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M1, Carrier

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[SCRIPT] ACC: Anarkis Carrier Commands | v1.40 | 17 Oct 06384Serial Kicked122747
Drone Carrier Software 2 (DCS2) v2.07a569DrBullwinkle63932
Script : Dock/Undock TS/TP Class at TL or M1105LV63039
[Script] Logain Industries Light Support Drone Carrier (LSDC) - v2 19/08/2009105Logain Abler52725
[ALP] Imperial Laboratories: Automated Carrier Software 1.1 14/3/1072LV50603
[SHIP - v0.5] URBz Tech.Inc - GOLDHEART - M0 BattleCarrier [Access Pass]179urbanfreak32130
The best M5, M4, M3, M2, M1, Tship, TL, & PS, in the game?29Asmayus26879
[SCRIPT] LazCorp Military Scanner (For M1, M2, TL, M7 or M6) v1.0123Lazerath26623
Terran Plot Problems In Sector M148: Workaround77Xenon_Slayer25656
[Script][TC/AP] Carrier Power Link System (CPLS) [V0.12 - Release]60Roger L.S. Griffiths22757
Drone Carrier Software (DCS) v1.31 (2012-05-17)122DrBullwinkle18237
What Are Your M1/2/3/4/5/6 Names??122Asmayus17382
Why can I kill M1-M2's with a poxy M3!!77Chazzie17135
[Script] JCC: Carrier Production 1.01 [16/11/2008]56JumperBR17041
COAST: Carrier Operations and Support Team57AdmiralTigerclaw16708
[Script] Scrap Ship at Carrier v1.01 1-Mar-0924eladan14128
Turbo take off for carriers !62Ideaspy 2.513930
[SHIP] Izverg M1/261smbh13631
BEAM1.0 BETA&Lite -downloadable-[updated: July 23, 2004]59ShadowX13433
[TC] Carrier Details: Hangars/Launchers {Ver. 1.3} (Updated Dec. 23th, 2010)29Deadbeat_Spinn13346
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Fly to sector M1483-John-524
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M1 Argon Colossus7ricktehdead625
[X3:AP] Do M1s show up on missions?2Jimmy C468
Scripts for Carriers - ADS and CODEA3BlackArchon598
[X3:TC] Help a noob! Carrier functionality...5Kenshin87701
Owned carriers AI6Nemesis_87560
[x3tc] A boarding spree (and M2-M1 questions)21sataki1531
[Coming Soonish][Feedback] Pirate Split/Boron/Terran M1/M2/M7/TL Skins4RoverTX766
Can I buy stations to land a M18Ronin677586
M1 Aran where do I buy this10Ronin677605
(info) Probing carrier docking slots via script APIs5Shimrod599
M2/M1 main guns6mandomaniac936
Buying an M1 - can you help me decide?23Martinez901196
QUESTION - How to create effective carrier for IS and OOS combat?7noname159854
Looking for a 72 gun Carrier1apricotslice479
Drone Carrier MOD not working it seems?1Tasogie370
Question on using the command scripts like trading one an Carrier etc....2Tasogie310
Carriers with Ships docked7stealthhammer598
X3AP 3.1: Carrier based scouting7CTHM741
Boarding M1! (AP)3tstoff594
Capital carrier9Rdtcmtt916
Scripts/Mods for improved Carrier combat maneuvering?0hourheroyes346
Did the Xenon J (or carriers in general) get a OOS combat buff? (X3:ap)2Hexdom395
Any easy mode carrier mod? that creates fighter wings on the fly...1Ranka-Lee537
TS Carrier?17Flybye938
m1 carriers and capital ships problem7desmonparker593
[X3AP] How to properly fly a Hit and Run Carrier3999jefro566
Station operations on ships docked inside your carrier4eugene123531
How do you do successful Carrier Ops (against capital ships) in AP?31DrBullwinkle1484
X3TC: Carrier tips/help.18Nickvr6281508
Drone carriers?7SIMON POPPLEWELL678
Keeping fighters restocked and refueled on a carrier6Nicoman351349
[X3AP]Using an M1 as my flag ship?16Huillam1792
Military Transport (light carrier) weirdness...19Jaycen_Aelis1144
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Whenever I try to cap something.. a few M2s/M1s/M7s suddenly jump in..15Sam975311569
The Aran . All purpose carrier or big white elephant.10lexraider815
X3 Reunion, can you refit M1s after you buy them?3dogboy122491
AI M1s and Fighters.1Echofinder363
[X3:TC] Request Permission to Land on own carrier6Automatic Jack504
TC: Possible spacewalk boarding an M1/M2 ?4anneking488
Some concerns about using carrier+fighters8aXeldk574
Carrier command software?13Ranged661714
X3tc - M1485DeathKnight505508
Ore mine in Argon Sector M148 - good idea?3Earth Ultimatum IV.701
Problem with M0 - M1 and M2 Class1Ataru12604
Carrier Fighters and loadouts30Estuansis1869
What are good fighter choices for a carrier? [TC]18ApatheticEthic1292
carriers docking possibilities8WishmasterSR614
Preferred Carrier & Destroyer - TC20BankruptAssasin2082
[TC] Can i keep stolen carrier's escort?6pref545
(AP) More Kyoto Shenanigans/Carrier commands22SilusCrow1301
Help with my Carrier9Rocier706
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"repair crews" addon to carriers2Piraneous375
carrier fighter controls13Piraneous1173
My 1st carrier31thebigJ_A2262
X3AP Fleet commander M1 not receiving energy cells6Steve58451303
[REQ] hanger repairs-carrier command software mk2 (docked ship repairs)4tkachenko988
CLS2 issues, carrier command issues. [TC]10Nyito621
[Question] Carrier Fighter/Missile Interception script5TonyEvans760
A wolfpack of M7s or a M1 or M217thundercles1630
Kha'ak Destroyer,Kha'ak Carrier,Guardian,or Hive Queen in AP?8shea1089
Why can't I board a Kha'ak Destroyer or Carrier?12PDouma39983
Wasps Missiles and Carrier fighters.8Echofinder859
Question about Carrier Ships12mastercool1006
X3 AP - M1 & M2 Variants & Flight Time of Ships1praypold566
New guy seeking some M1/M2 turret loadouts for X3:TC5tastyhamsandwich835
Transfer Ships within Docked Carrier/Station3Echofinder318
[X3TC] Using Carriers - Some Advice Please1MarvinTheMartian3329
[X3TC] Is there Vanilla Carrier commands?3Turnus625
[X3AP] M1+ Standalone Carrier?22ConCorDian1630
Carrier Question2mastercool368
X3TC/AP Super Carrier2nankura722
[TC] Unkown sector between Argon Sector M148 and Nathan's Voyage full of Khaak6Lord of Marzipan859
Poor choice of mineable asteroids around Argon Sector M1489tanner1ie833
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[AP] Constant Paranid spawn in Argon M148 and other race questions1Engy424
[AP] Pirate Carrack and other Light Carrier uses/gripes18goslin1657
[TC] Argon Sector M148 Military Base gone hostile5Warboss Ethan1101
[AP] or [TC] Firing Missiles at M1s,M2, corvettes.8Cipry715
Roadmap to successfully boarding a destroyer/carrier3WhiteOwl600
[AP] New light carriers Built in components13davesom5552097
[AP] new M7 pocket carriers max shields ?4The Great Stonk761
[AP]New 2.0 Drone Carriers and the phasing out of "fighter pilots".24Sam975312594
What pirate carriers usually have incendiary bomb launcher forges?8sadron1022
[TC] Carrier Questions12Alatar13131170
[TC] Carrier Commands?6jffr363679
Transport passengers from Argon sector M148?3Mark2660457
M182 complex8ShoC582
Carriers. They're not really worth it, are they.255Sterling Work8078
A question or two regarding Carriers and Border Patrol3Aeshi411
[X3:AP] M1 and M89prastagus21560
X3:R, TC, AP; Carriers + waves of fighters, what's the point?24MagicSquid2407
[xtc] M1 (changed the question)22Aidyer925
New player with M14X laptop8deadcalm736
[AP] Commonwealth Carrier Fighter Missiles?6Nagittchi743
[X3:AP] Carriers redundant?!16Sovereign1084412
[AP] Best Terran M1?5Nagittchi751
[AP] Argon keeps attacking my Station in M1489Exiler65916
[TC] Do Spitfyres make good carrier fighters?3Aeshi614
Carrier/TM command setup6krahen1044
AP: Killing a M1 Tokyo with M6 Skiron26Quickmcj1858
[TC] Carrier Behavior2EspritFort463
Anyone likes a M1 for a player ship?13RefocusedLight1459
[TC] Want opinions on my Carrier Fighter wings.9Aeshi839
Want to build up a Terran Carrier Srike force1Terrion427
[AP}M1 Carrier Which to choose now.16Maxumous1705
My first small M7 carrier fleet :)9FrostBlg1008
which race has the fastest carrier in x3tc4ReptilionBeast691
[AP&Bonuspack] TM (small carrier) to protect me automatically7dwcalex942
[AP] Argon Sector M148 - War and Complex6-EposOne-669
X3AP Just sharing my experience with carrier combat8TDKPS3163
Drone Carriers for OOSC in AP0ConCorDian498
M1 or M2 for AP10burger11587
Stock Exchange near Argon M148?2Stealth17660
drone carriers13ConCorDian1361
A problem in Argon sector M14812zerotekin1273
quick docking drones on m7 light carrier / m1?5jamafish673
Opinions on best M173brattbags014684
Carriers and Wings11Stormed271068
(X3TC) Pirate Sectors and Invisible M2/M15Fiskonian851
[TC] Need advice on first M2/M132Aldaris52293
[X3TC] Supercarrier ideas? (Aran)39Lelouch4043
Manual Docking for Carriers/ Script request for station docking4uamadman558
[TC] CARRIERS and battle usage76deca.death4248
Carrier fighters X3TC7Sabrina Bergin970
so far not a practical use for M2,M1s21Lunchbox4862108
M1 or M7M or M229svenje2279
Station import from Argon Prime to Argon M1487XtremeChump764
Note to self - never get a carrier8Greyhawk11258
First M1 Capture23mcjomar1596
X3TC: Jonferco M148 station defence mission6Capt_Newbie1274
Best carrier based ship for IS?23Nagittchi1963
Carrier Software1i64man453
Advanced autopilot/fight commands, particularly for M1/M2?6irR4tiOn4L735
Carrier problem16Itsari1616
Equiping multible ships plus a Carrier.10Zenzareus1283
Best ship for carriers18KurTr1373
Recommendations on a good carrier / hanger?30littleheadspin2769
help with delivering missiles to Carrier3Viviox485
[TC] Field Test /w pict: Mini Carrier (Griffon/D.Cefa)18deca.death1556
[Script] Enhanced Carrier Compliment Spawner (ECCS) [Concept - Sa-30-Apr-2011]6Roger L.S. Griffiths1138
Carrier question?9greypanther1227
[TC] carrier fighter contest114deca.death6713
[TC] Loading carriers!13littlel1466
[SHIP Model] Split / Xenon / Argon Carrier Hybrid *Updated*17atx7113188
Truelight Seeker as a Carrier?8pologoalie89081253
What's on your Carriers35SIMON POPPLEWELL2200
Carriers will not jump anymore??15T-Bone_NL1499
Carriers restock9cheesemonkey1663
[TC] TP/TS docking in TL/M14Ian_921296
Docking to a Carrier Questions (Making a custom ship)7VengenceMkII1256
M2/M1 thingy on TC16ARC_trooper2057
Seeking mods: Carriers and other interface issues6WarKirby948
m3 Wings for carriers52mim5253669
Argon Sector M1484StarSword833
X2 -- Can you capture M1s and M2s1ctlbulldg06652
Has anyone been brave enogh to Capp the Argon One Carrier?21buddysmith302393
[X2] M1 Recommendation9Tolwyn991
Does fighter Rank iincrease while in a carrier if..............4Sieg06660797
recomend a good M1 M2 w/ weapon setup3Sieg06660711