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NEWS: X 2.0: Bala Gi Research Missions - download now!694CBJ283669
[Guide] The TC Main Plot Walkthroughs.164apricotslice176850
[TC] New Home Plot Walkthrough404Spychotic151187
X3TC Bonus Pack - Script Submission Details86moggy2142309
X3 TUTORIAL - Starters controls Mission 1 & 2 Walkthrough77Chips135959
[MOD] Terran Conflict plots 2.2a for Albion Prelude 3.1633dillpickle129032
[SCRIPT] BBS Extras V1.61 : Updated 04/12/2006325Cycrow127384
Announcement: Mission Director Basics and Installation188Xenon_Slayer118847
NEWS: X 2.0: Bala Gi Research Missions544CBJ106967
Bulletin board missions. What did you like? What would you like?402BurnIt!97821
[SCRIPT] Overtune BBS V1.50 : Updated 19/06/2006328Cycrow97273
[SCRIPT] Race Military + Patrol Missions V1.10 : Updated 15/08/2006288Cycrow84449
[SCR] The Galactic News System (BBS 2.0) (V.105)68enenra82555
[X3LU] X-Missions Reloaded (XM-R) v1.59b902Joubarbe81813
NEWS UPDATE: X 2.0: Bala Gi Research Missions [updated Nov 7th]312CBJ78695
[TC] Balance of Power Plot Walkthrough276Spychotic76102
Submissions to Community Library695Cycrow73296
[TC] Operation Final Fury Plot Walkthrough62Spychotic70571
[AP] Albion Prelude Plot Walkthrough82Spychotic68043
[SCRIPT] Comm Chatter Missions v1.1 Jan 23174AalaarDB61995
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[X3TC Vanilla] Terran Plot Issue - Restarted now.16Jamoid250
X3 Nividium Convoy mission bugged1Nazgren83
[X3 AP] How to get plot rewards without playing through the plot?4Thrake271
What ship do you recommend for starting the AP plot?25JohnnyR514
Is my terran plot bugged?(TC) - Resolved, rep needed.6zafo22234
Corporation missions4Trevelvis206
[TC]Corporation HQ missions6ajime310
X3TC - Issue with Aldrin Plot - Asteroid scan6IstariCjine446
[TC]Station building missions relocation2ajime246
Balance of Power mission: Tyr battleship captured breaks script?4Ericmor417
X3AP: Frustration with two plots29GathMemvar1323
Albion Prelude Final Fury plot, Exterminator ship missing8corny12592
Quick question re: delivery missions22Geek.Verve1550
Patrol missions - When something gets overnerfed - a lesson.6Dreez677
X3 TC: Any way to tell which main plots I've started / completed ?5mjwraw632
X3TC - Advice please on how to stop passenger missions disappearing5zarrazee580
ap plots/walkthroughs2TTD552
Please help understanding how to make them work - TRP + TC plots in AP2angelblood6x408
X3TC: Easiest way to transfer my ore to my hub - Hub plot7mjwraw588
Build mission benefits4Bill Huntington676
X3TC - Some questions on complexes (and that wonderful Hub plot)10brandnewiain941
Remove Missions2CorruptUser353
Question on combat missions,AP8-John-624
X3TC Keep losing Terran rep after completing Balance of Power Mission5GTB839
Want to skip the plot2NewtSoup417
Supply Ship Missions Question2Baddieus494
Terran/Aldrin Mission Timers12EagleTwoThreeX887
cant gain access to argon plot in x3ap6infamous4321923
Breaking Grounds plot won't start - heavily modded2JellyBlade793
X-Tention Perseus Missions prerequisite ?2Cursed Ghost484
Patrol mission starting in pirate sectors are wired1astreus426
Mission Aborted - NPC killstealing wtf.11Dreez742
Can't force-start Breaking Ground plot0SeanO91451
X3AP Corporate Troubles plot bug - reset doesn't fix - Fix coming in update!8SeanO911095
No allies in Operation Final Fury Mission 1 except for Exterminator12ballad1398
[X3TC] Did I just miss the Terran plot?4reggame660
[Bug] Will there be a fix for obviously bugged missions in X3TC v3.3 after Beta ends?31sizeofbool2631
X3TC Terran Plot question (stuck?) (spoilers)3jcdick1754
X3R end of plot clean up question1Cursed Ghost638
[QUESTIONS]Mission Director API10Hhhhhha718
Help with Shady Business Plot3moray35747
[X3R v2.5] Plot Bugged?4Cursed Ghost799
Steam X3AP3.1a broken mission "corporation troubles" share recovery #42Duck88892
[X3TC] Random Missions13Leonardo Myst1044
[TC] Terran Station Building Missions2XBrain130408
Mission time limits making very little sense (Pointless missions?)21idiotekque1571
[X3AP] The disappearing initial main plot bug - how to reproduce0glenmcd347
[BETA][FIX] Possible Fixes For Generic Mission Performance issues. V 0.60RoverTX426
Hub Plot23firefightervf061466
XTC The Hub plot7lexraider548
Question about x3tc plots21m0rl0ck1540
Have I broken the main plot? Stuck on pirate base scan - resolved29m0rl0ck1525
X3AP HQ Sub Plot2Joe McCracken631
ap loose ends xperimental shuttle possible bug possiple buggered up plot21nick01uk1618
Litcubes universe mod. what is your story so far in the game?7Nick 031287591
[AP] Main plot does not show in Mission Tracker - possible explanation?4glenmcd580
L2M023 Shady Business Developer Walk through and Story Prologue3eldyranx3502
Invincible NPCs from plots0fireanddream327
Stuck at Terran Plot... bug?1NiAypa455
Can't complete mission (base destroyed)7templarteppo821
X3TC Noble Quest To Slay Xenon (Story)3CerebralAbrasion580
factory complex for Hub plot supply5RBectel637
Reputation issues with station protect missions4AL'42540
Goner Plot problem?4steelwing_2415
X3TC Goner Plot Bug (STEAM game version)20rockelino1339
[QUESTION][AND PARTIAL FIX] Which Generic Missions Still Not Closing Out MD Cues?51RoverTX6873
Operation Final Fury first mission spawned me 30+ Xenon ships11fireanddream760
I have lost the Plot.3R2Trev4elvis363
Missions in AP ?10Bill Huntington808
X3TC Mission rewards list5Free Trade Inn677
How do I get mission details ?2Trev4elvis416
I cant pass mission 5 , help me,,,!4oliverpc434
[X3-TC] Final Fury mission 27The NME455
[X3AP]Xperimental shuttle plot bug3killerdude8620
Albion Prelude 3.1 - personnel transport missions invalid station1mciann502
[X3TC] Missing station missions6xtek459
Shady Business Plot2John McG543
Hub plot in mission director6Gqqnbig712
Is there a way to activate HUB gates in free play (no plots) ?1NBCDumb441
X3TC: Treasure Hunt mission1SnirS553
Mission to get the phq ....2PhantomKnight4420634
[X3:AP] How to do war missions?5Jimmy C747
X3AP Argon plot issue (Solved)2Cursed Ghost438
Invincible Terran Tokyo in the main plot?2Faros635
Are there any mods that you can recommend that add massive plot lines?6Mr Morita506
What should I know about mission director? (Yes, it IS the issue!)25Space Traveller2667
Handling the fleet attacks during the Split Princess plot in AP3Bill Huntington637
(AP) Been away - plot starts10Allan F689
Playership for all the plots (with some inspiration from firefly :D)24Space Traveller1648
Aldrin 2 Plot: 2 Gate - with workaround.2wolfee559
Choices in the Argon Defender Plot ?3Bill Huntington440
Play X3:TC for the plots?4MrFiction533
X3TC - Corp Mission a Bit wacky - Now with workaround.8JJRSC1036
Vanilla X3TC repeatable crash during goner plot - reloading workaround found1strask412557
New Home Plot, where is the frickin astronaut??7wolfee564
Never boarded before, killing Carracks in Goner Plot...12wolfee1090
Lost Lar start does not trigger AP plot2VincentTH521
Incredible reward... (major spoiler for Albion Prelude "Risky Business" plotline.)1Musicker696
HUB Plot, align first gate problems, help!3wolfee428
Q about X2 & X3 Reunion storylines9siddham815
[FIX TO X3AP VANILLA ISSUE] Wrong Text-ID display in generic missions3darkangel666748
[x3tc] "Follow target" mission8steelwing_2840
X3 Reunion- ship is automatically destroyed in Bala Gi Mission4Sentinel-90001209
Amusing story everyone here can top15Imgran950
Mission description not helpful... mod available?13juanitierno802
(X3AP) Problem with Sector(s) Patrol Mission6NOO3TASTIC906
Problem with Terran Mission 5 (X3:TC)6Waervyn677
[X3AP] corporate missions ships9TonyMax541103
[X3TC] Editing generic/random missions6Dovakiin558
Cadius X-tra Ship/Station Pack and Shady Business Plot is Messed0O'Shavah487
Shady Business plot will not start in AP1zeldarynn439
Goneur Plot, Docking pirate bay issue - resolved.10Xelenos1030
nyanas hideout mission problem - workaround found4salde3861228
[X3TC] Goner Plot7Grape688
Terran mission, unsolvable bug?2jackmion708
[AP] Assassination Missions8radster01695
How to get Aron Derik to shut up after main plot is completed?3GlassDeviant651
Aldrin Plotline Breaking at the Start???9Ormac615
Force plot complete1Sirrobert345
Think I broke the Hub Plot... - Resolved7Crustyfur513
Suspected corruption issue due to overrun of missions list?2glenmcd618
Mod/Script to get rid of missions? [Solved]3Fenris321381
At Last, Finished The Hub Plot9masternerdguy821
[X3TC] Atreus HQ Missions Bugged?0Grape455
Why did I not know this about PALC! Possible AP Plot Spoilers9MarvinTheMartian990
Adventures on the Scan Mission0Bill Huntington323
MD - Calling for parameters within missions2Aven Valkyr261
X3 Prelude *missions*21abisha930
aldrin plot1zamboxxl376
X3AP random missions2Old Drullo321417
X3TC Story infiltration2VampireSilence362
x3 reunion stuck on Freedom's Reach race mission11Ollie79874
X2: Stuck at first mission - not enough cargo space? SOLVED11Gilmaris620
AP aid war effect mission stucks2astreus301
[X3:TC] Can't Continue Story Line5SoTacAj408
AP: Conflicting Info .. Trade rank and missions3Gersidi535
Build-Missions at Terran-Stations available?2TheKauz419
Using an unmanned ship for missions ? (solved)4musigreg583
AP problem with plot7mc74628
No plot options?2sirtikon624
X3:AP - bankrupped assassin can to do all plots?61tornar2273
HUB mission bug?3Sargatanus733
Let's Have A Plot For This8phantomrock2610
X3 Terran Conflict: Aldrin Missions will not launch - Fixed9Madmaxneo585
[Q]Editing "3.01 Generic Missions.xml" to spawn more generic missions10RoverTX677
Litcube's Universe: Emergent Mission System155Jack0822640
Fix Bailable Ships not being aggressive when target of Assassination Mission0RoverTX349
Patrol missions - Are there any without pirates for enemies?6Bill Huntington727
[X3LU] X-Missions Overloaded (XM-O) v1.0178Joubarbe13941
RESOLVED - help please? Albion Main Plot - Won't advance (Spoiler) - Resolved.4Lokirian502
Would pay for new X3:TC/AP plots.12Musicker989
X-tension perseus missions - when do they start?2Earth Ultimatum IV.395
Anyone who run Breaking Grounds mission in DID mode?0astreus283
[X3:AP] Stolen Ship mission: Don't you want your ship back? (Spoilers)8Jimmy C1119
[X3:AP] Bug with "shady business" plot ( spoiler spotted )5GGRei1200
X3:R Plot - I'm crying here16rafikibob1087
X2 plot bugs?11Village!diot412
AP 3.0 newbie need help about mission2alex0002tw354
[X3:AP] Mission: Impossible!14Jimmy C1014
[X3:AP] Do M1s show up on missions?2Jimmy C451
X3TC Destroying a target ships internal defenses? (Orca PHQ mission)10The Iron Duke754
Mission Director called by Script9Deveyus597
Improving Terran/ATF rep following Argon plot2Shads62432
[X3:AP] Large ship return missions8Geek.Verve930
[X3:AP] Final plot decision made4Jimmy C506
X3TC Steam CTD during Terran Plot every time + other times7unavoidablefate933
X3 TC can you get the springblossom without terran plot?4GreatSouthernTrendKill781
Protect Convoy Missions9Bill Huntington774
X3TC Final Fury Plot help please.5TerranWanderer766
X3 TC Asteroid Scan missions7panacea810
Game freezing on unfocused jump mission - Resolved by XP SP3 Compat mode.2Probe638
Unfocused jump mission freezes2Probe742
Took one destroy trade convoy mission and now I am losing rep continually7photomankc702
X3AP: how can I start hub plot if i missed it.1DroneFactory510
[X3AP] Terran plot won't start4M4lInX255803
[X3TC] What happens to the ship after a 'Deliver Ship' mission?9IanFitzJo674
Problem starting A New Home plot16Stargazzer811862
(X2) Making money and station questions (one or 2 combat /story questions (spoilers))3Agykoo941
[X3AP] Corporation Troubles Plot - Share Recovery 40skimmer333353
Terran rep killing progress though the Terran plot X3:TC5Wolfsblood442