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[Script] Hive Shield v1.20 (10/10/2011)26BinaryBoy12558
Mad Goner security Archives.....35Argonaught.9378
Giant archive of .xsp ships for X3 (EVE, Nexus, Haegemonia, Babylon 5 etc.)31Regeaj9342
*Shivers* I almost lost it ALL!!!30odin_grey5064
[TC] [Q] OFF - Destroy the Hive (What would you do?)41Roger L.S. Griffiths4184
[Mod] Khaakhive *discontinued*29Killjaeden3341
Where the hell are my X Steam Achivements????????26dminor3270
Forum Archives15HelgeK3234
playing with X2Editor, and the X2Archiver13cattafett2924
I still get little shivers flying into kingdoms end.....26BDStyle2649
Wow...did I stir up the hive?8Pruvmerong2514
Wraith hive4doheredw2289
WraithHive Ship3drudude19831973
Download and Script/Mod archive area on Egosoft servers?6Malakie1954
this .zip archive; updated OOS combat code; from edition 43 of the X Universe News21Vern Yakimishyn1854
[lil REQUEST]How about a Wraith Hive ship?4zombie-uk1842
[TC] Kha'ak Hive Queen2Spychotic1691
Shiver Me Timbers! (or is it Teladianium?)4Duriel_LOP1599
[TC] Hive Queen?3Arendee1516
Atlantis Wraith hive ship0Oddball6001385
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Solar power plant steam archivement bug!4Diamanda771
Stuck trying to kill the hives in Final Fury..several questions if you have the time10-John-646
Kha'ak Destroyer,Kha'ak Carrier,Guardian,or Hive Queen in AP?8shea1087
Resetting Steam Achivements?8SCN1067
How many Plugins+Archives do you have?1mim525356
X3:TC - Getting Achievements I've already achived pre-steam.3Lord of Nothing366
Achivement List2mugwump454
any plans of adding more steam archivements?2LTerSlash472
where is the Hive queen?6wooaa1191
[TC] achivement final furry bugged?2Korpah677
[x3:tc] Beehive like activity at Aldrin station1chaosras1070
Kha'ak Carrier/Hive Queen - Docking Inquiry1Nekron1079
Any way there is an archived patch for 1.2.01?2Puddin1360
is there a video archive or somthing with list all videos collected by people?5Kane Hart1341
how do I archive my save games?1Torracat912
Egosoft script pack... why the self extracting archive?3Dark_Archon1265