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[SCR] Ring of Fire - Stealth Lasertowers (v2.31 - 29.11.09)164Gazz66444
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[Extra] USS Yorktown (Yorktown Class Super Carrier) is ready for Beta testing14grev777891
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Laser Towers13Ganre6571
[AP] 3 laser towers for The Beryll mission9rjweng916555
One quick q:how can i equip lasertower weapons??30LilFunkyAngel6075
Towing the Yacht of Pontifex Paranidia13lassekardos6026
Lasertowers: Great in sector, horrible out of sector.20Sarpedon5883
Strange paranid x3 lasertower behaviour??18firefly285864
Mini-Guide: Destroying 1.4 Lasertowers v0.919Knower of Names4932
Laser towers are useless whats the point?22bastage20074902
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Tug Mod?1JDCollie274
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Value of building mass Laser tower factories ??8Tasogie628
can you get PALC from laser towers?8Orion1632562
[request] lock race relations for your ships/lasertowers etc2firestorm79308
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Laser tower problem AP 3.05dervce640
[Question] Laser Tower24Waicheun1651
Anything to reduce Lasertower performance hit?2Sotanaht468
Tiger Towers. (TC)15thelastslaith796
Any way to repair Laser Towers other than using the repair laser?3IanFitzJo629
[X3 AP] Best way of dealing with hostile towers/stations that disregard good race-rep16Servile1956
[AP] LaserTowers that are hostile but shouldn't be: how to fix.4Censor580
X3AP: Task management for lasertowers0Quinch372
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getting PBC from Lasertowers...(AP)16Deathtoll6661139
Where are the Lasertower Factories?12ScruffyBamboo922
Finding lasertowers1Quinch359
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laser towers1dwob620
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Towing complexes possible? (TC)13Shogouki688
Coming back after a four month break; what should I work toward?6xXEldestXx649
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(AP 2.1) Beryll Lasertower. Bug? UPDATE REPORT17Coreblimey1088
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Remove laser towers from the sector map, Aran style?4kurush533
'Maximum' Towing Speed [X3TC]24Bajau1024
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Towing ship missions17Sturmer813
X3AP - Pirate Base blue - Pirate Laser Towers red????4Casualty1116
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Laser Towers, AP?2arnak541
[AP] Can't place factory for build mission, can I tow it?6Ripskar403
Number of laser towers...5lt_wentoncha648
what is the cargo hold for on lasertowers?8Sterling Work998
Quick question: Can tractor beams tow entire complexes?6nukewarm762
AP Lastertower Bug10amandla361462
Can you tow complexes?4Gray2121550
[AP] lasertower production6AshToDust728
How to add sensors to lasertowers?2Kai101m5577
AdvSatellite becomes Lasertower on deployment.3Taha869
[AP] For a good time, deploy 100 lasertowers in a Xenon sector :-)31Fnord Lightbringer3235
Can you upgrade lasertower's shields?7tanner1ie731
AP lasertowers 1gj7BEAR 211061
[AP] Lasertowers5TheZoq2943
Lasertower changes4Revenat342721
Laser Tower pickup mod1Drockt1414
Argon Peacekeeper - Where do I get 3 laser towers?14Skydiver(uk)2857
Lasertower OOS combat3jamafish590
Destroying red laser tower without rep loss9AL'42657
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Can you tow gates?17greypanther702
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Best Tug?36NewtSoup2005
[X3R] Towing the Hyperion for the poor, cheap, or insane24jackmcbarn2277
Lasertowers, need advice on how/where to deploy them for SPP?3Verahta754
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Laser towers placment3nuttyprot696
Towing speeds2brattbags01559
X3: TC Best way to position Laser Towers around a factory? :)8Silverblade The Enchanter3450
To Kill a Laser Tower ??9PirateFrieghter1674
trying to tow a factory complex4Jeremy Harbottle791
How do i get the lasertowers out of my fab?8Ixpha901
[TC] My complexes towards getting the HUB done18Patholos2084
Hostile Laser Tower9MarvinTheMartian1213
[TC] I've towed th mining base ship to Aldrin, now what?12jrd4171186
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Misbehaving Lasertowers?14rpetiger1315
[TC] Why must I flee towards the Tyrs with my guns blazing!!!15silentWitness1552
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[TC] Towing the TL to Aldrin 2, OR ???5Bill Huntington1081
[TC] Aldrin Missions towing the miner base ship3Sabrina Bergin799
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Odd quirk when Laser Towers are badly damaged (TC 2.7.1).5Alan Phipps995
Problem with Lasertower weapon3CaptG880
Laser Towers in the Hub?11arnak1753
Laser towers - Do we really need them?23testpilot_bg2597
[X3R] Mine Towing Fail3Dunc83776
Towing two ships?6Bishop149894
Mines,rocks and towing plus some other questions1cattafett766
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Treasure hunt bug - lasertowers go invisible4Random_person680
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laser towers TC8mwecom1128
problem in X3TC, aldrin missions : can't tow the mobile miner through the gate5site4gnome2894
[TC] Coomands & Software for Stations/Lasertowers? Trade Logging for ships?2GeminiFire622
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Lasertower Disaster19trekkie331847
[TC] Count kills by drones towards the fightrank?2RyuKazuha828
somthing interesting re Terran laser tower3Matterom971
Lasertowers are hostile when anarchy port is not?21Lord Dakier1860
X3R - Mine towing experiments - and a fast tow technique2DuncanSharpe664
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Lasertowers useless? Not so fast...43akeelah4560
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Auto-deploy lasertowers?2trekkie33787
Guarding Satellites with Lasertowers16Reimu Hakurei2385
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Laser Tower Fac. wont work? (X3R)4GOAgrasshopper878
Any point to laser towers?10clevider1676
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[TC] Mr. Reeves and his aggression/Racism towards the Borons43Mr. Reeves4350
Lasertower problem..5Stars_InTheirEyes1115
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Pointless Lasertower?14clevider2184
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Lasertowers OOS36MegaJohnny3525
Automatic Tower attacking2vicster759
[TC] - lasertowers won't let me leave Earth torus..16BugMeister2198
[TC] Aldrin Mission: Tow Mobile mining base ship8HunZolka2319
[TC] Repositioning of laser towers6AfterburnerRex1292
[TC] Are we towing boxes or basketballs?10Bill Huntington1440
[TC] Can asteroids be towed through warp gates?5Vaeo1934
[Idea] Lympet Towed Cargo Array7Roger L.S. Griffiths1152
laser tower stats?3Cyrus Deacon1122
X3:R Towing a Mine...1XtremeChump1059
how does ranking vs towards enemy I have to fight?7tianlongprc1422
Pirate laser towers3ddgr1155
[TC] Red Laser tower conundrum4General Dave1168