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Script : Dock/Undock TS/TP Class at TL or M1105LV62973
[MOD]External TP/TS docking (update 07/12/08) for 1.3123fud37245
X1TP XDownloads4 (
[SCRIPT] UTProfit (v 1.0 28-04-09)32euclid24581
ATTENTION! : TP Class144LV20225
Is The TP class Relevant to the Game At All?154twilight_echoes17315
Cruise Liner Pilot's Handbook (ie. how to use a TP)21Ryuujin13287
X1: The Pirates Total conversion mod, X1TP 0.1 OUT NOW!!!39SSwamp_Trooper11340
X3TC what ships can dock a TS/TP/M617Fresshness11313
Do you use TP's or TS's as your primary factory fleet?44Nanook9480
[BONUS ADD-ON] TP-Renamescript15ticaki9192
Fighter / TP Spacewalk Boarding: Tips and Example Videos15Vim Razz8865
TP class ships from XL to L ??64Ziggy8830
The TP Guide29Java Jawa7799
X3tc Aldrin mission edt. terran factories? boarding with TP1heretic1234206796
SETA and TS/TP deaths22gillrichard6282
[TC] How to board with two TP's23Gruber12320026178
TP Ships30Pirate #16149
Should TL or Carriers be able to transport TS/TP class ships38Ares235696
X3 - TPs - BUG????26Lidza5378
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A good TP ship for fast, aggressive spacewalk boarding? X3AP11Nehlis1783
[X3:AP] Effective means of capturing TPs?7Jimmy C565
TP and bioscanner can not see marines8stimpy61550
TPHQ mod to use Terran resources?2smytus476
X3TC scripts/mods that allow TS+TP to dock at TL.3wowcraftify676
TC: drunken marines driving my TP?6johnreidb858
TP taxi mod/script0staxss271
X3:TP - Jumpdrives5cjoshuav469
boarding with TP - drones or fighters? (TC)6Thelastreject796
Tips for capturing Hyperion with a TP6Damian Swift490
[Solved]Can TPs no longer run boarding ops? X3AP3Tohron407
AP new TP ships are nice but a bit pointless NPC's dont fly new TS13Greyhawk1759
EQds and TPs incorrectly report that they buy Engine Tunings, Rudder opts etc1glenmcd252
Teladi Geochen overpowered? (TP)9chibajoe1337
[BUG] X3:AP - Mani TP Laser Recharge4Sam97531785
Mani TP broken tooltip3Neferdias490
[X3AP] New TP to Boarding Craft Conversion - {alpha testers needed}0GrahamSimmons649
Phantom TP - the Maybach of TPs9Afterburnerz1204
[X3] TP missions and Argon Express10Avogadro1701
TPs are infact genuinely useless (a rant best heard in C#)23Kobura1315
Hard lessons in TP boarding9VELLA853
Adding more marines to a TP1VELLA414
BoP plot bug - "" (Somewhat spoilers inside)0Nagittchi363
Passenger Liner Company10Kai101m51328
FTP Access0tatakau350
Terran Plot: Espionage Mis: Terran TP do not board4VincentTH744
Unique TP's and bomkers cargo capacity8brattbags01757
HTTP error 400 : bad request.1Catra350
[TC] TP/TS docking in TL/M14Ian_921293
[X2] TP and Passenger Mission Bug2Tolwyn525
[REQ] Collect and Sell all freight except blacklisted for TP/TS/TM/TLs0Firewrath494
MK 3 software for TP's2brattbags01711
[X3TC] Boarding from multiple TPs12Mailo1717
Using a TP to board.18avidkaos9991524
What ships can dock TPs?12kotorone11542
TP or TS ships docked at captial ships?3maninspace830
TP ship for taxi missions ?3sstbrg778
[TC] TP Problem with Cargo lifesupport system.7Jezmond401238
TP Trouble2Callidus Thorn701
[TC] Can marines repair TP ships that they are in???18Captian Connor Greer1784
Unable to connect to HTTP Proxy3you_rebel_scum1065
[TC] Possible to capture a Carrack using a TP full of marines?18wgentry992362
Passengers won't board an autopiloted TP?8zul8081236
Fixed (Egosoft, minor bug found) TP *lost* it's cargo bay lifesupport.5tkoller1018
TP passengers-help please.10TTD1116
[TC] TP Iguana Vanguard14Kelvhan Amaratharr1992
Strange TP Idea11Anonymous1398
Capping in a TP3Negative821
TP with marines but boarding command rejected7Lord Bane1608
TP or no TP?13juanitierno1723
M3 + TP Boarding. Wow!4Frostynso1182
TP boarding 2,51Sincere MarkXIII823
[TC] No marines launch from my TPs. Is EVA boarding broken?15vhsod2820
Internal docking for TS/TP/M6/M8/TM6kurush1714
[TC] Boarding - How many TPs full of men are now needed...2Mouseco945
TP Boarding V2.512zackinger2669
[TC] TP what holds the most?1Kevinbs86877
[TC] High Tech Trader indestructible TP8Kapakio1668
[X3:TC] Capping a Boron Angel (TP)?2Datalinks1825
[TC] Unlimited TS/TP & M6 can dock at which stations?5yelgrun1410
[TC] Which ships that TS & TP can dock?3yelgrun948
X3: R question regarding TP between complexes3stn969
X3TC 2.1 astronauts/pirates/TP question4Rangoon3331
Need help on first Ship *Boarding* - Using a TP, not a bought combat ship.13Gorium1701
Bordom+MARS+TP=new TL2Hartzaden1037
TP's are filling up my station O_O5uxnhoj1231226
Boarding with a TP Possible?11johneh771773
TP cargo life support not recognised4Mike Roberts1018
[SCRIPT] Jump To Properties(JTP): Ver 1.1 (05/07/09)2XDrake996
[TC] Aldrin - 500 KM Taxi mission in a TP... completed3delray1646
[TC] Can a TP be used to board ships?6taytay1304
[TC] How are marines treated when using pods or a TP?3NewtSoup1202
My boarding tactics using M3's and a TP0Userfaulty769
Weird TP cargo life support bug11Slonor1806
Starliner Hauler73D_Master2231
Boarding in 1.4 - The TP will simply not board ! Bug ?2apricotslice956
Yet another bug: Personnel TP missions fail when you switch craft.0Jambro622
[TC] Question about TPs5Zaitsev1337
[IDEA] TP Awacs3Stealth171167
[MOD] X1TP Demo released6=DC=Shadow1520
X3:TC 1.2.1 Any carriers can "carry" TS's or TP's?10ezra-r2324
[TC] TP for Pearl4Free Trade Inn1193
X1TP v0.1 on TC9SSwamp_Trooper3545
Best TP22kotekzot4301
Any use for TP ships?8SafaN9992692
Help with a TP/TL Script5cjd18881902
[Mission] TP Passengers - Updated 2/4/080JMCorp959
Balog's FTP address is
BALOGS FTP address update3balogt1628
TP "fix" script.11Hopeless3436
A script that actually showing TS/TP docking at cap ships?2Jiggaman1581
Luxury TP Passenger Transport with a view11Observe3386
Hire a TP2kpugh771357
script that allows TP/TS to dock with Cap ships......1Jiggaman1032
[REQ]Cruise Liner4Jon Quinn1571
Docking TP/TS in cap ships......1Jiggaman1281
00749, Particles3, and TPlanets-pics of 00749 results18xTemon4569
TP size limitations ?17PhantomDG13715
need a question answered concerning TP cargo5ValiantSKYWALKER2009
TP ship variants - where to buy or find?5DjHol1883
TP problem (script bug?)1JimJupiter1127
..salvaged TP - now what?7BugMeister2197
How useful are split TP's?11zooze3367
TP class ships...4MoonHeadJohn1766
Internally docking TP's....2ForbiddenKnowledge1573
Docking a TP to an M1 - is it possible?8ForbiddenKnowledge2267
Balogs FTP SITE new IP7balogt2046
Best TP For T.O.A.L.T BBS Missions? (X2)2novacatt1647
Getting a TP mission2mcsquared1287
TP Passenger Tour Runs19mcsquared4945
TP Class Ships11zooze3023
Creating a ship, how to get TP/TS dock working?8Delphis2563
TP-class ships...6Kneeeta2083
Military TP anyone?0Rudenut1153
Can I dock on a split elephant with a TP transport, the people transporter??8mikehrichardson2612
FTP site new IP address4balogt1824
TP's are they worth it?12Addy_Billi2999
TP Tour Missions3Whiskahs1716
Are the "Tour of a Lifetime" and other TP Mission worth doing?10Etheron3647
Iguana Vanguard, good TP to keep it following me around?5Etheron4197
Annoyed at TP class ships5Alfred Bester1895
TP problem4cipher221874
Can any TP fit a jumpdrive???8devils-advocate2918
RELEASED SG-1 Puddle Jumper TP9balogt3868
RELEASED f203 Bomber and MY NEW FTP SITE ADDRESS14balogt4663
RELEASED New albatros/ the bab-5 centauri liner model1balogt1050
Some TP-ships can't seem to have a jumpdrive??4Paajtor2020
TP Class ships3Shadow_91750
What's the deal with with TPs and TLs?8Preda3066
TP troubles5Colonelnj102150
Stupid question : TS (or TP) from 2nd mission?4site4gnome1949
More missions for TPs?0Diablos1049
Tour. Too few space in cargo in my TP?13ezra-r2875
TL/TS/TP ships not collecting wares?7azrael5732685
OK. What exactly is the function of the TP in X3 ?21Roz-pT5193
Docking TS/TP's on TL's / M1's / M2's1Griefheart1677
TL and TP etc.13dimothy103555
TP Class, what's it for?21McPhearsom5188
TPs migrating south for the winter?2Northern1496
TP Missions Bug15Anthares4486
TP mission prob (possible?)4drewlad1937
TS/TP dock script problem1Rickster1263
Logic for being unable to dock TS/TP to TL??16Darshu4406
Uses for TP class?10Flashfire2354
Do TP's make good sector/uni traders?4Darth Malice2100
anyone want to wander around inside a captial ship or above TP class ships?19mikesl4672
TP or TS for Factory Trading???12Jabali3643
Iguana Vanguard (TP) Location Other than the Hidden one.6Aradax2700
Possible TP mission bug or just unlucky.4Mercenary1844
Passenger Transport TP BBS mission problems.3unfunfofmpc2002
What can TPs be used for? (X3)18Jietoh4478
Why should i buy a TP?4fransbos011867
[Script Idea] Prisoner TP ship Takeover with Pirate Help = "Cat-an-Mouse"1sgtslap1418
Lost ship!! Fully maxed, useful TP for those starting and not far8Apocholypse3314
Can a TP dock in a TL?11Fraz863024
TP Class Ships4Ralon2305
TP missions7Budd12654
TP jobs and free space.5Marijn2098
Transport TP class ship12phoenix233136
TP route?3smurof2062
lowering numbers of TP's15Apocholypse3475
Greyhawk1's not complete at all guide to TP's6Greyhawk12530
TPs and Sector Patrols4shinobu1893
Should I use TS's or TP's for station transports?13Slider333628
doing lots of TP Tour missions. Making it easy for myself9duriel2703
Is posible to capture liner ships?11pccenter2372
TP transport missions6Dragon_Rider2409
Terrorists hijacking TP's?12CHAZZ3831
TP Liners Bug4Skeeter1929
Why can fighters land on a M2 while TS an TP can't?!6ojr3038
TP - XL rename script no working.1hallusk1403
TP`s11blue fox2790
Mission 2 TP: Cheat?28Aro4756
M3? 6? 1? TL? TP? Nandayooooo...9Z0diac3040
With new TP Prices...10DeathFlame3210
Gamma PPC's VS Gamma HETP's3Apocholypse2055