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Home of Light, HoL

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Khaak Invasion in Home of Light32chrisallen764081
OMG my Home Of Light just dissapeared19shadowfang23162
All is not well in Home of Light (v1.4 bug)26Greyhawk12915
Kha'ak attacks on Home of Light...22Terminator052773
X3 TC - Paranid Invasion of Home of Light? Argon response - diddly squat!13Neil Depledge2600
[X3] Can't find TS MK3 at HoL or Teladi EQ9nholmes2372
Nividium plant? in home of light?, where!!!?1Deano_TIK2273
So, uh, Home of Light raided by Paranid.. close call!22bloodtoes2137
Khaak carriers wasting away Home of Light after 1.3 patch5ttl2018
is home of light going to be be destroyed9The Moomin Master1918
[TC] Home of Light is best location for PHQ?10xxxHACKERxxx1879
Bad day in Home of Light...........16bubbafett1848
Nividium Escort Home of Light Problem5sidetoneusa1783
[X3R] Plot mission problem, Home of Light escort *SPOILER WARNING*17Loosh1671
[X3: Re-union] Argon Prime/Home of Light/Ore Belt, best sector for fuel distillery?13Capt_Newbie1387
I'm Stuck again, in Home of light of all places13kileran1347
trainning barracks in home of light??15subzero221210
New to the Game - question about Home of Light sector8JG53_Jaguar1200
Nvidium Mine in Home of Light?2Lodius20001147
[TC] Terracorp HQ & "Home of Light"4aldebaran91124
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X3TC, home of light music?5Skillzfire589
[MD] Piano + Home of Light (Music Revert)5h2o.Ava800
[TC] The Paranid is killing everything in HoL4Darkknight5121067
home of light music doesn't play in home of light3pincerfae670
[TC] Home of Light0Jallard426
Home of Light - Pirates4Nevurius746
X3R Kha'ak in Home of Light?4Deathgeese943
Home of Light Music1Cougaris643
Cant find nvidium plant in home of light2X2PLAYA621
(Mission 5 )Home Of Light convoy Mammoth's2Myhosi772
Goto the fleet in home of light?2efernal536
Consistent Crash to desktop leaving Home of Light4mjmcmahon838
Empire Building, HoL0Pcorn294
Cap ship docked at terracorp station in Home of light?7Skeeter967
No Nvidium Plant in Home of Light.4GonzoX820
Building Tesco in Home of Light4Red Squirrel784
Home of Light - Nividium Plant - Can't find it!!1grtdane1024
Bug: Power plant in home of light causing FLOOD of ships in sector3Enuo872
Solar plant in Home of Light, when supply and demand go horribly wrong4Enuo1121
taking over home of light,10the-danzor1017
Good factory for Home of Light?6clayb8976899
Argon Mammoth in Home of Light2RedShade448
Cap ships in Home of Light?3Arch123408
Finding khaak *censure* in section below HoL (spoiler)5bubba-781