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[MOD] [TC/AP] X3 Rebalance Mod (XRM) - Total conversion - v1.30d (02.12.13)27414paulwheeler2528387
Announcement: [Index] Community Script & Mod Download Library for X3: Terran Conflict and X3:AP7Cycrow1610054
Announcement: Community Script & Mod Download Library for X3879Burianek1102632
X-Tended -Terran Conflict V2.2 Released. [06/09/2013] (X3:AP prototype available)5839Aragon Speed1036021
Sticky: X3 Cheat Scripts 1.4 : Post ALL cheat questions/requests HERE!1944LV933767
[SCRIPT] X3TC Cheat Package : v1.62 : Updated: 18/12/2011 (AP Compatible)1567Cycrow912820
**X3 Player Guides,Tutorials and other Useful Information** Updated 15/09/06170TSM789827
Sticky: X3: Albion Prelude - A Survival Guide18CBJ566482
[MOD] PSCO1's CockpitMod v1.33 for X3TC v3.1 (update: 13.09.2014)950PSCO1392442
[SCR] CODEA Weapon System [13th May 2010 X:TC 3.1.14]1969Saetan341175
X3 map v1.2 by Scorp (v1.2.3.9) Terran Conflict Edition !600ScorpBY338155
Capping, stealing, boarding and carjacking ships in X3 Terran Confict - THE HOWTO554delray333536
NEWS: X3: Terran Conflict news, all in one place for your convenience - 22-10-082190BurnIt!314792
X3 Guide, A complete Guide to everything194Apocholypse302813
NEWS: X 2.0: Bala Gi Research Missions - download now!694CBJ284069
AL Plugin : X3 Race Response Fleets Final 1.7a 3/12/071183LV273265
[SCR] Commercial Agent [2010-04-28 X3TC 3.3.03]811Lucike266596
[X3TC Bonus Plugin] Commercial Agent (CAG)350jlehtone260942
Sector Trader/Universe Trader Guide Now Available (X3)79FyreByrd254683
X3: Reunion Complete Walkthrough (SPOILERS)25Simon Moon252954
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Mobile Driling System Factory (X3AP)1Ailour33
X3:AP Boarded TL causing consistent game crash4DrSuperEvil91
X3 Complex tree?36jlehtone665
[X3:AP/LU] Changing weapon Stats2andu161
[X3AP] Peace Is Coming5jlehtone258
(X3AP/XRM) May I get a rundown on how Friendly Fire is calculated?11HurlockHolmes195
need help. x3ap: where to get nividium?13johnhirix371
[X3LU] Satellites Monitoring + Claim And Tug Command5Wynarel498
[X3LU] MARS Fire control for Litcube's universe & many additions and tweaks14StopBanningMe7_III885
[X3AP] LooManckstrat's Overhaul Mod V0.3 alpha16Flippi1266
Just watched the Twitch X3:AP stream on YouTube..6BugMeister360
How to find drone hauler, X3AP14Andrey12y635
How to make X3AP use new .XSP ships in game ?2Chazaldrin61243
Thrustmaster T-16000M FCS not recognized in the Steam X3AP launcher - resolved.2watchlive159
Has anyone tried to play X3 with permadeath?15modernrocko564
X3AP: Error: Check Video Settings4Urik Valkyer196
X3AP Alternate trading solution9J.I.Gorkij347
X3:R How to invert Y-axis7Dimushka349
[Bug Report] X3R Corrupt Saved Games1DhU3M239
X3AP - Razer Chroma Light Profile0fiby266
"Property is read-only" in X3 Editor 22HistoricalContext210
[X3AP] Mass enslave script?0Automatic Jack205
X3:AP Aiding the War Effort15NewtSoup537
X3 Reunion hangs when trying trade with station20Dimushka710
X3AP Problem with getting TL pilot to deliver a Station for me (Beginner Question)15cobra mk2508
X3R and later X3TC - Starting out advice please9orangeslices433
[x3ap] Does the Steam version of the Bonus Pack include all the latest updates?2cobra mk2272
Getting NEW ships into X3TC14Hank001695
[X3LU] MLCC TM compatibility3Joubarbe456
Problem downloading x3-no-steam exe - Resolved by installing game0AkiraR140
X3 Gold Retail CD Key issue - Explained.2ArtilleryWhore169
X3 Reunion - unable to dock at Argon shipyard? - Resolved.2siddham218
[Mini-mod][X3TC]Greater Draw Distance0Hemmingfish226
X3 Reunion - Where can I sell Laser towers?4siddham275
[X3TC] CLS1 bought drones, but doesn't do the run1seePyou215
[X3AP] Jump beacons from RRF12wathman00572
X3TC New Events or Plotlines?5Hank001478
How to break out CAT files with X3 Editor 2.4Hank001267
X3AP + XTC + Cadiu's Xtra Questions/Issues2sajjukar304
Loading X3 Albion Prelude - Resolved2adams0061283
X3 Reunion and Daddy chase mission problem.5Hank001486
[X3AP] Changing race portraits?1zwierzu261
Does X3 have full controller support?7Tamina454
[X3TC] Using CLS2 to distribute wares in sector7amoe471
X3TC Saving Failed4orecki433
[X3AP] I should be friends with the Terrans but their stations are shown as "hostile"6Vince1987415
[X3AP] Problem with in-game graphs3Le Boron Chtif357
Problems starting up X3 TC3JJRSC354
Need help to create a new shipyard in X32SirDuke567
[X3TC] Balance of Power - waiting to capture Fenrir and Mjollnir7amoe519
X3TC - Terran Plot - Is this a bug or i'm doing something wrong? *Spoiler*13KomitoDnB620
M7m? [x3tc]20KomitoDnB1118
[X3TC] Buy Pirate and Terran used ships?3UnknownObject623
[X3TC] Invisible Kha'ak cluster in Hub sector12amoe781
[X3AP] Musical chairs on board?4jlehtone429
Coding Project. Win10 GUI X2BC Shell - X3 community input wanted!8Hank001743
x3 dropping to desktop1nugar333
X3 AP: Player HQ prod/RE queue issues - resolved - mod install issue.3Cetus808418
Where am I going wrong X3TC30Spindle601520
[X3TC] IS vs OOS boarding. Does it make a difference?4lyonhaert464
[X3AP] Rare ships, pandora crates & other questions15Le Boron Chtif1077
[X3TC] What file types can be used in the soundtrack folder?0Getsune238
[X3LU] Automatic MLCC defense.14Hegbork1350
[X3AP] Commercial Agent not selling to close stations2Arlex272
[X3LU]My personal tweaks for LU combat1scuderica8492478
X3AP-3.3 save failed8VincentTH711
[X3TC] Return Ship spawned cop turned blue?9lyonhaert332
HOTAS Warthog config/script for X3TC/AP51muvwndr590
Sending Global Hotkeys (Win-7) while X3 TC is playing3vrod410
[X3AP] Spontaneous Freezing - Resolved by codec pack removal and driver update.5xRaynex511
X3 TC install error with Windows 10 - resolved by correct game patching2bandthy447
X3AP: Solar Plants Cost more money than the goods they produce - modded, resolved3DuckSoup286
X3:R Can a pirate get a jumpdrive?14Goloburdeaux377
Completely frustrated and irritated (X3AP rant)19BrigandPhantos771393
[X3AP] Rollback to older versions1UnknownObject172
x3 AP magnatar carrier setup13DrwHem348
[X3TC] Mining Nividium4amoe745
X3 AP | XRM Huge Speed Distance HUD problem1Sammorgan0335
[X3TC Vanilla] Terran Plot Issue - Restarted now.16Jamoid1055
[X3TC] Undocumented improvements in recent update?7RAVEN.myst432
[X3 AP] Abandonned ships3Thrake284
X3 Nividium Convoy mission bugged1Nazgren136
Egosoft Collection / X3 Gold Soundtrack1Tarkata162
[X3AP] Slumbering RRF and other semi-unexpected events1jlehtone158
[X3AP] Fixing Split reputation20Irrehaare620
[MOD]X3:AP Map Generator + Shipyards for HQ0Mechick405
Announcement: NEWS: X3: Albion Prelude and X3: Terran Conflict updated39X2-Illuminatus13545
X3AP/TC Steam Version doesnt launch at all - Resolved by graphics enabling7begobogo489
X3 Albion Prelude in 1 minute0Wonders494
[X3 AP] Station contruction calculator?1mistercat545
[X3 AP] How to get plot rewards without playing through the plot?4Thrake338
[X3TC] Gaining Yaki rep25amoe862
Erratum for X3AP FAQ4RAVEN.myst261
X3TC Help with creating a mobile Warehouse? Trying with cag, cls and failing10Colonel Kassad576
Increase X3R render depth2Reven628
Complex Plans X3TC17LOKioO421135
[X3TC] Docking denied in Gaian Star pirate base5amoe284
X3R Odin class hangar (Created ship)5Reven723
[X3 AP] Changing from UT to CLS2/CAG9Alexeiy413
X3 AP - not a good start48Hub manager1384
X3TC Forgot if is possible to have multiple good at same complex hub8manniac308
X3AP Universe traders6hartza76377
Gunnery Crews for X2Reven534
(Solved by move to OSX) <X3:AP 3.2 Steam MacBook> Unplayable Massive Lag16Satoshi12Shin866
Sound cuts out after an hour of playing X3TC - Resolved by sound driver update5RetainTicket406
[X3AP] Stay on Target!3jlehtone372
[X3TC] Neewbie in need of help56Star Fall1666
[MOD][X3LU] Additional "famous quotes"3lostProfitssssArrgh401
[Solved!][SCRIPT][X3LU] local variable woes6lostProfitssssArrgh373
[X3LU][KC] .obj files editing17lostProfitssssArrgh887
X3 Reunion maps2Trevelvis287
What happend to X3AP? - red saturated planet textures on Med Shader setting4ltgriffin522
X3: remote sell and buy12Heemskerk495
X3: how to ditch the police31Heemskerk1194
[X3TC] Unsure if my complex is closed loop6amoe433
[MOD] Expanded Universe X30Lebedev523
[MOD] Expanded Universe X30Lebedev620
[X3AP] Miscalculations1jlehtone303
[X3LU/MAYHEM][MOD] Assorted technical questions16lostProfitssssArrgh966
[X3AP] Command Line Options0lostProfitssssArrgh374
[X3AP] CLS2 freighter not refuelling and trade competition29LSFKing886
X3:AP - How to add the scary to your game plan. [An (almost) DID campaign]2Jellyfish_tracks343
[X3LU] LU Soundtrack for Linux!0Retchbeard269
X3AP Crashes on startup on Windows 10 (includes DxDiag & event log)19Skullclown1365
X3AP PHQ relocation (spoilers)3synctrance403
X3LU - How can I set up a freighter to sell products from a station?3Mr.John_Doe407
[TOOL] X3 Customizer 3.5.241SirNukes3262
(X3LU) Can't sell weapons3Retchbeard335
X3TC - Issue with Aldrin Plot - Asteroid scan6IstariCjine545
Suicidal traders in X3. Let's not have them in X4, ok?6Sorkvild526
Steam X3TC v3.3: Can't fire weapons using joystick - resolved (unknown cause)2Kalurakvb457
Weaver Tempest in X3 Reunion1pasmon560
[X3AP] What's the point of fighting?19chairborne1250
X3:AP - hired TL - list of my items6kuertee428
Discrepancies in Galaxy Editor when loading up an "x3_universe.xml" file0OatmealMu206
[X3LU] [MOD] Faster OCV expansion.1Zaitsev304
X3AP stutters and freezes a lot3chairborne585
Fleet Jump Speed? X3AP - XRM7CoreX482
Dead-is-Dead A CTD (crash to desktop) and I loose the save? [X3 TC]2InFi[D]eL478
X3AP: Frustration with two plots29GathMemvar1448
X3AP war is good?10jlehtone1006
X3:AP (Steam) [SOLVED] How to set a custom window size43wize500
Random Invasions in X3 R ?10pasmon705
[X3TC] CLS 1 No longer unloading wares1alphanerd4294
X3T HORRIBLE I/O and Data Management10PaperDog1071
X3AP LU Newbie Tips/Questions30apL2391
X3:AP PHQ Reverse Engineering stalled - (Solved) Resulted from use of cheats.1wwdragon570
Steam X3 TC - System freeze when alt+tab2Humbug_Total657
X3TC: Vidar as a personal ship?13KMcr1323
[X3 AP] Controller stick not recognized4Asdurgico605
Modded X3:AP questions7wwdragon596
X3T Crashes in Windows 101PaperDog602
[mod] X3 - RESURRECTION MOD (New graphic mod)155x3-AmModer17577
(X3AP) NPC's selling incomplete sector maps6synctrance579
(X3AP, Terran Commander) Am I missing something here?35comraderichard1736
[Mod] [Vanilla X3AP] Half hull for all ships (TShips file)1OwnlyMe300
(X3AP) Cag sells low when beaten by NPC1synctrance360
Starting out in X3TC121Monkspeed6124
(X3AP) Bonus pack: agreement with colleagues limited5synctrance765
X3AP Star wars mod with XTRA Ship pack1jshru806
[X3 TC Vanilla] Large objects and towing8szczekan740
X3:AP huge load times8bounty_hunter66726
x3-r no resolution settings available and game will not start2grimtaylor890
Unable to launch game (X3 TC)1Skeet1983566
X3 TC: Any way to tell which main plots I've started / completed ?5mjwraw674
(X3AP) Truelight Seeker13J.I.Gorkij1455
Non-Steam X3AP: Argon Marines only ever use one voicetype2xenon1282543
X3TC - Advice please on how to stop passenger missions disappearing5zarrazee619
Previous purchase of X3-Terran Conflict - Resolved4FunkyM101689
(X3AP) OK, Kyoto, what am I doing wrong?13J.I.Gorkij1192
[X3TC] Midgame, not sure where to invest14amoe1053
(X3AP) Shady Business Unknown Sector2J.I.Gorkij611
X3TC: Easiest way to transfer my ore to my hub - Hub plot7mjwraw663
(X3AP) Cap ships with highest frontal firepower10J.I.Gorkij810
X3 TC PHQ, RE and Hyperion3szczekan592
Is there a working trackir mod or patch for x3ap or x3tc yet?1m0rl0ck505
[X3:LU] Anyone have a script that can manipulate global jump drive settings?2bgi123650
Music: Working in X3TC but not in X3AP (some sectors work) Vanilla9LordDeimosIV922
X3TC vanilla player seeking guidance in path forward14g0regrind1119
X3AP Terran rep repair?6strask412947