventh340
X3TC Graphical problems - resolved by graphics driver and apu BIOS update.5jaega1950
X3TC / X3AP Patch 2015853Bernd85339
Steam X3TC/X3AP CTD on Startup - resolved by driver updates.4snoghoj660
Update wiped my saved game and scripts won't save!13deadjesta3158
x3ap: crashing on launch - resolved by driver update and reinstall.6Tellarion636
Random Crashes - fixed by driver update.9uncle esteban1516
How to make a patch?0Connstar236
[Question] Mars Firecontrol Update for LU0Dyno123283
[SCR] [X3AP] Shopping Assistant 1.2 [UPDATED: 11/08/2014]27zanzal3392
AP - Manual Patches2rbettele315
(X2) Recent Steam Update? (7-july-2014)2Agykoo447
[Script] NPC Scavengers v1.2 [TC][AP] [Updated 16.08.2014]0Nicoman35391
[Script] AI-Shipnames v2.0c [TC][AP] [Updated 23.06.2014]4Nicoman35721
update isnt updating6contentious634
[SCR] Satellite Early Warning Network v1.22c [TC/AP][Updated 07.06.2014]10Nicoman35666
[SCR] [AP] PAMO (Police And Military Orders) Beta 0.9 (Updated 07-06-2014)0Larxyz393
[SCR][TC+AP] Customlog editable player logbook (v1.0.1) [Update: 13th June 2014]12X2-Illuminatus3473
Patching problem1uglymaestro1535
violent lag during battles - improved by driver update and codec clean up.3Chakat_Astarot818
x3 broke windows 8 on my machine. Fixed by game reinstall and update.7jimstormcrow1461
[X3TC][SCR]AEC Turret Outfitting v0.96 - [UPDATE 2016-01-25]5Mav/1239
[SCR] Ship Browser v1.2 - In Game Ship Comparison Tool [UPDATED: 11/2/2014]72zanzal27788
X-BtF update 2.2 won't work - Fixed by correct patching2podgie_bear652
Registered game not showing whatt patches are compatiable - known BBS issue.2wormfighter395
[SCR][MD][TC][AP] LIFE old updates: (do NOT reply to this thread)0Shush1366
6.2 gig update for X3TC on Steam8jasonbarron452
[Video Tutorial] Comprehensive Mod List & Install Guide - UPDATED 1/17/20142CaptainShack1506
[SCR] [X3AP] Drone Mining and Trading System v1.2.2 [UPDATED 11/08/2014]114zanzal20992
X3 Reunion problem with patching1Adusad666
X3TC. Why no green tick next to update patch downloads? - Replied.2Katpagan312
the 3.1 patch3DickusMaximus814
Updates without Steam Access ?6blazermick317
Getting a Logitech Attack3 to work with X3R. Patched game but now crashes.20Ronin6771542
TC/AP mod/fake-patch management tool "easymod"3scoutster520
Price modifiers ? (Update : mod included)6Joubarbe528
[SCR][MD][TC][AP] LIFE-V0.95b (update: 06-May-2014)504Shush59428
Any new updates for Albion Prelude In the offing3Red_ufo332
Updated - Old problem fixed, new one arose5grango88607
Problem in Installing patchs2Anth-Ind479
After update 3.1 problem ingame screen font6Informer437
where do i get the updates to X3 Terran conflict?2Sid0035354
NEWS: X3: Albion Prelude Update 3.1 is now available!23X2-Illuminatus33344
X3AP for MAC Update Issue2wenge405
Auto pilot woes since last steem update9Aitch601
Unable to locate most recent patch5Kurashima563
X3 Albion Prelude - Load Save Game After Update....12Danny200839
Ninja update X3AP and X3R7Free Trade Inn757
Phantom with "tour" group. failed mission due to no mission update.3Deathtoll666340
Help request - ship updates3skygunner58203359
Freshly purchased X3 AP, reinstalled, Crashes. - Fixed by sound driver update/set-up.4Diggz502
New Update Break some .xsp ships?10Porkins726
Joystick/keyboard issues since steam update for AP 3.0 + Workaround.5Sabrina Bergin596
Did the 3.0 update for AP fix the Terran economy?6KennyEdmunds696
Just bought game. wont show which patch i need to even start it2thebarry85313
Improved Boarding mod update for AP?1furidiam761
X3 AP New update?6NighTragE597
No Voice or Sound - Fixed by driver update and codec clean-up.2cnlazarus0011767
"corrupt save"After 3.0 patch - modded game.1loxen280
'X3AP 3.0 has stopped working' after loading a saved game. FIXED in Update.33Devor2518
NEWS: X3: Albion Prelude Update 3.0 - Shady Business is here!162X2-Illuminatus68695
Is X3AP 3.0 Update Pure Argon Plot?22Fallent3163
Error X3TC and AP - Fixed, AMD APU issue solved by BIOS update.11serk lintur919
Steam X3AP 2.5.3 Vanilla. No music & game freezes - Fixed by updates and clean up.4Mike Phipps557
[MOD PACKAGE][APX] Cadius X-tra & Thron Eve Universe Pack [15.04.2013 - UPDATE 1.05]139Koritnaciino18209
Where Did This Update For A Plot Go12phantomrock2647
steam patches8Gyrehawk493
X3:TC Best Places to practice boarding (Latest patch)22hotdrop4865
[X3R] X3: Reunion locking up since the latest OSX update1devrandom450
Boron Megalodon. Worth it? (After patch)20Earth Ultimatum IV.1705
steam updated AP again?4cattafett430
Acer X3470 Bios Update1Nosscar586
AP 2.5.1 Mac update wipes out addon folder (backup first)1bn256
Excessive Fighters Remain after X3AP Update 2.5.3 - Not the BBB (phew!).6shawnburton981
X3TC - Patch issues2Jamumools292
im having trouble downloading patch for x3 R6sharp_26439
[X3AP] Increasing number of random CTDs (Updated)5carv85x515
[Script] Station Capture Through TL Boarding [UPDATE V1.1]17RoverTX5219
[TC] Possible to have no losses non Xenon boarding ops with latest patch?7pref689
[script] Improved Kha'ak 2: The Revenge [Updated: 2013.05.17]1417ate9tin11s28886
[AL Plugin] Khaak Invasions v1.8 [TC] [AP] [Updated: 29.06.2014]38Nicoman355472
Future update for AP11PromX768
Khaak invasions update - info needed4Nicoman35467
Steam update.17Aitch999
Game fails to start with 'missing executable' after todays update5Rumslinger1142
Steam Update2Snickly409
2 CTD's x3 reunion steam (fully patched with bonus pack as well)1Dank7430523
X3: Albion Prelude 2.5.2 and X3: Terran Conflict 3.2c released & 2.5.3 Update53KlausM44656
Anarkis Defense System - Real Wings Edition v1.14 [updated 16.07.2014]199Nicoman3531918
FPS drop in battles - Might have corrected itself after some updates.4scuk578
Crashes during combat, Albion Prelude - Fixed by driver update.2rainmouse733
Crashing about 15minutes in - Fixed by cpu/apu BIOS update.4Shirohart624
Will we be getting any more addons(Patches) for AP9shea703
Sound Glitches - Resolved by driver update and disabling onboard in BIOS.13Panther_Clipper910
False patching14Triaxx2582
update AP Bonus Pack scripts2Mycu488
Updated Auto-Aim/Fire Mod for AP?0dispostableatheist285
Error with patching past 3.0, and some mods.1DevilDog_016400
Sound problems - Fixed by sound driver update.4mseewald1235
Game keeps crashing mid game at random with no error - Modded & system not updated.7adb0899589
X2-The Threat ...Steam update?2TTD365
x3 TC not working - Fixed by Patching the game.2Switters01329
[AL-PLUGIN] [TC] - Change Sector Size v2.1.5 - [Update 08.06.2014]31Nicoman358546
[SCR][AP - XRM - BP 5.1.00] MDM with Delta Missiles *Updated - 01/09/2012*10rusky2161
Terran Conflict keeps crashing on me - apu issue fixed by BIOS update.3InfinityWEAPON866
X3AP Billion Barracuda Bug (& other ships) - UPDATE: Solution in
X3 AP 2.5.1 Manual Update2Blackjanek674
[X3TC] Trade Command Mk3 - Bug.. Update somewhere?24donzi3411
AP: Patch Notes3Ikcirt386
Corrupted savegame after 2.5.1 patch7Maclarium500
Solution to framerate going to nearly 0 after patch on ati hd6000 series GPU's3jamieswoish554
Resolved Support Issue removed from X3AP Steam Patch Doc thread.2KRM398242
Steam just updated?4Advent1s287
Why not include the bonus pack into the patch?6Boringnick508
game crashing after last patch8shawnbrown40587
X3TC CTD after 30-60 mins playing. Believed fixed by driver update and codec
AP Placemarker Patches, to avoid Steam overwrites of your mods.0apricotslice278
ATF after patch 2.5 question5shea396
How about making Albion Prelude patches available on the website for download?3Boringnick420
Game will not load since i updated to MAC Lion (X3TC)2Damskis69485
(AP 2.5) So with the update, I notice...37Lazerius2343
What did the last patch do to X3:TC??22Zippo3421057
X3AP/X3TC & steam updates - Resolved.2Huillam377
LibScripts and Plugin Manager just updated--TC is now unplayable, help?0Jaycen_Aelis219
2.5 update. Saves Broken AGAIN.13Echofinder635
2.5 update. Broken Saves AGAIN.1Echofinder417
X3: Albion Prelude Update 2.5.1 is available!189X2-Illuminatus50976
XRM debate split from X3AP Patch 2.5 Announcement1Sam97531541