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[TC] [Walkthrough/Guide] A Slice of X ---- Terran, Fury, Hub, Goner, HQ, Aldrin Complete.82apricotslice171339
[TC] Finished Hub - At Last! And Requirements.325Davinaldo96590
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[Mod] Apricot Tree SuperHub v2.01 for TCv3 / New Xenon Incursion version !94apricotslice24644
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22nd century Terraformer War mod. Getting a feel for interest.134Tenlar Scarflame21758
[MOD] Pimp the X3 universe! Hubble telescope backgrounds, version 1.347x3_gotcha21736
Problem need help x3tc with hub mission14philotuut15607
[MD] Apricot Very Easy, Medium & Hard HUB Plots. For v244apricotslice15494
[TC] Which gates did you join to the Hub and why ?48apricotslice15211
[MOD] increased HUB storage space 0.122Forked15049
[TC] HUB missions, seriously WTF97Bishop14914460
[MOD] Terraformer Hub (Bug-Fix)12Saetan13174
[TC] HUB plot ... 150k teladianium 450k ore49zigyzigy12910
[TC] Hub Gate Alignment tips17swgoddard11843
[MD] All Plots Complete - Albion Prelude / Enable Hub and PHQ Plots for Terran Start15dillpickle10939
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Hub plot ship not spawning. Help?9HistoricalContext282
Terran Commander Xenon Hub Problem - resolved (TOA links don't qualify)7Xcentric297
[X3TC] Invisible Kha'ak cluster in Hub sector12amoe779
cant connect new stations to hub - resolved - mod issue5teknosvk576
Trading Ideas/Schemes for the Hub (TC)2JJRSC235
A shot of the sector outside the Xenon Hub13Reven523
X3TC Forgot if is possible to have multiple good at same complex hub8manniac308
Setting hub commodity prices to build up stock through attracting sellers12mjwraw972
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X3AP Terran commander start - HUB linking terran sectors1Unreal2me524
Complex hub displacement6Waltz91171
Jump Beacons and Hubs, what's the deal?5ctlbulldg061364
Increasing HUB capability3firefightervf06530
Hub Plot23firefightervf061488
[X3AP] i have xenon hub now and now?3Space100836
XTC The Hub plot7lexraider583
X3AP - HUB - Disconnect Gates1Sirus5686
factory complex for Hub plot supply5RBectel654
X3TC - Xenon Hub and sector count7Feersum735
Hub plot in mission director6Gqqnbig730
Is there a way to activate HUB gates in free play (no plots) ?1NBCDumb457
[X3:AP] Feasible to build a dock in the Hub sector?6Jimmy C761
[X3:AP] Got the Hub... and a Destroyer too!10Jimmy C816
Xenon hanging out at the hub2radster01408
Connecting two complex hubs into one? Not working.4wolfee420
[AP] HUB link locations and HQ Locations4radster01611
HUB Plot, align first gate problems, help!3wolfee443
Split from Saturn Hubs thread.4risbosix501
Think I broke the Hub Plot... - Resolved7Crustyfur518
At Last, Finished The Hub Plot9masternerdguy830
[SCRIPT X3LU] Genuine Replica Saturn Hub Showroom8Redrazors847
HUB mission bug?3Sargatanus742
X3AP shady business xenon hub5mallard612
The Hub Problems16Cursed Ghost1059
X3AP: how can I start hub plot if i missed it.1DroneFactory517
X3AP-- So, How Do I Use The Hub, Anyway?15Monkeyfister1094
Late Game Hub Gate Alignment6OzWraith637
MOD/Script Request: The Hub Max Internal Storage Increase more then 5k?5BrianManeke552
[X3TC] Best Sector alignments for the Xenon Hub?12NovaTempest1486
Overcrowding at my Hub (spoilers?)2fleabittendog377
Hub trading and UT's question2stimpy61326
Is it possible to use the Hub to direct Xenon Traffic (AP)7Orion1632670
Direction Xenon Via Hub (AP)0Orion1632281
Can't Connect Factory with Complex Hub - X3 TC5JJRSC702
Started the HUB plot whilst playing AP and then this.......9stavros569
Can't get rid of an enemy Tyr in my hub28ShadowPhantom985
x3tc automatizing the hub6qslash528
[X3:TC] Don't leave the Hub plot till late game !!!5mjwraw577
[X3TC] HUB (plot) docking5mtlmaks409
HUB Plot (AP) Walkthrough2Spychotic1394
[X3 AP] Need help finding Mahi Ma (Hub plot NPC)2Nailz572
where is your hub and how did you get it4Makoaman485
You have lost sector Xenon Hub... WTF HELP!4firestorm79968
The Hub *spoilers*18Jacob Valance936
The HUB and trade distances20Mousse9896
HUB Gate recommendations for....6Mousse9501
(X3 TC 3.2) Best Hub Gate Placements to Help Commonwealth Economy?2Fraggle Rock705
Can I Swap Ships with Mahi Ma Onboard? (X3 TC 3.2) (Hub Plot Spoilers)6Fraggle Rock430
X3 TC Hub Plot question (mild spoilers)9H.F._Mudd556
Hub plot will be the death of me18firestorm79775
One of my hub gates is broken, anyone know of a workaround/fix? X3AP3Berserkenstein366
X3TC Whats a good hourly income to start The HUB7dryfus3368736
Terraformer Specs and Pics3HyperionXL884
Complex hub question - TC4Nicoman35288
X3AP-General questions About gate hub and Ship spawning+misc.3Geoghan429
Stations as complex hubs?2Rutin531
building stations inside the hub15Nick 031287658
questions about the hub7nap_rz507
X3AP Xenon Hub Plot Tips2hsung613
Hub connections6Kelvhan Amaratharr571
X3 AP - Xenon Hub Questions !4Arialth1224
[x3ap] Results of gate hub destroyed?5SmokinSoldier806
The Hub plot: or why I stopped bothering23Vector_Gorgoth1437
Enemy fleet in HUB3-Kulu-434
microchips, microchips, my kingdom for microchips *spoileralert* HUB plot19DiArmada880
Complex hub6Klo_Kla394
[MOD][X3:AP/TC] Advanced Complex Hub MK2 V1.029Zeron-mk710888
[REQ/SEARCH] Player HQ/Hub Manager4lildragon653
[X3AP] Does "the Hub" sell the wares it stores?5Mythandrielle857
Murphy's law alive in the X universe...hub plot spoiler maybe11Timsup2nothin647
Placing the PHQ... In the HUB?9Braekyn829
Albion Hub and Player HQ Best place to put it?7AjRyder825
[X3 AP] New player, hub plot gate connections, PHQ questions (spoilers)4toppe1614
Using the Xenon Hub in a custom game?1Superm4ssive465
Xenon HUB eplanation6darkwoe1209580
How to change the position of the Hub-gates?0PDouma39254
[AP] Possible bug in Hub Plot5kc99598
[TC] PHQ - worth to do hub plot 1.5 times9pref693
Hub Plot12Bengunn819
Problem with placing hub in terran space5Joe Trooper587
CLS Management for the Hub Plot9bizbag579
[AP] Xenon Hub Reset to Neutral Issue2Rez467
Where would you build a Chip plant complex for the HUB plot.22ali-stool1237
Question on Hub complexes and traders2WeaponisedCookie317
(AP) So I got the Hub3SilusCrow410
Fun with the Hub...2oddgit495
The Xenon Hub Sector - Where is It ??12Bill Huntington1288
Xenon Hub/PHQ ?9SpongeBobSpacepants921
In TC - done Hub Plot in under 3 days AND before 10 in-game days3Neil Depledge603
[AP] how to use the xenon hub?20AshToDust1684
Split from "About hub plot deliveries automation" thread5Nanook462
[X3:AP] Space fuel complex inside hub11skeelime2011
About hub plot deliveries automation.20e1team893
x3tc . need help with tl working for my hub9gstyler34426
AP Hub Plot Fails to Progress7Manks848
New to the X series. Question about complex hubs and other such complexities15ArtemisShanks1030
UTs trading at my hub7thebigJ_A515
Bug? Or feature? Station build mission target sector is the Hub1Dantrithor371
[TC] How do I homebase a freighter to the Hub?5joefitts63392
Hub Plot Enhanced Dolphin claiming problem1Cpl.Ultramarine563
Can you link two complex hubs together?5thundercles521
Xenon Hub5John McG630
X3TC - complex hub destroyed by m6 and m76discovercrm849
Massive IS Rep Loss in Magnir - Complex Hub Collisions16praypold1152
[AP] Xenon migration and the hub7dynamo breaker720
Setting prices on a Complex Hub2ginsus302
[X3AP] Anyway to do PHQ/HUB/UFJD plots as a Terran?7incarnyte1333
X3TC HUB plot quesion(spoilers)3dryfus3368460
xenon hub2Cale245430
Hub Mission8geoffaudsley919
Aldrin Missions Question regarding Hub [X3TC]9Bajau556
The Hub5Echofinder529
X3AP: Hephestus and hubs2Quinch465
[TC] How do i exactly setup hub plot ware transfers?5alfagamma81503
X3 ap cant start HUB plot17wooaa3342
Hub plot not starting5Clamatius484
Hub/no hub in AP? Also some questions...5KaZTek397
Help with Hub Mission2mastercool396
Hub quest issue7rstrom11628
X3AP interesting hub route tips?5razzamattaz835
AP-HUB delivery of garbage4dlonrar685
need help hub plot1UltraOblivion1416
[TC] Hub resource requirements3Lord of Marzipan413
[TC] PHQ location in HUB?9foxxbl1189
Poll: X3TC. THE HUB MISSION How Long Did You Take to Complete It?27ThommoHawk2022
Teladianium factory for hub plot questions6zanex09693
X:TC Hub not selling items.3LordRendar402
AP Enabling Hub Plot help4DrRockso79447
[AP] Hub Mission the same as TC?14Rikaelus1013
X3AP hub plot [Spoilers]7Cissed1083
My new super complex for the HUB - 78 Chip plants6vradchuk807
TC The Hub.3Zonzo334
how to start HUB? AP6wooaa957
Working on complex hub and tubing models.. (?Resolved)10xTemon641
[X3:AP] is Terran player cant get HUB and HQ?5ctw619824
The Hub Resources9Scorcher24760
Behavior of the HUB station causing headaches.11Elipsis952
[AP] Starting hub & HQ missions2tim997693
Xenons not invading via hub5Reliku789
UFJD, PHQ, Hub for Terran players - any working mod yet?9Sam975311039
TC Hub delivery amounts (not overall requirements)5Dosan653
[TC] 1st Hub Connection Suggestion?5MOH_Skid625
X3: AP Requirements Xenon hub mission?0jorit496
[AP] 2.0 Hub Plot (Spoilers)7Da-V-Man749
Does the HUB even have a point?10sadron922
Connecting the hub to zyarth,s stand3shea527
(AP) Keep losing boron police license after hub plot7tater-tots826
[x3ap 2.0] how do i start the phq and hub pilot31cucumber4534
X3AP 2.0 -- Starting conditions for hub, ufjd phq.8Kirren1648
(AP) HUB Plot - I had a laugh0TulkasLakshmi644
x3ap PHQ and Hub40dudeydudett7449
AP 2.0 UFJD-hub mission6Free Trade Inn1139
ore mines necessary for hub?11ReadyMan880
Xenon Hub6John McG773
So, if the Aldrin terraformers and CPU ship were not infectected by the virus9chibajoe729
Hub plot complex34ReadyMan1256
Vanilla x3tc - hub mission manual trade run question (light spoiler)18isbent994
[xtc] hub gates2Aidyer353
Using The Hub As a Market?4Senor Pez681
Newbie needs some help with joining hubs and changing station rotation6The_Warden642
Complex Hubs9vorgra826
x3ap and hub plots20DickusMaximus2271
Hub plot (possible spoiler?)2garv222342
X3:AB HUB plot not starting12anzovin1438
[SCRIPT] X3 AP 1.1 : Xenon Hub Battle 1.1 dd 09-feb-20125qwizzie1738
Complex hub Still bugg to face north in TC ?1Lexi565233
Complex Hub range limit?3Breet443
[AP] How to to reactivate the HUB?2eirik757
CLS unload to TL questions -- hub related19quintupularity1080