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[SCR] Ring of Fire - Stealth Lasertowers (v2.31 - 29.11.09)165Gazz67381
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Newbie Glossary (APAC,HEN,LT,TL,WTF??)62chovy14080
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[X3:AP] Hull Repair Options? [SOLVED]10ravensnowfall12746
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[X3TC] [SOLVED] CAG on Standby?21Harmonizer8959
Update 1.4 & Laser Tower Madness - You Need To See This32CheeseAndBaconBurger8858
Online universe: LTH goes engl.45Drow8590
LOL I just got a free Wheat Farm!63Rakeris8336
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Problem with continuous spinning PROBLEM SOLVED!6Bill Huntington364
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Orbital Laser ?4Bill Huntington389
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Ring of Fire LT's1netman_123423
x-55 Rhino Vjoy/ujr WORKING SOLUTION7hardcastle1346
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[TOOL] [TC/AP/MODS] RobCubed's X3Snapshot Tool (Portable Mod Install Backups)5RobCubed854
[TC]: LX cockpit guns modding [SOLVED: See inside for NEW .BOD Wep code]3The X-Plorer499
Lasertower Control2Joelnh467
xanon L bail without flak ( LT mod)7nevercalled750
another X3:Reunion crashing when select new game [RESOLVED by reinstalling]1dies-a-lot1128
*SOLVED* X3AP Strange Graphic issue with distance to target font - corrupt saves4Rogueci5648
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2 Q's: CLS problem and placing lasertowers26wolfee1149
[TOOL] X3 Ship view1scoutster611
[TOOL] Mobile Map Tool6goyface594
SOLVEDX2: The Threat Audio Problem (with CAVEAT)15Tolwyn3561
SOLVEDEnlight vs. 1.4 vs. 1.5 (Gamespy what??)26Tolwyn2549
Average price of deployed Lasertower/Satellites/Jump beacon/etc2memeics424
X3 Reunion 2.0 Installation Error SOLVED - Installshield Failure Windows 87Figureoflife1595
AP - Red Lasertower fix2Monstrous Regiment450
AP: Keris and Laser towers8mc74671
X2: Stuck at first mission - not enough cargo space? SOLVED11Gilmaris662
Lasertower Pickup ?1Bill Huntington313
[X3:AP] Do Universe Laser Towers help Rep?1poopboypat410
RESOLVED - help please? Albion Main Plot - Won't advance (Spoiler) - Resolved.4Lokirian522
(X3:TC) Laser towers next to pirate sectors bring peace?3ClastMalon495
X3TC - Voice control using AutoHotKey Scripts - Dragon, CHP & VLC - Run Hid- SOLVED1XForumShadow472
My lasertowers going places...6Araknis653
[X3 AP] Stupid Terran Laser Towers6NewtSoup651
Lasertowers increase fighting rank?4Araknis513
Equip the true lightseeker with lasertowers?12Cursed Ghost789
Fix MY fighters, *STILL UNSOLVED*26darqen271231
X3TC No 'Board all marines' command??? RESOLVED THANKS.6The Iron Duke430
[X3AP] Preventing NPCs from buying my HQ stuff (SOLVED).5Mokunen882
X-BTF (UK 2004 X-GOLD) 1.96/2.2 Credit Bug with CD in drive.7spectrome1502
Boron Ships Don't Appear In Properties Menu... [RESOLVED]14Monkeyfister738
[SOLVED] X3AP Mods reappear after reinstall - Fixed by clean reinstall.3Imikar667
[question]Injecting info in menus on mouseover[RESOLVED]2Orfevs477
Value of building mass Laser tower factories ??8Tasogie649
can you get PALC from laser towers?8Orion1632596
[SOLVED] Pirate Base won't take damage beyond 93%8ryanpeterson935
[request] lock race relations for your ships/lasertowers etc2firestorm79319
[X3AP] Questions on Lasertowers and Pirate spawns5OniGanon452
Albion Prelude lasertowers7Nebulos764
X3R - Launcher freezes after going in to any other menu besides play [SOLVED!]11lexsan821432
Laser tower problem AP 3.05dervce652
[Question] Laser Tower24Waicheun1673
Anything to reduce Lasertower performance hit?2Sotanaht480
X3:AP Sound loop crash *SOLUTION* (Asus Xonar)3Nara1788
SOLUTION for X-T not starting on Windows0x__426
Any way to repair Laser Towers other than using the repair laser?3IanFitzJo639
[AP] LaserTowers that are hostile but shouldn't be: how to fix.4Censor594
[X3R] Suppress LT Display?4thelebk361
AI + Aldrin = LOLz4Flybye431
X3AP: Task management for lasertowers0Quinch381
Mad Lasertowers4Astronoid474
Laser Towers change Friend to Foe when Global is Friend16WeedWhackerDood1379
X3AP: Lasertower preferential targeting1Quinch583
OOS, Lasertowers, and reputation.6IConquer720
[AP] Beryll Aid - where to find laser towers?10Gregorovitch1247
Lost my first LT today...15darth_adversor936
X3AP Paranid lasertowers always hostile3IConquer699
getting PBC from Lasertowers...(AP)16Deathtoll6661167
Albatross too fat for certain stations [SOLVED]7Lenient578
Question about X3 TC GOLD - What game to start with6nicky43386
Where are the Lasertower Factories?12ScruffyBamboo945
Finding lasertowers1Quinch369
[X3AP] OOS Laser Tower question6Simoom1187
Fetching lasertower wepon wit freight drone0samoja380
[TOOL] XLib Development Library v1.00 (12-March-2013)6mr.bear846
X3AP: Lasertowers and performance impact12Quinch685
[X3AP] Clean Vanilla Steam Install - no voices [SOLVED by audio driver reinstall]6GeminiFire1259
<SOLVED>X3TC: Balance of Power not starting0rferrett271
[AP] OL Argon Shipyard destroyed!2Eddis488
Laser towers2DeathKnight505492
SOLVED [X3tc] Complex is erroneusly blinking as if were out of resources.7lumbrius525
(TC)Aldran Adventurer start{SOLVED}2TTD359
[X2] Sound Bug. Sectorwide shooting sounds. [SOLVED]1mrshine86567
Laser Towers and ship capping3soulmata579
ALT+TAB kills joystick (sometimes)4alexdefelice394
Red Laser Towers and the pain they bring9soulmata814
:?: . Where did I find it? [SOLVED}2TTD306
[Request] Disabling laser tower is under attack notifications4Probe1656
Does anyone have, easily to hand, ... SOLVED :-)2Andrew Wilde261
[X3:TC] Can I get a Sirokos without doing the OTAS missions? <<RESOLVED>>3zapza442
Terran Lasertower in X3TC3Killjaeden539
problems with lasertowers14cobra mk21106
[X3TC] Crash on docking/save RESOLVED (XP SP3 compat mode)15Rogueninja1572
laser towers1dwob629
X3TC Problems With 'Remote Buy / Sell' SOLVED7Ziggy404
[AP] Laser Tower7thundercles594
X3TC Am I Missing Something? SOLVED10Ziggy453
(X3TC) Lasertowers - can they drop PBC crates when destroyed?5ThommoHawk1063
[X3:TC] Aldrin Plot - Stuck in Aldrin .... HELP !!! [RESOLVED]8zapza1013
Terran Weapon Factories Not Producing (AP) *SOLVED*5Coreblimey652
Best anti-lasertower strategies?14Arqane1345
[X3AP] Great new player experience! Not! LOL52donzi2686
[X3AP] Boron Lasertower bug6SayuNowi817
No laser towers?2Alareth483
[AP] An endless Trial by Fire {{SOLVED}}2kerDajan531
Game crashing after some time has gone by...seemingly random (TC) Help? (SOLVED)4Jaycen_Aelis409
x3:tc (vanilla) Terran Plot Help (POSSIBLE SPOLERS)4dryfus3368389
Puzzled? Rep gain on failed mission. (AP) (SOLVED)2Coreblimey312
(AP 2.1) Beryll Lasertower. Bug? UPDATE REPORT17Coreblimey1111
[SOLVED] No collision detection on player ship--what's with that?17Jaycen_Aelis570
X3 AP Questions: Engine Tuning and Laser Towers4postmangg1394
laser Towers4Cale245742
[SOLVED] X3R - changing a MK3 trader to a different ship problem3KMcr269
Laser Tower / Complex Construction suggestion7Cursed Ghost801
Laser tower to fire at incoming missiles fired at them5Hellblazer613
CTD TC V3.2a DiD, maybe PBG connection [SOLVED: hardware fault]6glenmcd661
Remove laser towers from the sector map, Aran style?4kurush551
Complex won't accept resource (SOLVED)11Coreblimey447
might be a stupid question but i dont know the answer [SOLVED]8ConCorDian587
CAG Traders (PHQ) disobeying rules! (SOLVED AT LONG LONG LONG LAST)32Coreblimey1165
Complex loop - shortfall in crystals (AP) (SOLVED)8Coreblimey780
[INFO Request] AP War plot skipper? (SOLVED)6Vayde452
[SOLVED][AP] Swapping combat music files2NightPrince375
[AP] [SOLVED] Strange CAG behavior4Libelnon456
[SOLVED] Game uses Intel graphics instead of nVidia graphics3amurph01067
Value Was either too large or too small for an int32- SOLVED8shadowdef702
X3 Ap - All Sounds/no Voices (SOLVED by RealTek driver update!)5Knightsoul864
X3:TC - Unable to 'read' Marine Stats at Military Outposts etc - RESOLVED13zapza816
[X:BTF] Upgrading Lasers [SOLVED]3ravensnowfall391
[X:BTF] Where is Teladi Albatross "TL"? [SOLVED]6ravensnowfall901
[X:BTF] Quick-buy Goods? [SOLVED]2ravensnowfall323
Rogue Paranid lasertower!1TZER441
[GUIDE] to the ST/LT/UT/CAG/CLS1/CLS252Alacard13839
[X3TC] LT getRoute Routine MK3 Software1stickyllama279
Debating writing a new, unified ST/LT/UT/CAG/CLS guide, thoughts?3Alacard1374
BUG? UT/LT/ST traders not jumping in AP113ReadyMan7039
X3:AP Can't enslave passengers [SOLVED]4ezra-r1580
X3AP - Pirate Base blue - Pirate Laser Towers red????4Casualty1136
Getting Plasma Beam Cannons from Lasertowers4sadron813
[SOLVED]x3: Reunion cutscenes not playing3Viper_Infinity807
Laser Towers, AP?2arnak551
Steam-Is it possible?How?-SOLVED5milytar698
[TC][MAP]Is there any source for XTC map AS ACTUAL IN GAME DISPLAY? -SOLVED-0spoidz586
Number of laser towers...5lt_wentoncha661
Newbie asking some questions on ST/LT/UTs and etc.. (searched, but confused.. sorry)7ivanwong1989398
what is the cargo hold for on lasertowers?8Sterling Work1016
[AP] Centaur Can't Fire Main Guns [RESOLVED]5Ironlion45465
Guns uninstalling themselves from turrets in the Megalodon (RESOLVED)6|-|Mohawk|-|624
[SOLVED] [AP] Computer Chips, SpaceWeed and Spacefuel31Relicalchaos2253
[SOLVED][X3:TC] New Home Plot, Final Task: Find Gate11Technicalfool1466
[AP] lasertower production6AshToDust741
[TC, AP] Save Failed - Steam Edition [SOLVED]21rolek1805
How to add sensors to lasertowers?2Kai101m5587
AdvSatellite becomes Lasertower on deployment.3Taha881
[AP] For a good time, deploy 100 lasertowers in a Xenon sector :-)31Fnord Lightbringer3262
Can you upgrade lasertower's shields?7tanner1ie746
[AP] 3 laser towers for The Beryll mission9rjweng916754
AP lasertowers 1gj7BEAR 211076
SOLVED: X:BTF Freezes/audio loops at end of tutorial/first coms screen...0LethalFinch435
[AP] Combination of ALT key and left click triggers boresight fire - Resolved3Leak313
[AP] Lasertowers5TheZoq2955
X:AP - how to obtain terran Orbital Laser?2mr.WHO851
Terran commander start. orbital lasers??7Spoonikle1059
Lasertower changes4Revenat342734
Laser Tower pickup mod1Drockt1428
Argon Peacekeeper - Where do I get 3 laser towers?14Skydiver(uk)2884
[TOOL] Copy Universe Aesthetics (BG, Sun, Planet)1Jack08548
TC Steam keeps redownloading[SOLVED]3amtct532
Lasertower OOS combat3jamafish596
LT. Clouds.4David Howland445
Destroying red laser tower without rep loss9AL'42664
Laser towers useless OOS?17Skillzfire1387
[PROBLEM-SOLVED] Bad FPS with mod ship31Brahemino1881
Lasertowers attacking friendlies6steve416670
LOL!? lost 5 out of 7 ships in Gate collision6Domiel688