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SETA - Not so well-thought out it seems77VioletRapture10478
[TC] How to make money without using cheats / scripts / mods or SETA.159BiancoAngelo77626
Using SETA to make money. Is it cheating?47truelove797498
X3 SETA in Stations- for those that really must.20TBV6975
Is there a way to turn SETA on while docked?40Apollo4343436769
Combat Rank Status and SETA problem??51Hubasan6700
X3 SETA problem11Lonestar1976aUK6692
X3: Where to stay when SETA-making-money?33boxleitnerb6474
SETA and TS/TP deaths22gillrichard6259
SETA 1000% , does it work without problems?25X3_Xenon5782
X3TC: Repair Laser + SETA... huh?3Solomon Short5685
Can you stop using SETA?44WetWarev75593
A way around the SETA cheat fix52Remy5591
SETA drive and a persistant online universe18AlphaStratus5405
When does the SETA use start lowering fighting rank?21acrh25367
How do you keep SETA going while your sleeping?33bloomstomb5282
Do you consider leaving game on SETA cheating?47b-b-q5102
SETA, is it abused43SpoonGuard5058
GALAXY NET - Breaking News - SETA Millionaires Face Total Destruction36ZaphodBeeblebrox4868
I have the reason for one of the SETA slowdowns29Baleur4731
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X3 ap (LU) SETA slowing down2Crypticguy663
SETA tweak?5oHmY477
(X3:TC) Wingmen and SETA6Khaysis815
Does SETA slow aging?4samoja404
Is X3 Reunion viable with no SETA ?7Kitteh565
SETA 1000% doubleplus ungood?5Barleyman489
[X3AP XRM Mod] SETA Slowing Down3xeranes1023
Ship randomly blowing up while using SETA?10saulscmit699
Using SETA for extended periods of time17Samps824
Becoming a bit too accustomed to SETA...5IConquer786
SETA question2Gyrehawk323
X3AP Docking and SETA issues6temitten548
X3R - Issue with SETA3navetta311
Is there a mod to allow SETA on stations?10Tolmos668
[X3TC] SETA quick question12estevesbk702
Following the Gaian pirate in Goner Plot on SETA, plus made $12 Mil1Bill Huntington542
Running X3 in a Virtual Machine/Preventing SETA from stopping.10Sabuu613
Using SETA at 1000%?5dispostableatheist789
Speed glitch while using SETA? - Ship set to follow.5AntBoogy90593
X3AP - Crashing almost gauranteed if I use turbo-boost/SETA4Sam97531399
SETA Question3stavros299
[TC] Stuttering and Non-reposnsive UI during SETA - Problem went away by itself.3Thrasher91604289
Specific SETA issue7freecad9549
Bizarre Question on SETA23NationalZombie999
SETA scripts4p3x1187496
X3TC Engine Tuning and SETA10QucikQuestion1141
[Request] SETA starter/stopper when stationary1Aidyer266
Terran Conflict - Massive Crippling FPS Drop Moments After Game Start (SETA)1postmoderncowboy581
Do you just fly aimlessly with SETA to pass time?28Chrushev1157
SETA - zero to thousand in no time flat6Quinch425
[X:BTF] SETA boost extension9WizzWargasm1803
X3AP: SETA repair?5Max10451799
[AP] Aldrin game start/SETA10lubnius827
SETA "Breaking"2Joubarbe412
[X2] Crash to desktop during SETA2faberdonax417
Terran Start, SETA, and War announcments... possible solution within the plot??0EOCF!AngelEyes324
AP, SETA and War Notices4TriXxENG579
Is there a mod to stop the keyboard commands from disabling SETA?2ChaosAxess1053
SETA & Repair Laser11canshow1130
Unmapped Left-Alt but it still pulls me out of SETA3Veovis Muad'dib412
AP: SETA *much* improved, tougher hull also great0cswiger457
New SETA exploit?20StarSword1293
My SETA and Bust-Buy/Sell modules are broken6bloodtoes664
Tc SETA15radink867
[X3TC] Game does not seem to be running at 1000% SETA28Arlex1315
SETA and external camera: Mod to slow down /alter cam movement?5MiSP567
[question] Detecting SETA enabled2Shimrod429
SETA and declinign Fight rank11dryfus3368892
How to stop SETA from deactivating?17Warhammer: 30254515
Is there any mod to increase SETA rate?7venku1224364
Something to be able to act while having SETA on.8Treefur998
Faster SETA drive lol (Found 1 working method)22jussipe4220
Ships stop when SETA is active11Wintersdark780
X3:TC SETA Question4Ceyan1682
SETA over night, stupid or I'm just not getting it?56deca.death2849
[X2] Increase SETA speed6Spawn7051972
X3TC: Minimal SETA interruption1Prisoner_of_the_Ram1170
SETA fps issues5fondue1004
Observations on the SETA / jump bug1glenmcd618
Mods that help "SETA" late game performance????2dougeye748
Ships not moving at SETA?0Stealth17315
Ships Hault when using SETA4alawap764
Faster computers & its impact on SETA combat\AI Pathing...21Eddis2355
There a reason to not sit in SETA and let traders rack the dough?27incarnyte2819
Tabbing out with SETA on7Spero742
SETA won't work in X3 Reunion8Jasiks2299
How can I prevent this stupid SETA to continuously break?11WhyCannaeYouDo1295
Keeping SETA going while you tab out6Rrail870
[TC] SETA While doing something else?17earofcorn1841
SETA Slowdown late game @ adv sats13dougeye1438
[TC] SETA Slowdown late game @ adv sats1dougeye520
Faster SETA?3QCormacJ1070
X3TC Game Stuck in SETA9sadin_131312
Saitek Cyborg throttle and SETA issues19Scarecrow2128
[TC] My combat rank and SETA woes: a story5Zynk1294
Terrible Performance happening at random, esp. during or after SETA3KorJax723
Issues under SETA11nponoBegHuk1520
Ships stop while in SETA2Shock223591
SETA smoke trails6Adriorn1218
No damage done under SETA - is this normal?4Sorce706
Activating SETA disables Combat AI?1Sorce597
Modified SETA script...might be impossible.13Markhor1939
Screenlock after SETAing overnight4pokemaughan942
[TC] SETA continue after jump gate1Hedron781
Everything stops when SETA active6Stars_InTheirEyes854
SETA and Sector Map = Freeze!2Sahvion632
[TC] Shell out with SETA Running3CarlPalmer740
IS SETA considered an exploit by purests?16x3nooby1866
SETA stopping Autopilot commands27Cadius2308
Any scripts to reduce SETA interruption?2lamoyja685
[X3:TC] How much do you use SETA?27Roger L.S. Griffiths3035
Faster SETA4nman2209
SETA continuation through gates9NewEonOrchestra1226
SETA issues11Prismseed1636
Using SETA has wrecked my game!!12dynamo breaker1911
SETA sometimes doesn't work, just noise3terriblet1056
[TC] A way to get around the SETA issues..18ninereeds6662355
How do I upgrage my SETA6Bluewulf1386
[TC] 2.5 major spoiler Boarding Pod SETA Exploit.13Mr. Reeves2958
SETA and trading2SLUGGO808
SETA/ humble merchant/astroid minning5morphias44a1060
How do you view SETA-ing31godeshus2852
SETA beyond times 106paladinj1531
SETA fact sheet16mrbadger2338
SETA timescale?15lothos2050
Can you use the SETA with a joystick?3acephantom903753
Problem with SETA1WhiteStar1747
prob with the SETA15rakka3410
Window flicker and SETA randomly stopping.10Adams_BJ1616
SETA question10Tastybeverage1301
SETA boost extension3noob641168
Auto SETA turn-on when entering sector (if entered last gate with SETA on)5mrsack1687
Faster SETA8Mahli Ma1887
tracking wares and SETA while docked2username-1775
X3R: How to activate SETA while docked?27username-14390
engine "beam" infront of ship during SETA15misterm1592314
TC - SETA speed up11lucas_mat1509
auto pilot and SETA7nickswfc1231105
TC 2.0 and SETA (WONT WORK) keyboard wierd too ...10GearHead2229
SETA question12JJ3282153
My friends (cheating) art of SETA exploits23forsamori3192
[TC] Is there a way to modify the SETA multiplier even further?12Mistyevening2164
Which SETA factor?12milp2249
[X2] SETA question2Sp@c3Ch!mp791
SETA Glitch ?3vonotto882
SETA Problems10Spartan05361687
[DiD] SETA Glitch - I'm *inside* an elephant?18anneonemous2231
Mod that makes SETA not turn off when going through a gate/coming close to a 'Roid?4KFJ1641
Cant leave my game in SETA ?????4Trevelvis1137
[TC] Leaving Game on SETA ???13Trevelvis2131
X3TC - Loosing Aron rep doing nothing.. not SETA5dcarver1221
SETA noob question3alcorrr1001
SETA only behaves as jumpdrive when joystick attached3f100pic1163
Game lags after long SETA stint.5Morghul1353
Uninterrupted SETA?24Slonor3651
Auto Pilot/SETA Problem5Terrapin1304
problems with SETA2alterami815
[REQ] SETA when docked at a station??6amurph01484
1.4 PATCH FREEZING-SETA x1021amtct4082
Further Accelerated SETA7CNiall1639
Stop SETA deactivation?2mattwla1210
Smoke while flying SETA13[Snipe] Bando3899
SETA not working in 1.39Dark0ne452201
SETA performance erratic and returns very poor frame rate7keatsm1508
SETA not working?7TheLure2026
SETA killed my game!2Soulstar914
Increasing SETA & jumpdrives12fanabagonia2202
Bug - FPS-relenting particles whilst in SETA9Seathal1867
SETA overnight - then unable to build factories :(13OddBall-aka-hippiejon2385
I rarely use SETA anymore. In fact, I just enjoy XT3C in real-time!25ncc3863969
SETA in stations?8Gammro1958
SETA problems with XBOX360 gamepad2RHALX1057
forward smoke trail on SETA?1eltanan777
Jumpgates & SETA4andman1988
Where is the SETA button on the HUD?5ncc3861344
What is SETA exactly?7shireknight1615
Fighting Rank Loss and SETA17nagant2840
Blinking Screen During SETA7nagant1616
I have to use SETA to dock, is this normal?18paul12902797
SETA problem5fagraas1526
SETA problems - maintaining script performance.9Lyth1801
Freelancer-style Cruise Engine vs. SETA2beyer_garratt1355
Help with making SETA work11KingsGambit3219
SETA Game freez5Rickster1452
SETA and turning your ship7tedbell1822
[MOD] SETA Tick sound disabled0Gazz908
M.A.R.S. and SETA Boost extension3jacare1601
[X3] Autopilot+Jumpdrive+SETA bug.7Havner3396
SETA not going off when really needed6AlphaTau1743
X3 - SETA Rep killer19alt3rn1ty3621
SETA problems6WF4421907
NPCs and SETA2kc991090
Increasing SETA2bitec1199
SETA F-ups3mossfootx1120
SETA not working?3slant641268
Stuttering performance.... EDIT: when SETA is used.20Elffin2839
SETA 10x.. where can you get it?15purza3297
SETAs defensive qualities6mthunter1675
SETA while docked?17DjHol3108