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[MOD]Less Asteroids Update 04/03/2006182BlackRain68552
[MOD] Lower Poly Asteroids v2.04: Less Fat, More FPS [UPDATED 03.05.07]96halo11235853862
*SPOILER*Excel sheet with all the asteroids in the game (X) updated for 2.0.x35Merroc48399
[script] Asteroid Creator v1.2 (29/1/07)50fud35744
External Docking Sorted (real, no scripting) + Custom Asteroid Base (pix)91DeadlyDa34054
[x3tc] New Home sector's asteroids and pix39Lx728149
[MOD] Holy Asteroids Mod - 3.11 Compatible [Version 2.0 is available - 26/07/2010]77TEKing6627035
[SCR]Asteroid Creator TC (28.11.2008)30fud25523
AsteroidSeeker Utility V for any ver. of X2 / X3 - spoiler. UPDATE 3rd Jun 0740Anonymous23392
[Cheat Script] Asteroid Relocator v1.0 by Nividium 15/01/0925Nividium21738
AsteroidSeeker Ver for X2 X3:R & X3:TC - SPOILER. UPDATED 25th June 20108exogenesis19740
[SCRIPT] Asteroid Relocator v1.00 by Nividium 10/10/200731Nividium19433
[X3TC] Asteroids & empire building sectors13Yossarian2219365
Mining Asteroids is a joke! READ THIS64Scott Unangst17422
Merroc's Asteroid List (TC 1.4)16Merroc16150
[SCR] Condense Asteroids19Gazz15622
Can you Tractor Asteroids...???33Alec_trev13910
Nuke.Lib - Create asteroid field - 2005-12-23 - Updated (v2)19nuclear_eclipse13228
[SCRIPT] Scan all Asteroids in the Universe2Graxster11568
[Script]Fasteroid - Featuring The Reaper48EmperorJon11301
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X3TC - Issue with Aldrin Plot - Asteroid scan6IstariCjine366
[Mod][X3LU] Colour asteroids v.1.018Deniskos1129
(AP) Savage Spur - asteroids popping up24Allan F1105
Removing asteroidfields2wesley32227
Low yield asteroid questions12wolfee1160
Super stations and asteroids?5Travbm411
(X3R) unmapped asteroids4siddham381
[X3:AP] Overlapping asteroids. What IS this?12Jimmy C1429
X3TC Is there anyway to see the yield of an asteroid after there's a mine on it ?14panacea807
X3 TC Asteroid Scan missions7panacea790
Just another boring day on Asteroid belt2LTerSlash656
Will asteroid respawn if NPC destroys mine?6Gadrius576
X3 AP | Mobile Mining, crushing asteroids automatically?8EdenAlliance1116
Getting into Asteroid Belt?5stevee620289
Asteroid respawn rate1feygan320
indestructible asteroid script or asteroid respawn script albion prelude??12mandsup738
X3AP can I chose the position of a mine on an asteroid?5nospammdi359
Unknown Sector 7,16 missing Asteroids4mtlmaks349
X3 AP - Cant find the asteroid in Heretics End - Breaking Grounds plot3MK53688
Scanning Asteroids then suidice7jondonnis681
Ashley's factories & Asteroid Creator1lilbrp872
Help Needed To Identify A Map/Asteroid Tool For X2 The Threat2Ziggy333
How do I use a tractor beam to pull an asteroid closer to my complex?13IanFitzJo841
[TC] Zero yield asteroids5Hemmingfish509
What are good Asteroid Yields to build a plant on?12nicky43720
Breaking Grounds Plot - where to find asteroid in Heretics End?1bokpetr671
Asteroid Mods for Avarice5dienekes625
X3AP 3.0 Breaking Grounds missing asteroid [Spoilers]4Riptus1497
ap 3.0 destroying a particular asteroid contains spoilers11Free Trade Inn540
[MOD][X3:AP/TC] Player Asteroid HQ Mod v1.00solek658
Asteroid Changing?4Zasmussen560
Do asteroid fragments despawn?15Simoom1266
target rock/asteroid help7Gyrehawk364
[AP] How to move a barren asteroid?6Digma489
Req: AP-compatible asteroid scripts and mods3Quinch331
Are there any ways to stop asteroids from reforming?2ApatheticEthic373
final fury asteroids in unknown sector mission1zamboxxl289
Penalties for using low yield asteroids?9ApatheticEthic444
Auto pilot (crashing into asteroids) & other questions2Harill431
What if you destroyed all asteroids in the universe..?9ScorpioNicus594
Mining asteroids2Vinny002407
Keep dying in Asteroid Belt4BankruptAssasin421
New Asteroids Wanted for Old7Moonrat701
[Request] Permanently Destroy All Asteroids in Sector11ptb_ptb724
Depleting Asteroids1Pigeonbear374
[X3 Reunion] Really stuck in Nyana's Hideout asteroid mission30ptb_ptb2570
Problem with Nyana's Hideout Asteroid Mission0ptb_ptb365
[SCR] Universe Asteroid Yields10morbideth2995
Destroying Asteroids Permanently?6Coreblimey519
AP V2.5.1 EN modified, sector view zoomed + asteroid scan -> CTD3glenmcd399
Huge asteroid/planet on the center of Aldrin3ginsus440
AP:my hornet missiles rnt hitting asteroids..6DrwHem583
X2 asteroid mining tools7samoja726
Auto Asteroid scanner2Turnus1183
[X3AP] Does destroying a mine free up the asteroid for a new mine?9Mrreg797
[X3:AP] Scanning asteroids1half04095
Poor choice of mineable asteroids around Argon Sector M1489tanner1ie800
X3AP[Bug or Feature] Complex attacked in Asteroid Belt6blckfire524
[TC] Mods for dealing with Undesired Asteroids? + Misc...16The X-Plorer758
asteroid bug in albion1xseriespadre352
Shredding asteroids script?6Quinch329
X2 The threat top 10 asteroids?1redminer9999522
Why is there only one asteroid in Ore Belt12toomutch987
(X3:AP) Do NPCs 'steal' asteroids?4Koruth649
[AP] Do asteroids respawn?4Condemner579
TC: Do scan asteroids missions ever technically run out?3EternalSpace480
Tractor Beam, Asteroid, JUmp Gate7FlaviusGlok1329
[AP] Asteroids disappear?4skalapunk433
can you remodle,re texture asteroids.1warkiwi3283
Restoring an asteroid1Engy343
How to get rid of unwanted Asteroids17Danny200986
(AP)Random Death in Asteroide Belt10Viivrabe826
I almost made asteroid please help me create one2Mastercyclone3D394
Asteroid Belt Blockade11Xander Cade480
Closed Loop Complex Asteroid Integration22Raize1126
question with tractor beams and stuck asteroids9Noggin Toboggan631
Problems with move to debris/asteroid ... turn turret ... command2oechre406
Asteroids and diminishing returns?17quintupularity782
Will stations built inside asteroids pose problems?9Rakeris844
[MOD] Asteroid Texture Pack V1.1 for X3AP and X3TC13solek2230
Bugged Silicon Asteroid5TomatoAE498
Destroy an asteroid?9lt_wentoncha819
Asteroids in Ore Belt Issue X3AP10Relicalchaos2611
Fewer asteroids in AP?5kaih520
(AP) Scanning Asteroids bug?1Simrod442
Scan all asteroids in sector how does it work? APrelude10Jezmond401011
X3:AP - Explorer software->scan asteroids(possible spoiler)3kajanov1328
HUB plot question: Asteroid mines or mobile mining? (Spoilers)10Revenat342735
See asteroid yield after station is on it7Engy670
TC: How many units of ore per asteroid14jamafish821
Getting rid of asteroid permanently6kurush480
Asteroids not where they are spose to be?7ntweedie2010522
Can you back-calculate asteroid yield?6StarSword546
(X3TC) Question of curiosity about "Scan Asteroids" missions...4Kobura510
Bala Gi Missions ,help with Asteroids2noble savage412
[MOD] Aldrin asteroid pack v1.01Zeron-mk72637
asteroid scanning seems broken4pacificwing370
[TC] How to destroy the asteroid?7Aldaris5797
Conjoined Twin Asteroid11heratik659
Can you tow an asteroid or a mine into a different sector?8XtremeChump1109
Aggrivating Asteroid5ajmthefalconer577
Move asteroids?5saco3489
My new Hercules was just killed OOS by an asteroid25Curtis19872243
[X3TC] Asteroid respawn - complex construction5Plasmaball1862
Stupid Asteroid question7defiler606743
Asteroid scanning command..9TheGoldElite911
Asteroid Silicon yield/ Silicon Factory building X3TC (noob)16TheGoldElite8126
X3TC: does the asteroid jump dodge still work in TC?4Capt_Newbie766
[TC] Ice asteroids - What to do with them?1Venereus588
Building a complex around an asteroid?5greypanther656
Low Poly Asteroids20o0o0532
Turning Asteroids into Mines5farmerboy719
Do Asteroids respawn10Sieg066602858
Small but mine-able asteroids10Sceptus1080
Asteroid respawn??1Jeraal501
[TC] Mobile Mining: Debris Fields and Asteroid Yields4Smacksim782
[TC] When Asteroids Respawn4ScorpiusX754
[TC] System with most total silicon asteroids?8dargj2905
Ship crashes on invisible object in Asteroid Belt (reproducible)7paz3r1191
Asteroid-less Closed Complex and Mobile Mining3enfo13745
[TC] Aldrin - Asteroid scan6s3khmet1061
[TC] Final Fury Asteroid Scan Mission5imrtl1834
[TC] Best Asteroid EVER!!5Stephen_Garlick1627
Asteroid travel in Nyana's hideout3John McG1404
[TC] Unable to pass through "asteroid belt" sector22Abusse2296
Can you move an asteroid to another sector?20TECSG2781
Asteroid Performence Enhancing Mod Suggestion1malinson494
[TC] Defending Asteroid Sectors23littlel1580
Asteroids with no yield7BeidAmmikon1030
Asteroid billiards.13sw-8801345
Asteroids on top of eachother?15Jopj1622
[TC] [Question] Exploding a mine to destroy an Asteroid2Retiredman632
Getting hired TL to set up ore mine on asteroid (X3:TC)11hippie_dwarf3103
Asteroid Placing Script4EmperorJon682
[SCR] Memia AutoScan Asteroids (V1.10 - 25/06/2013)17memia7013
CtD when going to Asteroid Belt9pigsonthewing1133
[TC] Scanning small mobile-mining-size asteroids.1Paranidoid654
Large Mine what size asteroid8Palladin8881128
[TC] mining nividium asteroid in ore belt3slayer34891323
[TC] Asteroids stuck together15sleepy_head1559
I finally joined the ranks of Asteroid Haulers :)1palenaka634
[TC] Asteroids and complexes...8Nevius1190
[MD script]AsteroidShuffle 2.5 [16.07.2010]4Feuerriese988
Asteroid respawning8kurush1101
cannot scan asteroids anymore166firefly614
[TC] Final Fury Asteroids3Hellfire29975
[TC] Why wont my demeter not fire its drill on the Asteroid for the tresure hunt ?3Harrass778
[TC] Can I mine Ice asteroids?1Kelvhan Amaratharr746
X3TC hanging when entering the Terran Asteroid Belt6Fruge1470
Asteroid Scan Missions Used to Time Out Early (Seems Fixed in 2.6)0Alan Phipps484
god damn asteroids and stupid AI flight paths.8RENN3571423
Need help finding an asteroid retexture mod.14FellOffTheLearningCurve1229
Asteroid Yield18Da-V-Man2420
Can't Scan small asteroids12Dijad2381
nyana,s hideout asteroid12duggy2hot1850
[TC] Is a Asteroid scanner the same thing as a minaral scanner?3Ratlaw848
[TC] Asteroid "yield"...5necxelos1112
Hollow Asteroids?13Anonymous1736
[TC] Does Tractor beam moves giant asteroids?10Luisedgm1581
[TC] Confused about mining/asteroids10Damendar1769
[TC] Final Fury - mining asteroids2johnnywas726
[TC] Drug Complex in Asteroid belt?26Bobucles2587
[TC] Scan Asteroids - Hint or Warning?5Xander Cade1094
[TC] Final Fury - Asteroids1mshaffer123603
[TC] Trouble with asteroid survey missions.7Killer Klown980
Finding the yield of an owned asteroid3sam81879
Failing asteroid scan missions2Ulan Dhor778
[TC] Silicon Asteroids in Identical Locations.3Bill Huntington992
Rocks & Asteroids4CHAZZ1027
Odd CTD just entering asteroids belt9Wolfehunter2180
[TC] Asteroid belt good for...ummmm..questionable goods production?4Blazehack1067
Asteroid scan question2bof111905
An Idle Muse on Asteroids and Rocks (X3TC)0Alan Phipps1536
Is asteroid yield different in different sectors?13Corporeal1964
Idiot asteroid question8MegaJohnny1497
Asteroid problem X3R13The Nightmare1387
mind that asteroid, egosoft can't fix it23Kryten2535
[TC] Final Fury - Scan Asteroids and Build Stations23jwigeland2547