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Sticky: X3: Albion Prelude - A Survival Guide18CBJ562830
[Guide] X3 Handbook for Albion Prelude (v7 for Kindle)(v5 for PDF Download)162apricotslice219162
[MOD] Terran Conflict plots 2.2a for Albion Prelude 3.1633dillpickle129166
Xmas Surprise - X3 Albion Prelude - Now available on Steam!1003X2-Illuminatus116619
The X3 Savegame Manager - updated 07/01/2012 - X3: Albion Prelude Version released265mrbadger85600
[AP] Albion Prelude Plot Walkthrough82Spychotic68049
NEWS: X3: Albion Prelude Update 3.0 - Shady Business is here!162X2-Illuminatus68033
X3: Albion Prelude 1.1 has landed, and it's brought X3: Terran Conflict 3.2 with it!370CBJ55954
X3: Terran Conflict or X3: Albion Prelude?20Agentmass50994
X3: Albion Prelude Update 2.5.1 is available!189X2-Illuminatus50628
Mods (TC) found to work with Albion Prelude... LIST UPDATED: Jan 22, 201238Malakie48203
X3: Albion Prelude 2.5.2 and X3: Terran Conflict 3.2c released & 2.5.3 Update53KlausM44370
NEWS: X3: Albion Prelude Update 3.1 is now available!23X2-Illuminatus33041
[Guide] Albion Prelude Plot Walkthrough.20apricotslice30406
[MOD] [XRM:AP] TC Plots in XRM:Albion Prelude122MutantDwarf28129
Best Albion Prelude mods?15mic621928
Coming Soon: X3: Albion Prelude 2.574Ketraar19105
[X3AP] Guide: Albion Prelude23Peltarius16233
X3: Albion Prelude -Player HQ14fenix6714020
Albion Prelude - EJ's Big Change List (Spoiler Heavy)36EmperorJon13361
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Announcement: NEWS: X3: Albion Prelude and X3: Terran Conflict updated39X2-Illuminatus7790
X3 Albion Prelude in 1 minute0Wonders274
Albion Prelude keeps freezing9Goodoldwarri496
Albion Prelude Final Fury plot, Exterminator ship missing8corny12595
Announcement: Latest updates for X3: Albion Prelude and X3: Terran Conflict - Updated 2017-12-0722CBJ6027
A website to download custom ships?? [WRONG SECTION, ALBION PRELUDE]4death12337826
X3:TC Terran Conflict & AP Albion Prelude & XRM online universe map - multi language!20garveen1485
The New Terran Starts mod for Albion Prelude (THREE NEW STARTS AND SHIPS)0begginfokillz552
getting Albion prelude to work with mods3firefightervf06554
A couple of questions about wrecks and beacons in albion prelude5joseph99894
Unable to launch Albion Prelude bonus pack under Win10 - resolved (AP not installed)4White Rat656
Patch 7/6/2016 : X3 Albion Prelude 3.1a / X3 Terran Conflict 3.2d17hisazul4019
Whats the deal with Albion/Aldrin6neojesus13856
X3 Albion prelude Internal Comodity Logistics Help10Danny200771
X3 albion prelude: Ship won't shoot missiles11Danny2001000
Super HDD activity caused by Albion Prelude - fragmented video file16X-Me1692
Hilfe kann Albion dvd nicht installieren1cryruplay89410
XRM crash on windows 10 (Albion Prelude)6watchlive555
Albion Prelude with X-Tended crash on windows 101watchlive451
I would like to start a new game of Albion Prelude with a mod, which do you recommend0watchlive479
i need albion prelude no steam file with a new account on the forum. - Resolved1watchlive401
[SCRIPT][AP] Updated Bonuspack for Albion Prelude6Boringnick2055
Wondering which Terran ship to get after the Katana [Albion Prelude]4Fenris321559
What are the new sectors in Albion Prelude?13ozzyoscy759
Albion Prelude 3.1 - personnel transport missions invalid station1mciann502
Crash to desktop on startup in Albion Prelude 3.1 - Resolved.4WhoWantsBagels552
X3 Albion Prelude what do I do with millions?15hiperpoo1481
Albion Prelude 2 ?1NEMESIS165537
Incredible reward... (major spoiler for Albion Prelude "Risky Business" plotline.)1Musicker696
New Over-tuned special ship.. (Albion Prelude Spoiler alert!)3Musicker560
Albion Prelude - Defending a sector?16BryanNeff867
Albion Prelude below minimum price bug4glenmcd1077
Albion Sectors and Remote Commands (X3AP)2ancienthighway335
Albion prelude and Nvidia dynamic super resolution2hartza76493
Cant download Albion prelude bonus content2Sinfulace262
mac version albion prelude2sorcerer520
Albion Prelude or Terran Conflict?4chelo_boga585
using linuxtrack in x3 Albion Prelude0Mr Tibbs256
RESOLVED - help please? Albion Main Plot - Won't advance (Spoiler) - Resolved.4Lokirian502
installing Albion Prelude1SteveT33450
Albion Prelude 2.51 - No Station Messages, Bulletin Board3parameter592
Frozen Stocks in Albion Prelude Steam Version3Eyeseeyou406
How do I install the bonus pack for X3 albion prelude on steam?2papirico396
Keyboard not working with Albion Prelude8Mousse9841
Starting with Albion Prelude23Mousse91091
X3:AP Showing Up As "X3: Albion Prelude [level3_beta]" In Steam Library7RoverTX640
Albion Prelude - station placement9Klo_Kla599
A few questions about Albion Prelude.9Wheem655
Albion Prelude ships for Terran Conflict?3Lea Flamma615
The other X titles after playing X3:TC - worth playing? (all but Albion for $20)12mouser9169583
X3: Albion Prelude Bonus Pack3SiriusHarbinger449
Editing Albion Prelude2thephoneix248
indestructible asteroid script or asteroid respawn script albion prelude??12mandsup751
X3: Albion...combat sim mod for combat training7kuertee437
Unofficial addon for XRM v1.30d Albion Prelude6Igor.tverd1060
Find calls for a script? (Albion Prelude War sector OOS attacks)3Psycho0124390
Adding X3 Tc saves to Albion Prelude3MoNsTaZ415
Tiger Frigate blueprint (Albion Prelude)15shireknight1487
Is there a physical version of X3 that includes terran conflict and Albion Prelude?4tyber109387
Problems on getting Terran conflict or Albion prelude with X3 Reunion7Tasogie493
[X3 AP] advancing albion plot past aid war effort?5extacide541
Song from X3:Albion Prelude Intro?3Rickjames125362
Can someone tell me how to add money into my account please (Albion Prelude)3shireknight271
albion prelude can't dock anywhere in paranid space what to do?3moogie472
Albion prelude humble merchant... weapons..7moogie451
Do I need to have X3:TC to install and play Albion Prelude?4Bogyi366
Albion Prelude Fameous Quotes3death12337255
albion prelude bonus pack - crash on exit if turbo used - Fixed remapped turbo.2cba999344
Albion Prelude mission times are much too short5shireknight490
Any new updates for Albion Prelude In the offing3Red_ufo307
X3 Albion Prelude on the go on a tablet - Nice10draezonn1706
Register Albion game in profile2veelad259
Albion Prelude lasertowers7Nebulos734
Game key already used: Albion1simon155251
Albion Prelude or TC?7SLUGGO621
Why are there no Kha'Ak in albion prelude?22rabcor1711
What plot-lines are available in terran conflict but not albion prelude?5rabcor452
Albion Prelude 'Invalid Key'12Gvozdika650
Shady Business aka Advanced X3 Albion Prelude16phantomrock21606
Albion Alpha Music?1phantomrock2235
Albion Prelude 3.0 Shady Business in Strategy Mode+Action15SG4tw905
[Solved] Albion Prelude v3.1 (Steam & Win8) incompatible with ATI Drivers 13.4?4hobsyllwin830
How can I tell if I have Albion Prelude - Resolved by Steam5slate0396
Noise in X3 albion prelude4marcellius424
Albion Prelude and Steam5viridium342
Albion not Showing on STEAM List, should it be?1Shewrog363
X3 Albion Prelude check10Fitzy Of Sydney602
x3 albion prelude freezes at unfocused jump1polar_bear_1499
X3 Albion Prelude 3.0 and Mac OS X status?2Mr Jones844
X3AP Albion plot made me feel like an idiot6stoudtlr601
X3 Albion Prelude - Load Save Game After Update....12Danny200778
Albion Prelude story summary? (Spoilers!)1DeathXI386
X3 albion prelude, sometimes crashed in case of pass through gate4SergiusFacsimile573
Help launching Albion Prelude offline2Mr. Reeves318
conflicts with shady business / albion prelude?5bogiebogus644
Albion Prime6HavocRazr30438
X: Albion Prelude: What could destroy the ship?9SergiusFacsimile614
X3: Albion Prelude, ship crashes into the shipyard when it tries to undock8SergiusFacsimile511
X3 albion prelude terran attack?3niytiy398
Terran Conflict and Albion Prelude are crashing6Eduran22604
X3 terran conflict, to x3 albion prelude8niytiy606
Terran Conflic or Albion's Prelude?21KayEss973
I want a mod that puts more ships, stations and sectors into X3 Albion Prelude.5TheHellHound123604
What are the best mods/conbination of mods in X3 Albion Prelude?6TheHellHound123731
What are the best mods/conbination of mods in X3 Albion Prelude?5TheHellHound123425
My assets spontaneously disappear - Albion Prelude8Maziou572
X3 Albion Prelude Combat5guruw430
X3 Albion Prelude - Requesting a full boarding mod expansion8Juvante998
Best Player Stations to Make Profit with in X3: Albion Prelude12sporeboy1011508
X3: Albion Prelude Special Command Software - Collect Astronaut3LabrinthAbyss945
Steam / Albion3adlkirk462
X3 Albion Prelude ship question3angelus214298
DVD TC upgradable to Albion prelude without steam?5habit_267
Searching for a Kha'ak start for X3TC / albion prelude4mazzox790
X3: Albion Prelude Plot questions [Spoilers]23Ponderer3366
[AP] Is Albion Pride available in 3.0?5Lone Jedi582
X3: Albion Prelude 3.0 controller support.... what was egosoft smoking?12Lion Around4307
Albion Prelude 3.0 Incoming?20andik2201
Any saves available for an accelerated start? (Specifically Albion Prelude.)9lemonylime820
[MOD REQ] Cockpit for Pride of Albion (X3:AP)2Earth Ultimatum IV.1828
Galaxy Editor for Albion Prelude?4EmperorDragon439
Can't download no steam exe for X3 Albion prelude - resolved.8pinkslice8025
Albion Prelude - free view changes?8rionwt974
Unable to play Albion Prelude without Steam12Oriolus1468
albion prelude freezing/crashing12keen1231497
Stock Exchange - albion prelude22death123374096
Terran Conflict and Albion Prelude modding question?27NeoDraconis1084
Albion Prelude.. Trouble earning cash, what am I doing wrong?11ZenTex516
System takeover script help! (albion prelude)4Aurilensasen373
Help finding directory in Albion Prelude5rich1391
Terran Conflict vs Albion Prelude ... plots?3DamnNamesAlwaysTaken945
Albion Hub and Player HQ Best place to put it?7AjRyder801
Fastest Ship in Albion.12AjRyder570
Albion Prelude Hidden Ships?5AjRyder607
Albion Plot Requirements0FusionSmusion171
X3 Albion Prelude Galaxymap18Prof.Liebstrumpf3516
How do I set up my Own HQ on X3 Albion Prelude?6TheHellHound123817
X3: Albion Prelude CTD + sound stutter until reboot - ASUS Xonar GX issue.7Elkestra978
X3: Albion Prelude For Mac2Likesofgod332
Starting scenarios for Albion Prelude1Soulvin1029
Terran Conflict to Albion Prelude. Have I missed something?5rferrett614
X3 Albion Prelude - Fleet Resupply - Not exactly working...3jackelmyer1351
X3 Albion Prelude - Getting Missions3SeriousSpy2656
X3 Albion Prelude - Merchant Tutorial Problem - No weapons firing.14SeriousSpy2091
Why is Albion Prelude only available on Steam2aaron1496435
Albion Stock Market13Dogbite447
The Steamroller Effect - Albion Prelude9Ellorion844
terran conflict and albion prelude6zietman1542
Thinking of Buying ALbion Prelude 1 thing stopping me1LordNightmare456
Your favourite capital ship X3 albion prelude ?10JayStar4293
Albion Prelude Mod List5XELA NAMYT726
Abandoned Ships in Albion Prelude3mikedi2584
build missions in albion sectors2frighowler302
Albion Prelude Treasure Hunt Plot broken?4shadyJ538
Albion Prelude on Steam on a cd TC install?4SLUGGO411
albion prelude Automatic Scouting of the sectors?5dasichri1049
X3 Reunion, X3 Terran Conflict, X3 Albion Prelude- Where to start?9professor00179903
Albion prelude scripts/mods/ships?9crusnik1398
Albion Prelude: worth it?9alexdefelice684
Which to play Terran Conflict or Albion Prelude?16Excalibur Bane1032
Albion Prelude3johnnywas192
X3 Albion prelude avaiblity in Hungary2rtka314
What is that black spot in Tempestine? Albion Prelude4shadyJ587
Crashes during combat, Albion Prelude - Fixed by driver update.2rainmouse708
Windows 8 / Albion Prelude CTD and Bluescreen erros24Tempelaars241834
Adding X3: Terran Conflict to steam then buying Albion Prelude does it work?2ogamerdg294
X3: Albion Prelude Questions4ogamerdg641
Albion Prelude. Worth it?7massacoppsan643
How to board big ships? Albion Prelude9aleks2098910
Need a little help with upgrading to albion prelude.4xelalex24298
how to board a big ship? Albion Prelude.13aleks20981673
Where to buy X3 Albion Prelude?7wrix123382
Albion Prelude - how to "buy" marines? (mod that removes Argon-Terran war)2aleks2098523
X3 Albion Prelude - where to "hire" Terran Marines?12aleks20983430
Albion Prelude - Peacekeeper and Merchant6Saga286508
Terran rating to low to land x3 albion prelude5solo1024719
Derelict Mammoth in Jupiter (Albion Prelude)11aleks20981192
Should I upgrade to Albion Prelude?3ThePrivateer447
Tc - Albion Mission Start3Beauchant194
Best AI controlled M6? (Albion Prelude)4lordsloth812