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Aldrin, Lost Colony

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[TC] Skrinir. After aldrin2 plot the most overpowered ship in game! :D29Crathes6927
X3tc Aldrin mission edt. terran factories? boarding with TP1heretic1234206796
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x3tc Aldrin1Kehoe4790
[info]7 april - X3: Terran Conflict 2.0 - The Aldrin Missions confirmed release date23damador4681
[TC] How do I get to the Aldrin Sector?11H E X E N4584
[TC] Aldrin mission help21IcarusN5124538
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[X3: TC] Getting a Vidar as an Aldrin Adventurer2chumley67302
[TC] Stuck in Aldrin Expansion Plot (Solved)2FrostBoronBurger442
[TC] Problem with the Aldrin Plot Reward (don't read if you don't want it spoiled)4StJude473
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Aldrin CLS on standby7ClashPDG541
AI + Aldrin = LOLz4Flybye429
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(X3TC) Aldrin Expansion Plot - can't find TUS2 North Gate1IanFitzJo228
(X3TC) Aldrin expansion plot help request - can't get the MMBS through the gate5IanFitzJo338
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Aldrin big rock2willyshop429
Cannot Land in Unknown Aldrin Base9Commissar Luna418
TC: Something amiss in Aldrin.... Maybe....5AA0154426
AP 3.0 - Crash/BSOD in Aldrin4Baddieus346
Could someone remind me of the coordinates of the s/y in Aldrin TUS1 please? TC5Snafu_X3385
[X3TC/X3AP] Aldrin NPC Traders Crowd Around Gates. Abnormal behavior?2Simoom327
Aldrin Spitfyre is the boresight beast! (AP) (little review)16Earth Ultimatum IV.1709
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Aldrin in AP?1Earth Ultimatum IV.325
This Large Rock In Aldrin12phantomrock2801
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So, if the Aldrin terraformers and CPU ship were not infectected by the virus9chibajoe729
[AP] Aldrin game start/SETA10lubnius840
X3TC And/Or AP Script Search/Request. (Gate Disconnect) (Spoilers: Aldrin Expansion)2DeathXI467
How to get to Aldrin 2?1Laguna252548
X3AP: Terran/Aldrin Starts - Plot QUestion.8Aelhis2074
Aldrin Missions1ltds381
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Aldrin and its Lore5Legionos464
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aldrin system3bolnuevo460
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Saving terran stations - question about Aldrin1Xianus471
X3TC, Aldrin expansion - "Lost Friends" possible bug; looking for work-around2Abaris1023
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Aldrin4L Dawggdiggadee515
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Aldrin and ST?2muadiib521
Towing the Ship to Aldrin22Bill Huntington709
Reviving the Aldrin economy with local traders12StarSword2149
Huge fps decrease in Aldrin sector4soullos845 2 Gate12Ripskar1668
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There is no shipyard in Terran Space after doing Aldrin missions (i think), how come?5littleheadspin1079
Aldrin reward not there3VanKlant584
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Aldrin system3speedracer4100650
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v3 game freeze or crash on 'Aldrin Expansion - prospector duty'.4Badgeroonie954
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